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  1. CUTE Picture!!!! Have fun in Guatemala!!! I’ll be praying for you!!! Hugs!

  2. Amber, you bring such joy to my heart! I’m so thankful for how God has been working in you and that you are able to serve in Guate. I know that Mel would have been so excited to share our “other home” with you! Love all those little kids for me, k? I’ll be praying for you to have an open heart, ready for a life-changing experience. I love you so much! I can’t wait to hear all your stories! Love, Dawn

  3. Suchin — I am soooo excited for you & I am super jealous of your purple shirt. I might steal it sometime. I hope the flight went well & I am so happy that you finally get to experience the place that me (& Melissa & everyone else love so much.

  4. Thanks so much Shannon! My picture is sooo gross!! I can’t believe you like it!! Haha. I am keeping Lori company so don’t you worry about it!!

  5. Dawn,
    Thanks so much for the prayers and kind words!! I really wish you could have come with us!! I will definitely love those kids for you! I already spoke to Deborah she is cuatro anos. I love her! We speak Spanish to eachother!! 🙂 Are we having a girls sleepover when we get back? I want to!! I hope I pick out a good purse for you!! I love you and I hope to hear from you again!!

  6. Sanjay,
    I can’t wait to share the stories with you. I wish you could see where we are sleeping. It’s the doctor’s office!! Keep talking to me all week! It’s like facebook!! 🙂 I miss you! There was a man named Salazar….like Salazar Slytherin. 😉 I was muy alegre!!!

  7. Suchin Pak I miss you so much all ready! I do not even know what to do with myself…it is weird to think that I just saw you less than 24 hours ago! i hope you are having fun and that you had time to relax before the busy week starts. don’t worry about writing back to all my comments, i know how tedious that can get, but i love you a ton and miss you, think of me when you see the stars tonight…okay that was a little, while you know, i love you!

  8. Mo,
    So glad that you are there safely! We love and miss you. We will pray that you have wonderful experiences and may feel the Lords presence in all that you do. Sleep well tonight and have a great day tomorrow. We are thinking of you often. Have fun with the kids and love them to Jesus. We love you Ma, Podge, B and J.

  9. Megan, I think you are so cute! Don’t worry. I want you to say hi to me!! I will write you back everyday if I can!! What are you gonna do all week?? Keep me posted! I like to think about you guys!! We just sat around today and packed!! I want to sleep!

  10. Rentals!
    I miss you guys already for real. I just started to cry. It makes me sad to be here because I know Melissa was hear and they blew up this huge picture of her and it makes me sad cause I see it all the time. I am trying to be happy though. I am rooming with Ambs, Sandy Van Enk, and Lara Rosema. We are gonna have a lot of fun! I get a shower everyday and there is a fan!! 🙂 I am gonna miss you guys when you are away! Write to me whenever you can!! I love you all so much! Love, Mo

  11. Team One *pause* MEARTH!!!

  12. Mo, I am sure you need some rest, you will feel much better tomorrow. Even though Melissa isn’t physically there, you can be assured that she is in spirit. As you serve the people of Guatemala in Christ’s name, find the same joy that you know she experienced. I believe she isn’t that far from you. Glad you have two of your favs, a daily shower and fan. Sleep well.

  13. Mo, Gma and Herb said they love and miss you. They will be praying for you as well. Love Podge

  14. wow close up! 🙂 i bet you loved that one!!! i hope your having fun so far!! This will be the only time i can write so i wanted to send you my love and support and know that you being there is amzing and just thinking about all the people you can talk to anc bring Christ to. Have fun ambs- dont miss stupid harry to much 🙂 just kidding. i like him cause you guys do. but its still wierd to buy shirts. love you!

