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  1. Don’t shoot til you see the reds of their eyes!

  2. Brandon, I still remember meeting you on a Chicago serve trip, and I am so happy to see you on your way to serving in Guate. Be ready for a wonderful and life changing week! Blessings, Dawn

  3. Brandon — I’m laughing to myself right now because I see Dawn’s comment about Chicago & meeting you as a little freshman. I’m so excited for you that you now get to experience Guatemala, its amazing & you are in for the experience of a lifetime. Go undefeated in euchre if you play!

  4. Amen to that Mr. Goeman…Well I’m here just working on my double shot and B X R, well i hope you have fun doing your thing down there. I’m praying for you man, Kroeze

  5. Hi Brandon, I’m gald to hear you made it there ok. We miss you. Our prayers are with you. I’m sure you miss us too. Love, Mom

  6. Hey guys thanks for leaving all of the comments, im not really home sick but it is nice to hear from the people taht i care about back there. We just got done with personal devotions today and are about to head out to the work site. My small group that i will be building the house with is kevin, heather, lauren, brittany, and dooley. I am really excited to not only get to know the Guatemalans but to also get to know them better. I really apreciate all of the support

  7. Brandon, Hope you learn alot about carpentry. We can home to a broken door and had to call one to get it fixed. If it happens again we’ll just call YOU! We’re excited you’re in Guatemala where Mackenzie would be growing up had she not become a part of our family. Enjoy all the new experiences.
    Love and Prayers, Gpa & Gma

  8. Hey Brandon – we are glad you made it there safely. Hope the plane ride was good. As I type this, you are probably still working hard on your home with your small group – enjoy it and enjoy the final dedication – the pictures Andrew brought back last year were so powerful – not even close to what you will experience. Enjoy each and every day as a gift. Our prayers are with all of you while you are there. Remember your Pepto Bismol!! Hope it works. Also – you ‘young bucks’ better win at Euchre tonight!! It’s always good to have Al sputtering about his loss!!

    The Bredeweg’s

  9. Hey Brandon,
    I just wanted to say that I’m praying for you and I hope that you are having an amazing time down there.

  10. Hey Buddy…..I know you are having fun and working hard…This is an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life…Enjoy your work and free time…There is no higher calling than that of a servant.
    P.S…When you get back home the bathroom will finally be finished…..No kiddin…….Dad

  11. Hello little brother = ) Im proud of you! Have I ever said that before ; ) Anyways it was a lot of fun going on a little vaca with you last week I miss you while Im away… joke! I hope your having a great time and helping lots of people! Trips like this are so powerful and Im glad that your experiencing one….. Your in my prayers as always loveyouuu


  12. Good morning Brandon, How do you like getting up sooooo early? I’m anxious to hear all about your house. Dad is getting the bathroom done cuz we aren’t at baseball games every night!!! We miss you very much, the house just isn’t the same without you. I’m sure Mrs. Kroeze’s house is lonely this week too..(ha-ha). Well I hope you have a great day. God will move you in ways that you never thought possible. I wish I could hear the singing!!! Our prayers are with you. Love ya Mom

  13. Hey Dude….Thinking about a career in Construction yet???… Take your nail apron off when not working is the best construction advice I have for you….The second one is “white side out” when hanging drywall……Have fun, work hard, and build relationships……Read Philippians 4 vs. 10-13….This week will help you understand Paul’s words…Love you Buddy!
    I’m starting to have Baseball withdrawls.

  14. Brandon: Hope you enjoyed your flight over and hope things are going well with the construction work. Our prayers are with you everyday. Looking forward to seeing you at the lake when you get back and hearing all about your trip.

  15. Brandon:
    Just wanted you to know that we are thinking about you and praying for you everyday. Uncle Dan is in New Mexico on a mission trip this week too. We hope you are enjoying you time and not missing home too much. Courtney says: “love ya” and Lauren says: “have fun”. We want to hear all about your trip when you get back!

  16. Brandon,

    I hope you see lots of Guatemalan kids and I hope you see my mother. Come home safely. I love you.

  17. Brandon,

    From someone who has been there… Spend as much time as you can with the people there, even if you don’t understand each other, they will feel God’s love. The task (building houses) is important but the love (building relationships) is more important. Enjoy!

  18. Hey Brandon – by the time you read this – day two of building is done – finishing up tomorrow. You have been in our daily prayers for safety, health and a servant heart. May you be a blessing to everyone down there and may you also be blessed throughout this week!

    How’s the food! Are you enjoying it?

    Enjoy – see you soon.

    The Bredeweg’s

  19. We just got done with our second day of building where we “stuck-oed” the houses. It only took a couple of hours and then we got to play with the kids for a couple more. I had a lot of fun playing soccer and spinning the kids around on my arms. I also got a little bit of baseball practice by swinging a wooden plank at a tennis ball. The kids have endless fun with the simplest games. The food is really good which surprised me, it doesnt look good but i figured that i had to eat so after trying it all i really enjoyed it.

