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  1. hey Christina!!! LOVE YOU! i’m so excited!!!!

  2. hey Christina!!! LOVE YOU! i’m so excited!!!! see u

  3. Sister! Have fun in “Gualamala” 🙂 You will have a great time and we’ll be praying for you! Love, Ray-day 🙂

  4. Christina, Enjoy your week in Guate! I know that you will fall in love with all the kids, just like your sisters did! Elizabeth and I always “fought” over the little babies! He, He! Blessings, Dawn

  5. Hey Christina!
    Have a great time in Guatemala! Take lots of pictures! I will be praying for all of you! I’m really glad I could see ya before you left so I could say goodbye!! Love you! Have a great week!

  6. Sister! I miss you already and you just left this morning. Who am I going to snuggle with tonight? Whose feet am I going to pull when they’re running up the stairs? Who am I going to laugh with? ok ok…I’ll have fun but I’m sure you’re going to have a lot more fun. I know you will have so much fun playing with all the beautiful little kids-I’m just sad thinking that I can’t…so play extra hard :)….and hold all the babies for me too! I love you so much…and I will be the first person at the airport on july 3 at 4:48pm…Love you cistern! Be safe 🙂

  7. Christina – Have a great time and remember we’ll be praying for you. I’m glad you made it in time this morning, the trip wouldn’t be the same without you!! Take care and try to keep an eye on Kelly for me! Love you lots and we’ll be thinking about you!

  8. aba tina…tex is asking about you and wants to know when you are going to take him for a swim
    -love d

  9. Christina the laundry is on the stairs…your the only one who knows where it goes. I miss you already, but I know you will be busy with all those babies…the girls want you to bring one home. Love and prayers, Mom

  10. Hey cistern….go cistern,
    Who Who…how is guatemala? Dont worry I wont let elizabeth take any of your clothes…I am taking good care of all of them…actually I am making sure they all still fit…dont worry 😉 You wont care about them when you get back anyway. Don’t worry I can pull Elizabeth’s feet while she tries to go up the stairs this week and I will be waiting at the airport at 4:46 just minutes before elizabeth arrives (don’t tell her that I will actually be the first person…shhh) Hope your having fun in Guatemala….just DONT drink the water!!
    -your favorite sister

  11. Good morning Chrissy hope your first morning in Guatemala is awesome. Be sure you eat a good breakfast and enjoy the day with all the kids!
    -love mom

  12. hey everyone! it is wednesday morning and we are just getting ready to have our first building day!! i miss you guys and i hope everything at home is going good. tell tex i say hi! gotta go ill talk to you later!!

  13. Hi Chistina,
    Have a wonderful day today!!! I’m glad that you made the flight yesterday, I’m sure it wouldn’t be the same without you!!! God bless you in all you do. Enjoy!!!
    Love Kimberly’s Mom

  14. cistern…i put the laundry away and our room is clean! i made sure to put everything away just how you would want it! and i’m making sure the girls don’t wear your stuff….i see that kevin wrote that you’re going to the same village that we went to 2 years ago…those are all the little kids i played with…i am so excited that you are there…it’s an amazing village! i love you so much..and miss you

  15. cistern i didn’t sleep good last night cause i miss you :)…jk i slept wonderfully cause kooistra’s didn’t get home till like 2am!!! anyways, i told ayva where you were and she sat there stunned hehe…i’m at work right now and its pouring and thundering and lightning…yesterday is was 90! anyways, tex misses you and says “ruff ruff” (aka hi) i feel bad everytime i bring up your screen to write to you cause it shows your picture…and i miss you! 🙂 but you look b-e-a-utiful! angelina would be proud…and you’re just like her, going to other countries..but you better bring home some little kids…but no maddox or pax’s…hehe…maybe a shiloh! I’m entering the bids right now….but im slacking cause i’m writing to you! gtg the computer broke…i think i broke it…ill write back in a minute! love you cistern

  16. Just making sure that you aren’t sick….just let me know..cause i was reading some posts and someone said that a few people were sick…anyways, it looks like you have a great building group! You’re going to have so much fun! Sounds like the weather was perfect for you guys too! Mom has your other camera…so try to borrow someone’s or maybe in town you could get one! sorry im like stalking your wall with posts…but i just want you to know that im thinking abotu you 24/7…actually im just a little bored at work. love you so much abba tina!

  17. hey christina! i just wanted to say hi, and i hope you’re having an amazing trip so far! i will be praying for you and the rest of your team!

  18. Christina,
    We are praying for you to touch many lives their this week! I’m sure you mom wouldn’t mind if you took a precious baby home with you. Maybe my girls could babysit! Stay healthy!

