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  1. B.J. Have a wonderful trip, we are so happy you are going…Enjoy those Guatemalan children, and we will be anxious to hear you speaking Spanish when you get back. Dixon says hi, and will greet you at the airport when you return. Love, Bob, Carole and Dix

  2. Bear and Jillian, we are excited to see you two go on this journey. Keep everyone laughing and smiling, as you always do. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers and we will get together when you get back and you can share all about the trip……………Again, we are very excited you two took this step towards something that will end up being a good experience for everyone involved.

    Much Love, Kyle and Tauna

    PS. BJ, make sure you turn the sprinklers off, and feel free to email me your garage code # so I can eat all your food while your gone.

  3. Hi Beej and Jillian,
    We hope you had a good flight and had a chance to get some sleep. We are praying for you and hope that all goes well. Can’t wait to hear from you! We love you, Mom and Dad

  4. B.J. Hope all has gone well thus far. I will keep you in prayer for your time there.I will pray for good weather,health,understanding,and for God to show you the good you are doing by being His hands and feet.Have agreat time!

    In His Grip, Herm Medema

  5. Hi Everyone! We made it down here safe. Getting set up, just ate dinner and are planning our attack for tomorrow. Thank you all for your prayers, support and thinking of us! We are so excited to see what is in store! Port-good luck finding out the garade code:).


  6. Great news, glad you are all there safely. I feel bad that I don’t even know your garage code, otherwise I would be sure to pass it on to Bob’s best friend…oh well. Love you, Mom and Dad and Dixon. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Hey! Glad to hear that you made it!! Aaron and I wish we were there too! I am so happy you guys made the choice to go, I know you will be a blessing to many and be blessed as well. Have a great night and cant wait to hear about tomorrow. Praying for you! Blake has said special prayers for uncle BJ and aunt Jillian in Guatemala three times today too! =)

  8. It’s so great to know that you made it safely so far. I have thought of you guys so many times today. We hope you can get a good nights sleep so you are ready for whatever is in store for tommorrow. Thanks for the update! We love you!! Dad and Mom

  9. BJ I cant belive that you posted on the web. good to see that you made it safe!!
    Have a great time! Did Dan talk to you about the DOOKIE STICK not sure if they still need to use that thing or not but you may want to take that home for some one to be named annomous. (YOU KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT) hope you have a great day tommorrow and will be checking the site all the time.

    PS PORT I HAVE THE GARAGE CODE so we can go over their next week after the game and water the lawn and eat all the food!

  10. Hi~
    We had a great night sleep and are headed out soon! I will be sure to keep you all posted! Thanks for all your prayers!


  11. Hey–been thinking and praying for all of you..How did sleeping with the guys go?????????? Hopefully you do not have Al Jurgens in your room…He needs to get up about 4 times each night and then wants to talk to someone!!! Am anxious to hear how today went…Shadow says hey..she misses you a lot!! Love you guys…mom and dad

  12. Hi Beej, Dad and I just got home and were wondering how your first day went. I’m sure you are all pretty tired. Have a good night. We send our love and prayers to you and Jillian. 🙂

  13. Everything was awesome today. We started the day out with some excellent scrambled eggs and coffee. We then headed off to the work site. We worked hard today and got all four walls up and caulked. We also had the best lunch with fresh tortillas beans and rice. I just talked to Al and sorry to say Bob, he no longer will be your bunk mate and he is thinking of no longer attending bible study (just kidding). Hope all is well at home, excited to show everyone the pictures and tell the sories.



  14. Hi BJ!
    Glad to hear your first day went good! Isnt Margarita’s food sooo good! Just wait till the fiesta . .
    Have a great night and a good day tomorrow
    love and prayers,

  15. Good Morning B.J. Hope you have a great big cup of that Guatemalan coffee in your hand this morning. I searched the web-site last night to see who was on your building team….finally found it on one of the sites….maybe it was AJ’s….anyway, glad to hear that all the building went well yesterday and that you are going to have another good day of building today. No rain, right? We will just keep praying for that. We headed to Plymouth yesterday to help with Stuart’s move in….looks good, lots of touch ups for Stu so he will be busy the next month. Your nephew dog, had his surgery yesterday, so you will need to think up another nick name for him….he is doing well. Sends you a lick and so does Shadow. We’ll keep praying, and we do think of you often and wish we were there. Mom, Dad and Dixon…..

  16. Hey BJ,
    Glad you guys made it safe and are everything is well. We’ve been thinking of you guys and wish we could be were there with you. Safe travels and have a great time.

