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  1. Chad, I am so happy so see you on your way to Guate. I will be praying for you that you will be ready for God to use you in big ways! You have such a big heart, and I know you will love the people of Guate. Blessings, Dawn

  2. Chad, I hope you have an amazing week in Guatemala. It has been so cool for me to get to know you through youth group in Chicago & with RAD groups. And I am so excited for you to be able to experience Guatemala, which has always been my favorite!

  3. Chad,
    I hope this week tops last week at football camp. It’s not the BIG house at U of M, but your work in Guatemala could have profound effects on the people and them being able to go to THE BIG HOUSE of God. Work hard and sleep well.

  4. Hi Chad -I am between patients at work and thought I would check and make sure you made it there safely.- sounds like you did and you are probably building as I type. I pray that God uses you in ways that you never thought possible. I miss you already-it is awful quiet at home-love Mom

  5. I forget to ask who is in your building group? Mom

  6. Hey buddy,

    thought i would send a quick note.

    hope all is well so far with you and you had a good trip there.

    I am praying God keeps you safe as well as all the rest of the group.

    work hard and be safe.

    may you use this experience to see the wonders God can do through people helping people.

    Love Dad

    PS keep doing your work out: sit ups, push ups running etc. or I will have to call your OL coach at U of M 🙂

  7. Hey mom and Dad everythign is going great. Mom i knew you would miss me but i miss you to. The people in my group are Al, jorden, kelsey, jillian, kimberly. Our house is the best becuase Al is just like Gordy when it comes to building everytrhing has to be perfect. We were the only team to square are house with a leveler others did it by eye, but All gettign so much crap for it. Well i got to go build some more ttyl love you both Chad

  8. Chad,
    Sounds like you’re having a wonderful trip. I can’t wait to build houses in January when I go on the women only trip. The down side to that is we won’t have Al to help us get ours level. Well you continue to have fun we’ll be praying for you and the team.
    Mike and Deb Door

  9. Hi Chad, I have enjoyed reading the daily update on the Guat team and am excited for you to be serving in this way. You have a very special heart, Chad and I am sure that those around you are blessed by your kindness and willingness to share and help. Keep up the good work and say “hi” to Joni for me K? Sleep well, eat well, work hard and laugh often! In Christ, Mrs. H

  10. Hey Chad, Just wanted to send you a note of encouragement. Sounds like you have an awesome group- of course you have Kelsey! I hope this is an awesome experience for you. You guys are really making a difference down there. You are in our prayers. Lynn

  11. hey chad its adam. hope u r having fun down their. see u soon.

  12. Mom Why havent you typed back to me, You to Dad you are on the computer all day long just kidding hope to read somthing from you soon. Thank you everyone who has typed to me i really appreciate all this encouragement, it helps me in my growth with Christ love always Chad

  13. Hey Bud,

    Just got back from Detroit.

    Good to hear you are using the right tools to build the house.
    Like I always say, ” Best to do the job right the first time. 🙂
    Keep up the good work.
    Hope all is going well with you and the rest.
    Praying for you all each day.


  14. Hi Chad-I just got back from detroit with Dad and didn’t have time to get on the computer at work. It is 2am here. I saw the pictures and it looks beautiful there.Makes your house look awfully big doesn’t it? Be nice to the kids-i hope they are not scared of mom.

  15. Chad, thought I would just send you a note of hello and hope that you are having a wonderful time. We are praying specifically for you too…. Paint well today and be blessed in what you are doing. Hoping to see pictures of all your work tonight. The Pettijohn family.

  16. Hey–hope you are working out for football at night in your spare time!!!Not really….As you are probably finding out when you are there with those kids,etc..little else matters..GOD is First and Foremost!!!..Thinking and praying for all of you..

  17. Chad–I did mean the above to you…I just should have signed it Bob..NOT mom and dad pettijohn!!!!!!!

  18. Hey Boof! I hope you are experiencing all of the many opportunities God is providing for you! I am praying for you and I hope that you get as much out of this experience that I did when I went! How are you doing with communication? can you undertstand any spanish at all? Mom is right–definately MUCH quieter around here! hahaha…love you, miss you…

  19. Girlfriend misses Boyfriend, and hopes he’s having a blast!

  20. ummm…excuse me? since when did Rachel become ur girlfriend? i thought I meant more to you than that! haha
    no seriously tho, i hope that you are having an AMAZING time, i am thinking about you and praying for you, and when u come home i want to see your pictures okay? talk to you later!