  20. Hi, maybe you should try some more food at home. It might surprise you also. I loved looking at the pictures. Keep up the awesome work. I also really hope that you are not cheating at cards!!!!! Are you feeling ok? We miss you tons, and are praying for you and the group constantly. Love ya, mom

  21. hey brandon its adam. hope u r having fun. see u soon


  22. Hey Dude…..I’ve been reading some of the other blogs….I hear a lot of noise about the workmanship….Tell Mr. Jurgens you’re going to do a 3-4-5 to see if their house is square….I set up an appointment for your car to go to M & T…..Hopefully it won’t bog down at 40 mph any more…..We had to have our Air Conditioner worked on this week…..I hope your Air Conditioner is working OK…..Let the old guys win a game so they don’t feel so bad……….Love Dad

  23. Hi, I’m sorry to read that some people are sick. I hope they are feeling better. Who is going to live in your house? I’ve read about other families, but what about yours? I’m sure the dedication was awesome. Dad is painting the bathroom now. I can’t wait for it to be done. I can’t pick you up from the airport because of work. SORRY. But I’ll see you at your ballgame if you want to play that night. I miss you tons!!! Hope your night goes well. Love ya, mom

  24. Brandon: I liked what I read about the food there. Do you remember when you used to stay with us and you always wanted me to make that meat/potato/corn casserole? Not too many people request anything that I make, so thanks for that! I hope you are really enjoying yourself and that you’re not missing home too much. Uncle Dan comes home tomorrow night and he is ready to see us after being gone for eight days. I had full control of the remote and the A/C temperature control! Lauren and Courtney say hello (and goodnight).
    Love Aunt Sandy, Lauren and Courtney

  25. Hey Brandon This high tech stuff is scary! It sure sounds like you are right where the Lord wants you to be…and it also sounds like you are a “chip off the old Bob”…oops…I mean a “chip off the old block” 🙂 I’ll continue to pray!! Love, Pat

  26. guess what, WERE UNDEFEATED

  27. Hi Brandon, Suprise, Suprise. Guess who is finally writing you? I’m probably the last one to wish you God’s blessings on your mission trip. We didn’t have this type of thing when Iwas younger. But now that you are doing this I am reminded of Matt 25 vs 40 that whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me. Praying for your team work and safety for when you are coming home. Love Grandpa Gort.

  28. dear brandon,
    how are you bud? we miss you! we have extra cookies and pop this week just waiting for you to come home and play in our basement again! nate misses you too! we hope you are having a good week and we are praying for you too. have good last few days there! the kroezes

  29. Hey all, this is AJ writing for brandon.
    Goeman really needs all your prayers right now, he got sick latsnight/thins morning and is puking/other end. Please pray that he is fully restored to the team and that he looses his flu
    love from both of us
    Chosen one08 and Chosen one07
    AJ and brandon

  30. Brandon:
    We are praying for you, Brandon, as you struggle with sickness.
    Here is a prayer from one of my books, 31 Days of Praise:
    I chose to thank You for my weaknesses, my infirmities, my inadequacies (physical, mental, emotional, relational)…for the ways I fall short of what people view as ideal (your sickness would not be our choice for you, obviously)…my feelings of helplessness and inferiority, and even my pain and distresses. What a comfort it is to know that You understand the feeling of my weaknesses!…and that in Your infinite wisdom You have allowed these in my life so that they may contribute to Your high purposes for me…..Thank You that I can trust You to remove or change any of my weaknesses…the moment they are no longer needed for Your glory, and for my good, and for the good of other people…and that in the meantime, Your grace is sufficient for me, for Your strength is made perfect in my weakness.
    The Dooleys

  31. Hey Buddy….Mr. Bredeweg called me to let me know how you are feeling…I think you Mom must know you are sick, cuz she’s sick too…I hope you feel better real soon…Not fun being away from home and not feeling well…I got the bathroom done!!!…If your team needs a drywaller, painter, carpenter, and plumber I’m your man!!!…Time to wash the car and truck…Your car is already at M & T to be worked on Monday…Hopefully it will run better and ride better when you come home…I’m planning on bringing your B-Ball uniform w/ me to the Airport…The ShoreStation at the lake is fixed, so we will be putting that in tomorrow…It’s definatly different w/ you not here…Looking forward to having you back…How bout when you feel better we make Steak & Potatoes…Have fun, get better real soon………….

