2nd Day Pictures

(click on a picture to see a larger image)

dsc01756m.jpg dsc01759m.jpg dsc01760m.jpg dsc01761m.jpg dsc01762m.jpg dsc01783m.jpg dsc01857m.jpg dsc01860m.jpg dsc01869m.jpg dsc01884m.jpg dsc01902m.jpg dsc01948m.jpg dsc01952m.jpg dsc01955m.jpg dsc01962m.jpg dsc01979m.jpg dsc01983m.jpg dsc01988m.jpg dsc01995m.jpg dsc02002m.jpg dsc02009m.jpg dsc02022m.jpg dsc02027m.jpg dsc02033m.jpg


3 Responses to “2nd Day Pictures”

  1. Oh wow! I am so envious of you – the power of God is seen so much in all of your faces! Kevin – thank you so much for giving so many of our kids and our church family the opportunity to experience this. I pray it will continue for many years to come so others may also participate. Hope everyone is feeling well and absorbing God’s love and power!! We continue to pray for health, strength and the work you are doing!
    Love you all!!!!!
    Jodi Berens

  2. The pictures of the food are the worse.
    Someone tell Margarita I miss her DEARLY!!!

    What a house God is building for these people, not only hear, but in a much more sufficent place as well. Praise Him!

  3. Thanks for even more pictures. The stucco(ing) looks like way too much fun!!! And the food – Wow – looks way too good – Kevin VB will probably come home even bigger!!!
    Love to all, Beth Vanden Bosch

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