    Stu and Erin

  17. Bj, just stopped by your house to get the mail etc. all is well except for the mess in the kitchen which I think is thanks to Port, but I got everything cleaned up. Have a wonderful time and don’t worry. How were you at the Stucco job? Are you ready to do your basement now? Have a good evening, and are you playing cards? Hope you are winning. Cp

  18. hey–just got home and thought I would check the site…I don’t want to still spread rumors but if you have to mark your name down on getting pop out of the frig—watch Al…he never seems to put his own name down!!! Have you played wizzard yet??? I know today was an awesome day with all the kids helping Stucco…..Thinking of you guys all the time…. Bob

  19. Another wonderful day of work. We got done about noon and had some time to go about the village and see some of the people. The most fun was playing with the children that are all so cute. Can’t wait to show the pictures. I am looking forward to dedicating the houses tomorrow to the families which I have heard is awesome. Hope all is well at home. Talk to you all soon.


  20. Hi Beej-I bet all the little kids loved “the bear”! I am really anxious to see the pictures. It sounds like the trip is going really well and maybe this time no one will get sick. I think of you guys all the time and prey for your safety and well being. I am leaving for the lake in the morning with Annie and Emma. The weather has been so nice. I will still be checking for updates on the laptop. It so nice to know what you are doing and how it’s going. Love You! Mom

  21. Alright, well I wasn’t really there when Stuart wrote his message from “Stuart and Erin”- so I decided I’d better write my own little message to make it official (=
    I’ve been praying for you guys out there, and I’m so happy to hear that everything is going well. I can’t wait to hear more when you get home! Have a great weekend!
    Love, Erin

  22. Hi Mom,
    Thank you for the posting! I absolutely love the little kids! Have fun at the lake, I will keep you posted tomorrow.


    P.S. jillian says hi too 🙂

  23. Bj, morning to you. Know you are going to have a wonderful day, and I imagine that the week is flying by for you. Hope you really enjoy the day today and that your team can pass God’s love on to the family you have been working with. Have fun with the painting and stay healthy….no one feeling sick ? right? So happy for that too. Love, Carole, Bob and Dixon and of course Shadow sends you a lick too…she did brush her teeth yesterday, so it is a fairly clean lick.

  24. whats up!

    long time no see sounds like you guy are all doing great! im thankful for that. Keep up the good work, God Bless you guys.
    Have fun finishing up the homes and have a ton of fun at the fiesta. Im really jealous of you guys being there (but thankfull that such a sweet group got to go), and jealous of the food you get to eat today! enjoy.


  25. Hey–been thinking of you this morning. It is an awesome experience dedicating the home and you can feel the power of prayer during this time…And then the fiesta!! They had a “Sponge Bob-Square Pants” pinyada when I went–quite appropriate!!I know those kids are all over you…take plenty of pictures….PS..found the Bocce Ball game…someone must have put it back in our basement on the shelf in my workroom without telling me!!!! I am planning on practicing ALL weekend!! Take care…. Bob, Carole, Dixon and Shadow

  26. Hey BJ,

    How are you doing? Leighann and I just wanted to say hello and let you know that we are praying for you and Jillian. We hope all is well and that we can hear some stories when you come back!

    God bless,
    Andy and Leighann

  27. Hi Beej (and Jillian) I keep checking the site and hoping for pictures and an update on how the day went and on how everyone is feeling. Hopefully the “stomach problems” have gone away. It’s a little oool at the lake with a north wind and they are predicting rain for the fourth. It’s still nice to be here and hopefully Dad and Kyle will have a chance to relax. We miss you and are anxious for you to return so we can see pictures and hear more about your trip. We love you!! Mom

  28. All I can say is that today was so awesome. Dedicating the houses was truely an amazing event. Our team had built a house for the nicest little old couple. They were so happy and appreciative to all we had done. Again, I can’t wait to come back home and show the pictures and fully descibe everything that we have been doing.

    Thanks you to all that are writing, and hope all is going well at home.


  29. BJ
    what’s up sound like you are having a ball sound like it. we are obsessed with checking the site I am on it al the time on my phone. that is what we are doing now we are at the cottage right now with drew and linsdey (his woman) and I am reading everyones blogs. well have a great time these next few days
    have fun and God bless
    aaron & leah
    drew & lindsey

  30. Bj, thanks for writing and for being there. It is so cool to be hearing about everything from each of you. It is so encouraging to hear the joy from those people who have so little. It is very humbling, isn’t it? So glad you can be there to experience it all. Have a good day tomorrow. love, the family here in Grandville.

  31. Hey B,

    As you know, I am a little handicapped when it comes to the computer, and my record for typing in high school was 19 words per minute before mistakes, but I just wanted to say that it sounds like this trip is a great experience for you and Jillian. It will no doubt give you a new perspective on the life you have and how you are going to live in the future. I have thought about you a lot this week and hope all is well. Give my love to Jillian because if I write something to her too I will be here all morning and everyone here is waiting for me to go to the Art Fair. You know how much I like the Art Fair.
    Take care

  32. Hi Dad,

    Thanbk you for taking the time to write Jillian and I, I know it must have taken you some time. You are right in that this trip has and will give us all a new perspective on the lives we live. It has truely been an amazing experience to be here. Hope you had a wonderful time at the art fair :-). Tell everyone that we say hello and that things are going well.