  19. Hi Christina, Hope your having a awesome time and a great experience. Just wanted to let you know there are a lot of people praying and thinking of you. Mr. Berens

  20. hey tina i hope your having a riot with all the little kids i am sure they will all love you!..praying for you tons love kate

  21. hey! Today we woke up early and headed to a small village. it was our first building day and the weather was good for the most part….except for a little rain in the morning. The children there are sooo…. cute….they all come up to you and want you to hold them a take a picture with them- they also ate ALL my candy, they are the sweetest children ever. well im better go so i will write again later…love you all and i hope everything at home is going well. o and eliz thanks for putting everything! talk to you later

  22. Ahh I miss you like a ton! Hope you are having a great time! I love you!

  23. Abba Tina Abba Tina…guess what song was on the radio yesterday?…”No, no, no” 🙂 so I sung it for you. How’s “Gualamala”? Did you find any cute kids that you want to take home yet? Mom always said we could get a healing the’s like the same thing. Mom’s standing here and says hi too. We’re going to visit grandma at the lake today and sit by lake ranch. Hope you have a great day at the village! We all miss you and are praying for you. PS. I only wore your underwear once…because somebody put them away wrong! Love you Cistern!! We’ll give Tex a kiss too.

  24. Cistern! Aren’t the kids adorable?!?! Take lots of pictures with the little kids…im sure ill remember lot of them! maybe ask kevin to show you the house i built and the little kids that lived in it! I can’t wait cause you’re coming home soo soon!…5 days! Tex was a little naughty last night…i took him down for a swim and the he started to wander by the road and not listen..then he ran to mulders when i told him not too, so he had a time-out in his bed…but else he’s doing good…he misses you! mom and rae are apparently at the lake today and i stuck working 😦 but anyways, i picked out and installed (!!!) new knobs in the laundry room! our room is spotless…its actually a lot easier to clean without you here! anyways, I can’t wait to see you at the airport…i better be the first one you hug! promise?!?! oh, good news….jared’s grandparents gave us 2 end tables and they are absolutely gorgeous…so we are going to start painting them soon…we sanded the bookcase last night and I think im going to start painting it tonight!…when you come home we are going out to holland to stay at lake ranch i think…then we can watch the fire works together! i love you…be safe….and i think you’re stuccoing today..that’s so much fun! and painting the houses is fun…and decorating it, i think you get to do that tomorrow.! how’s the spanish going? its not too hard not knowing it is it? im sure you’re doing great! im so jealous that you get to play with those little kids all day long…wait till the village days…those are so much fun as well! love you

  25. p.s. you’re staying at the same place we did last year! and when i was looking at pictures kevin posted, i recognized the little girl mrs decator was holding 🙂 love you

  26. Christina! Hope you’re feeling okay. I just looked at the first day pictures and you had the same look on your face as when you had calamari (squid) for the first time with us. Have a wonderful time and it’s so nice to see the pictures of all of you especially with all the kids.
    Sounds like your family is missing you, but will probably have lots for you to do when you return.
    Have a great time and hope you’re getting lots of rest, good food and good water – make sure you’re washing your hands lots too!!
    Love ya,
    Mrs. B.

  27. christina i just saw a picture of you that kevin posted! it was the one with the plate of food in front of you, with a grossed out look on your face? hehe…oh cistern, i can just imagine what you’re doing right now! hehe…its about 2:44 at home and Im guessing you’re about to stucco….thats the best part!

  28. RUFF RUFF RUFF RUFF…i miss you abba tina! take me for a walk walk…i want a treat treat…go for a swim swim…

  29. have you seen the 2 little sisters with clef palate? ask kevin where they live….and then take a picture of them for me! just the 2 of them! love you

  30. love you chrissy 🙂

  31. abba tina abba tina…tex misses you…go for a walk walk

  32. here’s your spanish vocab for the day:

    SPANISH: Ven Aqui (pronounced Ben a-key)
    ENGLISH: come here

    SPANISH: Quienes dulce?
    ENGLISH: Do you want candy?

    SPANISH: Me encanta tu pelo/tus ojos!
    ENGLISH: I love your hair/your eyes!

    I’ll post some more phrases later
    Love-your favorite sister 🙂

  33. hey-
    we just got back from our 2nd building day. we stuccoed for half of the day and then played with the kids for the rest. it rained today but thankfully the stucco stayed on so we didn’t have to do it over- the second half of the day it turned out to be really nice though so we could play with the kids. as we ready to leave a little boy ran infront of the van and got hit. anyways, hope all is going well…can’t wait to see you

  34. Teener bopper, How are you liking Guatemala? I’m sure this won’t be your last time back there. Carrot. I’m just sitting here in my cage thinking about you. Lettuce. Oh where are Porter Street’s grandkids?! Wait, where’s Porter Street?! Pellets. Are there any bunnies in Guatemala?
    Love, Lucy Tusie
    aka. Fruce

  35. Hey Cistern, how is Guatemala? Do you like your small group? You haven’t gotten sick yet I hope. Invest in some pepto around the clock 🙂 Anyways, we hope the weather is nice there and that you’re getting all of the building finished. Aren’t the kids there so cute? We went to visit GG today and there were two adopted Guatemala babies at the pool so we thought of how much fun you’re probably having with them. Remember to bring one home on July 3! Anyways, hope you’re having a great time! Stay safe. We love you!