  21. HeyChad-saw the pictures from day 2 and it looks like the building is going well-its amazing what a team can do working together for the Lord. tell AJ and Brandon we continue to keep them and all of you in our prayers dailyLove mom

  22. Taylor You left me alone at Keris birthday party and to be honest Racheal was my first love. Keri everything is going great it is so much fun and the kids are absolutely adorable. Well I better go love you, miss you to. Mom everything is going great we dedicated the house today it was probably the coolest thing I have ever experienced. Love u Chad

  23. Hi Chad – sounds as if things are going very well for you and the group. God has been good to all of you so far. Enjoy your last few days there and may you be a blessing to all you come in contact with.

    The Bredeweg’s

  24. Hello everyone,
    things have been going great, but as today progress there are more and more poeple getting sick there is roughfly around 8 people sick. So we need your prayers to get them better so they can go to the villages with us tommorow. We have been getting ready to go to the villages all morning. The drive is going to be long and we are going to be getting home late tonight around 12:00 or 1:00 am becuase the village we are going to is 3 hours away. But it is all going to be worth it, we are passing out medicine and playing with the kids all night. Well i better go help some more talk to you all later. Chad

  25. Chad:
    Know that you are all in our prayers–those of you who are able to continue on in ministry and service and those of you who are struggling with sickness…. It’s hard knowing that that is all we can do for you when you’re so far away, but we also are confident that God is in control of the entire situation.
    The Dooleys
    From the Prayer of Jabez
    You could call God’s hand on you “the touch of greatness.” You do not become great; He becomes great through you.

  26. Chad-it doesn’t sound likeyou are one of the sick ones. I can’t wait to hear in detail about the dedication of the house. I hope all went well in the villages. we just got back from Larry and Jeannes after helping with the triathalon that they had there-they had 74 people there-dad and I had to hold up traffic on belding road-it was a little scary sometimes for the bikers. The time is flying by and soon you will be home-can’t wait to hear about your experiences-love Mom and dad-our prayers continue………………

  27. Hey Chad, Tiffany and I just got back from Tenn. Had a GREAT time…did a bunch of fishing, hikeing etc. Hope all is going well. Remeber to soak up all that is around you to make the memories and life experiences last a lifetime!. Luv you and stay Safe!

  28. Hey Buddy,

    Just thought I would say hey before I went to bed.

    I hope all is going well with you.

    R U drinking the Optimal? It will help give you what u need. 🙂

    I am praying you and the others will continue to be safely enfolded in the protecting arms of God.

    Hope all your travel will be safe also.

    Love ya Man,


  29. Last night at the villages it was absolutly amazing. I gave a testimony last night it was so cool i truly felt God. So mant poeple gave there life to Christ last night it was amazing. Today we are doing the same thnig and hope that we have the same turn out for people commiting their life to Christ.

  30. Hey Bud,

    Was thinking of you and thought I would send a note.

    Great to hear you were led to speak, God moves in many ways and uses many means to bring others to Him.

    I trust and pray all is going well with you and we look forward to seeing you back Home.

    Continue to seek God’s direction in all that you do there and how you will apply this experience to your daily life here.

    Love ya,


  31. Hi honey-I am so proud of you giving your testimony like that-I pray it continues when you get home as you seek the direction that God wants you to. Looking forward to tuesday-Love mom

  32. Last night was even more crazy. During the day/ towards the night a big storm came through. But it nver stopped us, but on the way home we ran into a little problem there was a down tree over the road to get out and we had no chanesaw. We had just enough clearance on top but it wasnt wide enough. So Kevin, Aj, Jason, and I took about twelve inches out of the mountain with a rock and a chizzle. We cleared it all out layed down rocks over the dirt made an imbankment to fit through, and it worked. Satan tried his best and failed. It only set us back like a hour and half, but after that we got home nice and safe.

  33. Hey mom and dad,
    just wanted to say hi and wonder if kevin and jeremy are comgin wiht you to pick me up or ask them becuase i miss hanging out with my two best freinds. ALso do you knw if Kevin got rid of his 300ZX if so that is awesome. well see you tommorow, hope to see kevin and jeremy along with you.

  34. Chad -Dad left a message with Kevin but I do not know if he has called back yet. i hope you are not one of the ones getting sick-see you soon….Love Mom

  35. Chad i forgot to tell you to make sure you get some coffee beans….Love Mom

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