    BJ and Jillian

  33. 🙂

  34. thats what i ment…. 🙂 not 🙂

  35. they both work… im just….. well… BJ… hahaha 🙂

  36. BJ Hate to see Jillian get more mail than you…so we wanted to say hi from Pierson MI. things were very exciting here today, and Dixon mainly caught turtles and a couple of other things too. We all say hello and send you a big hug…love you , we will continue to pray for you and the team. CP BP DP SP

  37. Dear BJ –
    Kevin is so excited to be spending this time with you. He is thrilled to be able to get to know you better – you Flying Dutchmen need to stick together!! Keep an eye on him for us – we know he definitely needs supervision!!! What a fabulous opportunity you all have to serve our God and show His love in so many different ways! Please be assured of our continued thoughts and prayers. Our God Reigns! Beth Vanden Bosch (and the rest of the V.B.’s)

  38. Hey BJ..This is Dixon. How are you? I passed my drivers written test hope you are not sick. Its kind of boring at the cottage without you and Jillian i set a new record on the Wii..anyway see you soon love Dix

  39. Hi everyone, Thanks for your continued prayers and support! Beth- It has been great getting to know Kevin as well! We are having a ton of fun together! Don’t you worry though, I’ve got my eye on him :). Pettijohn family-I am happy to hear you are enjoying the cottage without us. Congrats Dixon on passing your drivers training test! I will have to take you out to practice driving sometime soon. Once again, just another awesome day experiencing the village people brining their lives to God! P.S. I am SO sore from playing soccer all day with all of the little kids :). BJ

  40. Hi Beej, I loved seeing the pictures of you and Jillian. It sounds like your day went really well yesterday. It’s been pretty quiet here and still a little cool. We miss you!! Love, Mom

  41. BJ:
    It is good to hear and to see how God is using you and Jillian to impact the Guatemalen kids–and the American ones too! The pictures are a-ma-zing. We hope the church gives the team an opportunity to share with everyone all the stories behind them. I especially love the one of you gently helping the elderly woman–it looks like you’re heading down Spencer’s stairs. You are treating her with such love, compassion, honor and respect. That’s just how Jesus Himself would have treated her!
    Love and prayers,
    The Dooleys
    From 31 Days of Praise
    I’m so glad that You, the high and exalted One, are not impressed with the positions people hold…that You are not in the least partial or prejudiced…that You show no personal favoritism. Thank You that You have no regard for any external distinctions: for rich or poor, for famous or unknown, for high rank or low, for handsome or homely, for any race or culture above any other…but that You do have regard for all who are humble in heart. Thank you that You oppose those who exalt themselves, and that You exalt those who humble themselves, giving them Your grace.
    Continue to be like Jesus today!

  42. Hi, BJ. When I saw the picture of you helping the woman down the steps I saw a very kind and thoughtful man. And knowing all of things which you are doing this week, I also see a faithful and hardworking servant of the Lord. What a great opportunity you’re having to demonstrate your love for God and people. We have been praying for you and the rest of the team that God’s strength will get you through the long days and many activities.

    I believe that God uses unique experiences like this to take you out of your normal routine, get your attention, and give you a new vision. Maybe its confirmation, or conviction, or clear direction that you have been seeking. Whatever it is for you, I’ll be praying that you will grow even closer in your personal relationship with God through your time in Guatemala. As David wrote: “Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.” When we commit ourselves fully to God, He puts a desire in our heart for the things He wants to fulfill in our lives.

    Stay healthy and strong.

  43. Bj, hope the day today was as great as yesterday. Love all the news from you and all the excitement that is going on in Guatemala. We will be so anxious to hear all about it in person. Love to you too, and see you soon. B, C, D, and the little dog under the bed. (shake, shake)

  44. Hi BJ,
    Hope you had fun in Antigua! We’ll be praying for you tonight and tomorrow as you travel home. Cant wait to see you guys and hear about everything in person!

  45. Hi Beej,
    Have a safe trip home. Can’t wait to see you guys and all the pictures. Love You! Mom and Dad

  46. Hi everyone, the week has been awesome! Thank you all for the prayers and support throughout this week. They were definately felt and without them we would not have had the experience we had. We are so glad we could come here to help change the lives of others but also change our lives. Thanks for everything! We can’t wait to share our stories, pictures and everything else that we will have trouble describing. Thank you for everything! We can’t wait to see all of you tomorrow!

    Jillian and BJ

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