  15. Hi Amber, I’m sure everyone is breathing a sigh of relief that you are still with the group and that you haven’t said or done anything YET that would get you left behind or taken into custody. I’ve been doing stuff around my house and I wished I could be in Guatemala helping build houses. That would be sooo much fun. Have you found a new little brother or sister to bring home to your family? Oh, that was probably supposed to be a surprise. You can still do it. They won’t know if it’s a boy or girl. Have you given any of your special bears to a special child? I can imagine how easy it would be to want to spend all of your time scooping up those percious kids and hugging them with Jesus’ love. What an awesome opportunity to literally be the hands and arms of Christ! You are in my prayers daily and I am eager to hear your stories. Have you had rice yet? Are you eating good? Do they have a Magic Wok? I hope you feel God’s love surrounding you and holding you close. Know that He will give you strength and wisdom for each day. In Christ’s love and care, Mary

  16. amber, you are probably at the village or on your way there — how’s the van ride? i love driving in guatemala. well, i’ve never actually driven, but i think the insanity on the road is fun 🙂 i’m thinking about you and the team this morning. i’ll be praying for your first building day. i hope your team works well together! enjoy yourself, work hard, love the kids, but don’t do anything too crazy! lol! love ya! dawn

  17. Mom and Dad,
    I know that Mel is right by me right now too. It’s just hard and Lori wears all Mel-Head’s clothes so it’s weird cause I know that’s what she wore when she was down here. There is a bat in Amber F’s mattress! I swear. It keeps fluttering all night and it’s going to suck my blood in the night. That’s the scariest thing that’s happened so far. I hope you guys have a great trip! Tell Gma and Gpa that I love them too.

  18. Carl,
    I don’t appreciate the Harry jokes. Kristy let me listen to them on her iPod. 🙂 AJ and I shared it. Ross is in my group!! HAHA. I know that is going to make you upset! I hope you have fun in New York! Is that really where you are going?? Or is it New Orleans or something??
    Love you!

  19. Mary,
    I haven’t done anything to embarressing for the group yet. 🙂 If you can believe it!! Haha. There is a bat in my room. Not really, but it feels like that. I will for sure tell you all the stories!! We haven’t eaten any rice yet. It makes me sad. I can’t wait. We aren’t allowed to let the tap water touch our mouths because of the parasites and last night Amber and I showered and we were laughing so hard and water was almost in our mouths and everyone was laughing at us because we were making “bwwwwwwwwwwwww” noises! I haven’t given the children my special friends that I stole yet. We see the kids tomorrow!! Thanks for the prayers and thoughts!!!
    Love you!!

  20. Everyone!!
    We just had our personal devotions for about 20 minutes and now we are getting ready to go to the village where we are going to start building our houses!! Larry Molegraaf, Ross Vanderlugt, Christina Weller, Jason Door, and Marijke Stob are all in my small group/building group!! I am really excited becaue Larry has gone 7 times so he really knows what he is doing!! The weather here is about 70ish and it’s partly cloudy!! It feels so good. Pray that the rest of the week is like today. Please also pray that no one else gets sick!!
    Miss you and love you!

  21. Dawn,
    We are going to leave in a little while for our first building day!! I am scared!! I like Larry though. I really haven’t done anything too crazy yet. Kevin keeps making jokes about it. Haha. I love him. Well I have to go and get a snack for today and some agua mineral!!!
    Love you!!

  22. hi Suchin! Its britt. I love you and I miss you.
    hi Mone! Its Wednesday again so b,j,g will shop. I love you like the winds and I miss ya bud. love ya-Carol.

  23. Hello! I’m thinking about you and just wanted you to know that. I’m glad you all made it safely!

  24. Amber,
    Your first work day in Guate–How exciting is that. So glad to hear you arrived safely and are rarin to go. Keep your eyes and heart open for those “God surprises” I’m praying for. Share the love that’s bubbling over in your heart.