  32. whats up Brandon! Tim says to stop pooping:) Hope you are feeling better! Glad you are making the most of your experience there though by eating the food and playing with the kids aren’t they the cutest!!!! Tim and I wanted to take them all home with us when we went. No baby yet over here but hoping he or she will come soon 🙂
    God bless
    Sara and Tim Muilenburg

  33. Brandon, I’m so sorry that you are sick. I know it was one of your biggest concerns about going. There are so many people praying for you and our God is awesome. He will take care of you. I’m feeling miserable myself, maybe just a mom and son bonding thing, but I’m starting to feel a little better and I pray that you are too. I cried when I saw the pictures of the dedication of the houses AWESOME!! How in the world do they choose what families to build for? No wonder Ivanrest goes there all the time. It is a non ending mission. I’m praying so hard for you and your group. Thank you AJ for the update. I miss you both very much. Love ya, mom

  34. Brandon, Hoping you are already better! I too cried about the dedication pictures, but they were tears of praise and great joy. “What a mighty God we serve.” I see a little bit of Mackenzie in the faces of the children. It’s so amazing to see what is accomplished through team work. May God continue to bless all of your team and bring you safely home so you can share your experiences with us. Much Love, Gma Gort

  35. I am starting to feel a little better and appreciate all of the prayers. I havent thrown up in about 2-3 hours now and i have been able to keep some water down. I still am drained of energy but i think after a lot of sleep i should be able to go to the village tommorow.

  36. Hi Honey, We just got back from dinner with the couples minus Oost cuz he is at the baseball game in Boston. Everyone is praying for you. I’m glad to hear that you are feeling better. I’m sure that you didn’t get to go to the village today, I’m sorry ablout that. Hopefully you can go tommorrow, and I’m sure you are already thinking about next year. Are the other people feeling better? Love ya lots, mom

  37. Hey Brandon, It’s Sunday am and I pray you and the others are feeling better and will be able to do the day’s activities. I’m sure in many ways it feels like the week has flown by. What an awesome experience, and how great it has been to partner with you guys on this end by reading/writing and praying. Have a great day Brandon, you are in my prayers and our God does awesome things. Lynn

  38. Hello, I’m dying to know how you are doing. I hope the nights rest helped you and you are at least well enough to go to the village today. It’s the mom thing in me that wants to know that you are ok. If you get a chance PLEASE let me know. Our prayers keep coming for you and the group. LOVE YOU TONS!!!mom

  39. P.S. Dad told me not to worry. You will be fine. Love ya, mom

  40. Brandon,
    Its nice to hear all the things you guys are doing and the impact you are able to have on the lives of the people you encounter. At the same time I have to tell you your absense has also had an impact on your baseball team and I’m afraid its not as good. We had a rough week this week. Can’t wait for your return. We need your glove and your bat desperately. Keep up the good work.
    Coach F.

  41. I am doing better, i havent thrown up today and for the most part feel okay. However after 7 anti diarhia pills i still havent managed to get rid of it. Dan gave me a new thing that i gotta drink 3 times a day for the next week…tastes terrible but its better than swallowing a pill. I am going to the village today because i hate sitting around at the house. I have been looking forward to my baseball game almost all week because after going a whole week without it im ready to start again.

  42. Hello Brandon,Thank-you for writing to let me know that you are ok. The pills are really small, you can swallow them. The peptobismol tablets are chewable, but if the stuff you drink helps you then more power to it. I hope your day in the village went well. Can you believe Grandpa wrote on here? What a shock!! I hope you have a ggod nights sleep. Take Care Our prayers are always with you. Love ya, mom

  43. Hey Buddy….Glad to hear you are feeling better…I hope you didn’t lose too much weight…Mom and I went to the lake today…
    Water was nice…Aunt Sue bought a weed mat that Her, Uncle Jeff, Cuzin Glen, and I put in…It was really heavy in the water…Mom thought I was going to drown…It really takes it out of you to try to keep it afloat til it’s in place…I’m still here…I seen the day 3 pictures…It may be the first time a Bristol shirt has been worn in Guatemala…The houses look nice…I’m sure that it’s a great feeling for both you and the new homeowners…Looking forward to having you back, but not until your work is done…I hope you can feel the Prayers… Love Dad

  44. I think i am fully recovered now but i havent eaten much in the past 2 days…so to answer your question i have probably lost at least 5 pounds.

  45. eeeeek sickness = horrible im sorry but its good to know that your feeling better = ) ill see you when you get back!!!!!


  46. Brandon
    Glad to hear you’re feeling better. I’ll bet the time seems like it flew past. Seeing the pix brought back lots of memories! Praing for a safe trip home for all of you.

    Carol Kool

  47. Hey Brandon
    Praying that your have had a great trip. God is awesome and you have probably seen Him in ways you couldn’t imagine if you hadn’t gone to Guatemala. Glad to hear your feeling better. Keep working hard til the end.

    ps congrats on the new job!

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