  36. Tina, hope you’re having a great time in Guatemala! Maybe you could take me back one of these years. I’m sure our house would be the best! Maid of honor?

  37. Just changing some oil. Hi! By!

  38. Hi Christina. Grandma loves you. Hope you’re having fun. Much love. Grandma

  39. Sister! Mom, Rachel, and I were just reading your post! So good to hear from you. But we feel really bad about the little boy…we’ll remember to keep him in our prayers as well. Did you like stuccoing? I always loved it! Speaking of that, I painted the bookshelf in the garage today! It looks so pretty…I’ll do another coat tomorrow and then I’ll scratch it up. I got the day after the fourth off from babysitting so now I can be with you all day in holland! I’m so excited! Did i tell you that we got 2 more end tables from jared’s grandparents to paint and fix up? they are so beautiful! anyways, how do you like the food? I don’t even know why im asking you so many questions cause you never respond to them anyways!….its ok though, I know you don’t get much computer time. Love you lots cistern and I WILL be the FIRST one at the airport to see you! Much love and many prayers 🙂 p.s. i miss grabbing your feet when you run up the stairs…hehe Love you

  40. Dearest Christina
    It’s not the same without but we are so excited about your experience in Guatemala! I pray for all of you in my morning walks and many other times throughout the day. Hope you are staying healthy and that your small group is going well. Have fun decorating your house tomorrow and dedicating it as well. Much love-Mom

  41. You Go Girl. Have a great time. maybe you can play some soccor with the kids in the village? bet they are good. Ihope alls well, make some great memories. Praying for you and the bunch. going to bed Goodnight Love D

  42. cina..i taught moma how to use the computer so now she can write to you without me there….she is getting pretty good at it! i have been looking for you in the pictures but have only seen you in a couple…angelina would not be proud…how are you supposed to get on the red carpet if you are not around the camera…go get em! I am expecting to see you in more pictures tonight and with a smile on…no more of that grossed out look you have on your face in day ones pictures…that will not make hollywood! tex has been crying for the past few days…he keeps saying RUFF RUFF (aka…go for a swim swim) i saw that lucy tusie and porter street wrote on your wall…that was cute. I am answering the phones at frontier today because you are not here to do it 😦 and rachel and i went to the beach yesterday with mom…cuz you were not here to go with her. hope your having a good time in guatemala and I will be the FIRST at the airport to get you…i can take bootie!

  43. Christina! The pictures are adorable! Im glad to hear the little boy didn’t break any bones. I have to go to frontier in the afternoon :(..i wish you were there with me..itd be a lot more fun! love you

  44. christina I’m at work and am super bored! just had to move large boxes…who do they think i am?!?!..anyways, im on the phone with sarah right now down at frontier land…hehe…she keeps putting me on hold! hehe….we miss you a lot..actually i miss you a alot…on hold again :(..i put the laundry away for you today! are you having fun playing with the little kids?1? did the spanish phrases i sent to you help? did you get to hold any babies yet?!?! please hold some for me…on hold again :(…love you cistern! i hope you are feeling well. I pray for you everyday! love you…p.s. i took tex for a walk last night and swim! but he misses you! love you

  45. bottie is lost with out you…all she does is walk around the house crying…

  46. and i have no one to keep sarah off me, she just pinches me all day long 🙂

  47. you’re never going to guess who came into work today! starts with an L ends with an E and has a YL in the middle! ahhhh hehe…love you

  48. christina….something came for you! im not sure if im suppose to tell you or not so I won’t..but i think you will be really happy. you can get it when you come home.