  25. Amber, Are you going to take parasites home for everybody? I hear they are the gift that just keeps giving. Oh, that was a joke and I forgot you don’t get them…jokes, not parasites! Tell Amber Fennema it’s probably Dobby trying to get out of her mattress. Watch out for Marijke, she will want to be the leader if your group gets lost. Stay upwind from Ross, if you know what I mean…he can be lethal. Seriously, I am praying for you and I know you are a blessing to your small group and the people and kids whose lives you will touch. By the way, you are in Guatemala, not Mexico 🙂 Love you, Mary

  26. Ambles! I am so sorry to hear tht you have to endure marijke in your group!! haha just kidding. I hope that you are having an amazing time and I miss you so much. I hope that God will work though you all this week. It’s weird knowing that I won’t see you tonight :[ It makes me sad. I love you so much and I’ll be praying for you!
    Love,Your daughter,
    Hannah :]

  27. Hi Amber! Hope your day went well! I love you and miss you! Hope you are staying healthy and eating well. I am thinking about you alot and I am praying for you..Sleep well tonight. Nighty noodle silky pup.

  28. Hey there,
    Heard you made it! Kevin also said a lot of you took naps…so, were you one of them? Probably not I’m guessing. I’m going to miss seeing you tonight…all of you. It’ll be really, really, really lonely without you. I hope you were good on the plane : ) I hope today went well for you guys, the first building day can be a drag…unless you’re off playing with the kids while everyone else deos the work (AKA being Melissa) I’m glad you have a fan, or so I heard, and that you get to shower everyday. Continue doing HIS work and you can’t go wrong. My prayers always SP

    Love Blake

  29. Amber, I just got home from playing with Laura and Joel. It’s Joel’s 8th birthday on July 2. We made Legos Star War stuff and I gave Laura some books. THEN, she said she was reading the second Harry Potter book and had 10 pages left. Her mom just started reading the first book and Laura had to explain it to her. Anyway, Laura and I went to Blockbuster and she paid $1.99 so we could watch the first DVD. I had two little snugglers next to me the whole movie. (Three snugglers, if you count Joel’s bear, Chocolate!!!) They want to watch more as soon as Laura reads the books. You can tell your friends you’ve got some more converts 🙂 I knew you’d be excited. I really am thinking of what an impact you and the rest of the group are making for God.
    Enjoy every second of it. Let God work through you and in you. Have you been able to use your Espanol? Aren’t you glad you are in Guate and not in school? Hope you sleep well and hugs the kids for Jesus! Laura and Joel said “hi” and they thought you would have a lot of energy to play with all the children. Love you, Mary PS I am praying for your Grandpa De Graaf and hope he continues to recover!

  30. i love you…pash was lonely without everyone tonight…there were only seven of us…so we went to Blake’s house and sang instead! weren’t the children adorable? i am sure you had a blast right away! sounds like you have a good small group, larry’s awesome, i love him! i will be thinking about you a ton and can not wait to see your face at the airport!

  31. Hi Amber! Its Britt. I LOVE you and miss you a ton. Its pretty quiet around here without you. I’ve been reading “Harry Potter” a lot. I hope you have a great trip and keeping you in our prayers. Love ya-Britt. 🙂

  32. Have a great time with your first stucco day! I wish I was there to see you. I’m sure that by the end of the day, you will be covered as well! He, He! Sounds like a long day, but it also sounds great. It’s wonderful to hear that the kids are responding so well to you. When we were there two years ago, they would hardly come near us the first day. I hope you are feeling well. Enjoy your day! Love ya! Dawn

  33. Good morning Am! Thinking of you today and praying for all of you as you start your day! Enjoy another day of serving our Lord!
    Love you so much honey!

  34. Hey Amber, I am praying for you, Lori, Amber F and Lauren as I am sure you have fresh tears as you are surrounded by reminders of Mel. May you feel God’s tender embrace holding you. May His love comfort you. Mary

  35. Hey Ambs,
    Another day at work…I got out early tho so I thought I’d check up with you. For some reason last night I felt like you guys needed a lot of prayer for strength after Pash got done, so I thought about all of you. I read I Timothy a little last night and today too and it makes me think about all of you, especially those close to Mel like you, Ambs, Lori, and Lauren especially.

    I Timothy 1:3-8a
    I thank God, whom I serve, as my forefathers did, with a clear conscience as night and day I constantly remember you in my prayers. Recalling your tears, I long to see you, so that I may be filled with joy. I have been reminded of your sincere faith…For this reason I remind you to fan into the flame the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of my hands For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of lov, and of self discipline.
    So do not be ashamed to testify about our LORD!!!

    I hope you feel the love and grace of Christ and the love of those around in the next few days, as well ass they love and prayers coming from home.

    Wish I was there
    all my love

  36. Ambles! How did your second day go? I hope that you worked hard and you had alot of fun. Are you connecting with God and all the little children?? I hope so. Is marijke being good? Keep her inline for me please? You have to be her sister while I’m not there :] I miss you lots and I’m praying for you!
    Love, you daughter,

  37. Hey Everybody!!
    We have been so busy that everyone is trying to use the computer, so I can’t respond to everyone individualy! I wish I could! I love hearing from you all and I can’t wait to tell everyone all about the trip!! You can read about our days and then you can get a good idea about what we did yesterday and throughout the entire week!
    Family, I miss you so much and I wish I was home sometimes. I know that sounds bad, but it’s true.
    Dawn and Mary,
    I am NOT getting in trouble! 🙂 I promise! You guys make me laugh. I love the children! And yes Dawn, they are talking to us!! Yaaay! Mary, Thanks for the prayers and thoughts.
    Blake, last night we had a dedication for Melissa and you are soooo right. It’s the hardest I have cried in pry 3 months. I swear. It was horrible and happy at the same time. I wanted to leave so bad. It’s hard because I can’t be alone and that’s how I grieve best.
    Hanners, I am watching Marijke very closely. She, Kelsey, and me have hung out together so much. They are nuts. Don’t tell them I said so.
    I love you all so much!!!
    P.S. When we were leaving the village today a little boy ran out in front of the van and his leg got ran over. Pray that everyting goes well with that!! It was sooo sad.
    Oh…thanks for the prayers Mama Lynn!! 🙂 You are so cute. I knew exactly who you were!! 🙂

  38. i love you! today nothing really special happened in Giardia, Michigan, but i thought about you guys and was praying everything was going well! i know it is hard to be alone, but make sure to re-energize during your personal devos…b/c i don’t want you to get “grieved out”! i know how you grieve, and it hurts to think about how you must be feeling, especially being so close to Melissa’s “heart”! i will pray hard for you, and don’t forget to get enough rest, even if that means taking naps! love you!

  39. Amber, As hard as last night and the dedication for Melissa was for you, I am glad you are able to remember her, celebrate her life and even grieve for her. My prayer for you tonight is that God will continue to comfort you and give you His amazing peace. I’m sure He will hold you if you want to cry on His shoulder. He knows just what we need even when we don’t! Does the little boy who got his leg run over have a name? Is it broken or badly bruised? God will hold him and his family, too. In His care, Mary

  40. Good I’m glad that you are having fun hanging out with them. I can’t wait until you come home. I’m sorry that you had a hard night but I know that you are strong enough to make it through. Just rely on God and he will help you. Love you!

  41. Amber, Are you going to be on Marijke’s and Kelsey’s TV Show with them? I hear it’s a hit 🙂

  42. Have a great day, Amber! It looks like you were having fun with the stucco from the picture 🙂 This is a really amazing day. I hope you feel the presence of God as you dedicate the homes today! Glad to hear you are staying out of trouble! He, He! You know we all love you, that’s why we tease you, right?! Ok. gotta run…Love ya! Dawn

  43. Megan,
    I’m glad you know me. 🙂 That’s cute. I had sooo much fun yesterday!! We were in the village and we played ring-around-the-posie, this game they taught us and I had to listen to some guy and then interpret to the other people in our group. I felt bilingual!! We played pero pero gato too. I was sooo excited! I have this girl, Meridian, that I love!! I’m gonna steal her on the last day!!!
    Mary, I dont’ know the little boy’s name, but Dan brought him to the hospital and there was not one broken bone! He had had his leg run over and Dan got out of the car to see what he hit and the little boys leg was caught between a manhole and the tire. Dan quickly got back in the van and reversed, but he has no broken bones! Can you believe it??? There was 2000 pounds on top of his leg!!! That is one of the coolest things I have ever seen! I’m not going to be on their show. I am going to have my own show. I made Kelsey a gross person. Hhaa.
    Dawn! Stucco was sooo much fun! I love building! Marijke alwasy says that I should be a builder because I know how to do all the stuff. I did drywall and stuff when I was in pry 5th grade with my dad when we were finishing our basement!! So, I’m gonna be going into construction instead of teaching. 🙂 Not really, but it would be fun.
    Hannah, Marijke things I am so gross. She makes me laugh though. I am being her sister while I am here so you don’t need to worry. How have you been?? Who all was at Pash?? I wondered that!! I miss home! Are you gonna come to Pash on Thursday when we get back?? I want to see you!!!
    I love you all so much!!!!

  44. HI AM! sounds like alot of amazing things are going on! I am so happy that the little boy is okay. Amazing! God is so good! Have a wonderful day with the dedications. We love you and hope you are staying rested and healthy. Cannot wait to hear from you again and see you. We all miss you. Stay close to Jesus and rest in His wonderful peace!

  45. Hi Amb, It’s Friday afternoon. Laura called me on their way to vacation wondering when we were going to watch the next Harry Potter. I can’t believe you are being Marijke’s “sister”, you should see how see treats Hannah. Everyday in PE-land Marijke would attack Hannah just because she was her sister!!. Oh, it’s probably how Britt and Justin treat you so you feel right at home 🙂 I can hardly wait to meet the gross Kelsey…you do have that effect on people. When you get home, you and your dad can build things together…maybe a place to stay warm for when he goes hunting!?! Or a cage for wild children…Are you staying healthy? Are you getting enough sleep? I can hear your mom say “nighty noodle” 🙂 I’m sure your family misses you as much as you miss them. I’ve been praying for them too as you are apart from each other. Loved the pictures of you working and Marijke “supervising”, don’t say I didn’t warn you about her 🙂 The group continues to be in my prayers and thoughts as well as the Guatemalan people. May God’s love wash over you like cool refreshing water on a hot day. Mary

  46. Yeah she pretty much told me that before :] I don’t think your gross although you did look like you were having too much fun with that stucco stuff just like you had fun with mud in chicago. Hows transit doing? I’m glad your keep an eye on her. Right now I’m pissed because I got my hair cut and I hate it. I look like a boy :[ but other than that I’m doing great. I didn’t go to Pash because I was thinking that it might be awkward. Of course I will be a pash when you guys get back. I’ll be at the airport too. Miss D is right because marijke dose abuse me alot. ask her about it. She attacks me still even though we aren’t in PE-land. Oh Miss D. she makes me laugh :] I love you and I miss you and I’m praying for you every day.
    Love you,

  47. I always thank my God as I remember you in my prayers, because I hear about your faith in the Lord Jesus and your love for all the saints. I pray that you may be active in sharing your faith so that you will have a full understanding of every good thing we have in Christ. Your love has given me great joy and encouragement, because you, sister, have refreshed the hearts of the saints.
    Philemon 4-7

    Tomorrow is one of the most amazing days ever Amber, seriously, between Margarita’s amazing food (Guacamole tomorrow…give her a hug for me, k?) playing with the kids, painting the houses and blessing them, that’s when you understand how far the grace and love of God stretches. Past suburban Grand Rapids, past denomination and ethnicity, past language and hatred…past it ALL. So often we forget that saints aren’t statues or reasons for Catholics to feast…we are the saints, those God has blessed by grace with eternal life…and tomorrow you’ll christen new brothers and sisters, ninas and ninos, into OUR family. I’m proud of you all.

    Hope you’re taking care of my dad…he’s probably upset being he lost at Euchre.

    I know you’re grieving hard and I’d do anything to be able to lift your heart, and though I cannot give you a bear hug, I can bear what you feel in prayer.

    I Corinthians 1:25
    For the foolishness of God is wiser than man’s wisdom and the weakness of God is stronger than man’s strength.

    It took a strong God to die in a weak way, crucified. May you, like Christ, find strength in your weakness, hope in your grief, and love in your heart.

    Well, I KNOW you’ll find love in your heart. Love always SP

  48. FRIENDS!
    I miss you so much! 🙂 Today was one of the best days of my whole life!! We painted, built the roof, distributed gifts, prayed with our families, and dedicated the houses! Oh, and we had a fiesta with the children! I stole a little boy named Luis who is 4 yrs old, but the people are so short that he looks like he’s 2. He fell asleep on me for pry 45 minutes!! I really want to take him home. Today was so awesome! I can’t even put into words how much today will impact the rest of my life. I hope everyone is well! I miss you and love you! I would write more but there is a grande line, but I love seeing what you write me!!
    Love you!!!!

  49. Amber, it brings a smile to my face to read what you have written. I can hear you say it 🙂 I’m so glad that today went well. I completely understand your lack of words; we don’t have the right words to express all that you experienced today. I remember that very feeling. I am looking forward to seeing you in person and hearing all your stories. I want to hear every little detail 🙂 You don’t have to worry about talking too much with me! I know that you will enjoy the medical clinics. It is a very different experience than your building days. But, you will have a great opportunity to interact with kids again. I am so very thankful you were able to be in Guatemala and see what God is doing. Both in His people in Guatemala, as well as in your own life. Love you! Dawn

  50. Dawn,
    Today we are doing the medicine clinics and it’s Dan’s birthday so everyone is making him feel old. 🙂 I will gladly tell you all about it when I get home! I’m glad I’m here too. Amber and Rachel VanDyken were sick yesterday and then I had a fever at night. I didn’t even know until Kristy hugged me and then said to Kevin, “Amber has a fever, she needs some meds”. I was like, “How did you know??!”. Her reply was, “I’m a mom”. Weird. Umm…yea, but I’m better now. I stole a baby, Dawn. So, you might not ever see me again.
    Love you!!!

  51. Hope you’re not sick Sanjay. Thinking and praying about you, now for your health especially…keep running the race. Proud of you and excited for what more is in store.
    Love blake

  52. Amber, I KNEW you were going to steal a child. I’m so glad you have a mom in Guatemala to take care of you. I pray you are feeling better and stay well for the rest of your trip. I was thinking of the verse that “weeping endures for the night, but joy comes in the morning” and how that applies to your experiences this week. First with the dedication to Mel and then the dedication of the home you built and one of the “best days ever of your whole life” God is full of unexpected surprises of joy. Follow His heart. Love you, Mary


  54. Ambles just ignor marijke and everything she says. I am so happy that you had a wonderful day. I miss you tons. I’m happy to hear that you are better. I’m praying for you.

  55. Amber, I so badly wanted to take a baby home with me from Guatemala. They have the biggest, bestest, brown eyes! They melt my heart, still! Even through pictures. I am loving seeing all the pics, but in some ways it makes me more homesick for Guate. There’s a part of me that could live down there! Glad Kristy caught your fever right away. Dan has wonder drugs, so I hope you took them! I’m thinking that you are at or are on your way to the medical clinic tonight. Have a great time. You’ll be really tired, but it’s so worth it! Love, Dawn

  56. Hi Amber’s mom & dad,
    I just wanted to tell you how much I love your daughter!! She is an amazing girl and I am having so much fun watching her love those kids!! Yesterday,she held a beautiful baby boy for hours, the entire time with a great big smile on her face! She is doing a great job! You would be so proud of her!! Thank you for raising such a wonderful girl. I love her tons.
    all my love, Kristy Van Wyhe

  57. Hi Am,
    We miss you and dad wishes he could be with you down there. We are so thankful that you are having such wonderful experiences! Our God is so good! Hope your fever is gone and you are staying healthy. Dad says keep your mouth shut in the shower. We cannot wait to see you and hug you honey and feel your silky skin our wonderful silky pup. We are looking forward to hearing about everything.
    We all love you and are proud of who you are!
    mom and dad

  58. Hola Amber, I just finished watching the 2nd Harry Potter movie! You are right, the movies leave so much out. I laughed when I saw Dobby and wondered how the bat in Amber F mattress is 🙂 Can you believe tomorrow is Sunday already? I can only imagine what a wonderful worship time you will have after all of your experiences this week. I can picture the great big smile on your face when you held that baby boy. Kristy has obviously seen in you what so many others already know…I know your mom and dad must be proud of you…I am, you have such a big heart. I can’t imagine that anyone who needs a hug has gone without as long as you are around. I think that only one of the many gifts God has given you. May you be blessed with the peace and presence of God as you continue to be a blessing to those around you. Have a wonderful Sunday. Love you, Mary

  59. AMBER~
    hey love how are you? i hope you are having so much fun in guate i miss you! i cant wait to see you when u get back! im praying for you!

  60. Okay, Kristy is way too nice. 🙂 I miss you mom and podge! I had a fever this morning and I threw up and had diarrea(sp??) twice. So Kristy suggested I stay home and rest. There is another girl who had to stay behind too. Kristy and Kevin were sick yesterday and they couldn’t come with us. There is a flu going around here and Dan thinks some of us got that while some of us are just sick from not washing our hands enough.
    Anyway, mom you’re weird! 🙂 You can wait to touch my silky arms! 🙂 I miss you guys a lot, especially today.
    Mary, thanks for the compliments. Yes Harry Potter rocks. I think I was hallucinating the bat or it died, because I haven’t heard it again since the first night.
    Ashley, I wish you could be here in Guate!! When do you come back from camp?? We need to hang out as soon as you do!
    Love you and miss you all!

  61. Okay, Kristy is way too nice. 🙂 I miss you mom and podge! I had a fever this morning and I threw up and had diarrea(sp??) twice. So Kristy suggested I stay home and rest. There is another girl who had to stay behind too. Kristy and Kevin were sick yesterday and they couldn’t come with us. There is a flu going around here and Dan thinks some of us got that while some of us are just sick from not washing our hands enough.
    Anyway, mom you’re weird! 🙂 You can wait to touch my silky arms! 🙂 I miss you guys a lot, especially today.
    Mary, thanks for the compliments. Yes Harry Potter rocks. I think I was hallucinating the bat or it died, because I haven’t heard it again since the first night.
    Ashley, I wish you could be here in Guate!! When do you come back from camp?? We need to hang out as soon as you do!
    Love you and miss you all!

  62. how are the medical clinics? have you been in the clinic or playing with kids? isn’t it an eye opener to see how some people live? the remote villages and rustic living really impacted me. i sometimes forget and complain about what i don’t have. 😦 thinking about how little the guatemalans have, and how happy they are really puts life back in perspective. i hope you are staying healthy. have amber help you when you go shopping. i think i gave you enough american dollars for that purse. can you believe how fast the time is flying? you come home on tuesday! i won’t be able to be at the airport 😦 but, i’ll be thinking about you! love you so much. hope you are well. love, dawn

  63. I dont’ know why there are two of the same postings…woops

  64. oh, yea. i’m using ty’s computer to write this. thus the picture and strange “uthpstr”. WOW! we just posted at the same time!!!! sweet! love ya! dawn

  65. Amber!!! I hope that you get better soon. It must suck being sick :[ You can entertain yourself by thinking of ways to annoy marijke for me since I’m not there :] Love you and Miss you!

  66. I can use my email today because there is barely anyone here. SO if you email me I can check it!!

  67. Hanners,
    I don’t even have the energy to tease her. Is that sad or what???

  68. Amber, Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Good thing “mom” Kristy is there to keep an eye on you. I told you to wash your hands! 🙂 In church this morning, one of our college students was talking about going to a remote part of Africa where they designed a filter for the water since 45% of the kids were constantly sick. That has dropped to 6% in the past weeks. We have so much we take for granted. I am sure this adventure will have a lasting impact on your heart and life as God continues to use you to build His kingdom. I am eager to hear your stories. May God’s face shine on you and may you rest in His love and care, Mary

  69. Hi Am! I am so sorry that you were sick! I hope that you are feeling better today.We all love you and hope your last day is great. Cannot wait to see you on Tuesday.:)
    Love you

  70. Hey, sorry you’re sick…remember at the blood drive when you were like dead and then I asked you out because I figured you were too sick to say no : ) I hope by the time you’re reading this you’re not leaking out of both ends and all that gross stuff. Can’t wait to see you Tuesday night, missed you tons. Hope you enjoy your last day and praying for you Monday night, as well as when you come home (in one piece I hope)
    Love you

  71. Hey everyone,
    thanks for the concern. just pray that i feel better. it really sucks being sick. i am all alone. kimberly smitts is the only other person here besides dan and heidi’s kids. i can wait to see you either momma, mary this will def. impact my heart forever, and blake yes, i remember o so well. i can’t wait to see you either!!

  72. Amber, You are not alone…Jesus is with you. Maybe you can rest since you know you need your sleep. My neighbors just got back from Disney World. The little girl is running around like a wild child after the long ride. For some reason, that reminds me of how I imagine you are after being “locked up” for awhile. Stay safe. Mary

  73. Amber, I forgot to say I hope you feel better…soon! Praying for you, Mary

  74. Ambs, I love you and I hope you’re feeling better! I’ll see ou on Tuesday 🙂

  75. Hi Amber,

    We can see there are alot of people that love you and are praying for you. We hope you are recovering now and feeling better. It sounds like you have touched lives and are coming away from this experience with the love of Christ expressed to and through you to others. We have been keeping you in our prayers and hearts through your trip. We love you lots, Aunt J. and Uncle J.

  76. Ambles that sucks that you can’t even tease her. I hope that you are better soon. Maybe you are today who knows. I really hope that you have a good last day. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow!! Love you.
    Daughter :]

  77. Amber, have you sharted? I hope not, that probably wouldn’t be too much fun. Hope you’re feeling better. Don’t rip off the Guatemalans too bad in the market today. And no matter what Dan says, they jack the prices up when they see the gringos coming! I love you and I’ll be thinking of you tonight, it’ll be amazing, I promise. See you TOMORROW 😀

  78. Hey Amber, I hope you are feeling better and were able to get a good night of sleep. I am so excited to hear all about your experiences. I pray that your trip home will go smoothly and quickly. Take care, Mary

  79. Amber I love you and miss you…i hope you feel better soon! i am praying that you don’t poop your pants! i’m sorry that i haven’t been on since before the weekend, i didn’t even know that you were sick! and so when erin told me, i was like NO WAY! it is so sad that both amber and you have been sick, i can’t wait for you to come home tomorrow though, i can’t believe i will be seeing you in just over 24 hours! my life has been so boring without you! i can’t wait to devote time to hearing about all of the awesome experiences you had! we are leaving to go camping tonight, well my family is, and then we will be there for 14 days, so we will have to plan a day that we can go out there and layout…i can’t believe i am writing about that right now…i’m so selfish, but hopefully it got your mind off of being sick for a little while! i love you tons, and can’t wait to give you a big hug!!!!!!!

  80. you smell.

  81. Oh Amber, your roommates are so funny. Just think, tomorrow at this time (DV) you will have had a hot shower, maybe some of your mom’s spaghetti 🙂 you can sleep in your own bed and be teased by Brittany and Justin who will pretend they didn’t miss you, but you know better and you will be asked a thousand questions and all you’ll want is a cold diet Squirt 🙂 I really hope you are feeling so much better and that your flight home will be easy for you. I know you will be tired and everyone will want to talk with you. Just put me on your list or record your story and play it back for me. Include all the details and stories you can remember. I know you had a deep desire to follow God’s heart even before you went on this trip. I pray that your love for Him will be deeper and stronger because of what you were able to experience. May these memories become woven into the tapestry of your life and be bright colors that shine with His love. Eager to see you and talk with you. My mom came over today and loved the pictures. She said to tell you she was praying for all of you this past week. Love you! Mary

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