  49. christina! I’m in Ann Arbor right now but im just thinking about you! Hope you’re having a fun day painting the houses. Can’t wait to see pictures! 🙂

  50. christina! What color did you paint the house? Did you paint anything on the walls of the house? One year we used crayons and drew pictures-it looks so pretty! Also, you could write a bible verse in spanish if you want….I was gonna type one out fo ryou that you could write on the wall but then i forgot that today was the day that you are painting and you wouldn’t have gotten it in time. please tell me that you are holding a lot of babies for me! take pictures with them too! you aren’t sick are you??? i hope not! how’s the bathroom situations?!?!? i can just picture you…hehe…take lots of pictures. Can’t wait to hear about everything when you get home. Much love

  51. christina-hows guatemala? how are the bathrooms? can’t wait to camp with you when you get home. ill try to be at the airport. jared

  52. christina-just got your paycheck! hope you don’t mind that i spent it…i bought a life size picture of angelina for you…hehe…jk..i’ll save it for you..:)


  54. everyone’s gone on lunch…i own the building! :)hehe…

  55. uncle david says hi…ken too! they miss you at work…we’re not going to holland this weekend cause mom and dad have a wedding so you aren’t missing out…lynee says hi too…see you tuesday at the airport…i WILL be the FIRST one!..not sarah…and you better hug me first 🙂

  56. sarah and i are sitting at frontier…..laughing at all of the posts we just wrote…nothing too exciting here…uncle david just bought a coke…im sitting at the frontier desk not having a clue how to transfer people..keep hanging up on people…not good business today…the men keep asking why no one’s calling when really they are but i just disconnect them all..everysingle one of them…can you help me?…”good afternoon frontier?”…”Dave mann please”…”one moment please”…..beep..beep..beep…dead! hehe…some guys in a hawaiian shirt is gazing at the parts…what not to wear…hehe….that’s all for today…actually for right now…love you..ill prolly right in another minute cause im so bored here…im actually in the process of reading through everyone’s posts…almost finished…i think im up to bj…speaking of bj how is he?…love you! miss you! never change!

  57. Christina! I hope that you are having a wonderful experience with the opportunity God has given you! I’m praying for you! Love, Coach.

  58. christina will you find the house I worked in? ask kevin cause he was in my group! then take a picture of the family or have kevin do it! thanx…love you…

  59. Christina! Just thought I would write to you before I leave for Jayne’s wedding…hope all is well with you and that you haven’t gotten sick. We all miss you (especially Elizabeth and tex). Love you

  60. Christina,
    Here’s #60 response. I think you’re in the lead – haven’t checked all of the sights yet, but so far what I’ve seen you’re in the lead!! A special thanks to all your sisters who are bored – man, I wish I had the internet when I used to work!! Hope you are having a wonderful time and tolerating all the unique situations (mainly the bathrooms mentioned by Jared and Elizabeth). Give Kelly a hug for me – we miss all of you terribly. Looking forward to all the wonderful stories and pictures you’ll have when you return. You’ll have to come up to the cottage with Kelly so we can hear yours as well – that is if your family will let you go after being gone for a week!!
    Take care and we are so proud of what you are doing for the Lord and for these people!
    Love you lots!

  61. hey
    it is saturday, day five and we are just about ready to leave for a new village….that is 3 hrs away :-(. booty sarah sounds like you having fun at work- and eliz. we painted the houses “orange” on he outside and pink on the inside. we let the kids decorate ours with their hands and it turned out to be a mess- some of them just started painting on the wall in random places and they were spilling paint..but the family still liked it. yesterday our team went to visit the boy who’s leg was run over…we gave him a soccer ball and alot of candy. we also dedicated the houses yesterday….our family had 12 kids+2 parents. the family was so happy when we started handing out clothes, toys, blankets, food, etc… Last night we had a fiesta with the kids and it was so much fun. we played games with them, handed out candy and we gave them a pinata(they loved it). the food here is disgusting…but everyone else loves it. Many people are starting to get sick…including kevin. o and elizabeth, no i didn’t see the girls you wanted me to get a picture of but i an trying to take alot of other pictures….the babies down here are so cute and i love holding them…i have taken so many pictures with them(eliz. you will probably recogniz them)…well i have to go do devotions so i will try to talk to you later.

  62. christina…so good to hear from you! I can just imagine how much fun you had at the fiesta…i remember all of ours! The pinata was always the most fun part! I’m glad you’re having fun and that you aren’t sick! The orange on the inside of the house sounds cool-that’s also neat that the little kids helped paint the inside…im sure they just loved doing that…when we did our house we gave the kdis crayons to color on the walls with and they had never seen crayons before so they went crazy! I’m with ya on the food…didn’t like it myself but hopefully you have enough snack with you. Love you cisterna and can’t wait to hear all about it tuesday night!

  63. Christina:
    I was your sister’s prayer partner, and now I get to pray for you too. It was awesome to read about the amazing things that happened at the dedication of the houses and at the fiesta! I can’t wait to see the pictures…I spend a lot of time looking at each one–the faces of the little children and of all you guys. The love and the smiles show how God is truly using the team to spread His love.
    From Luke 10:37-37 (The Parable of the Good Samaritan)
    “Which of these three do you think was a neighbor to the man who fell into the hands of robbers?” The expert in the law replied, “The one who had mercy on him.” Jesus told him, “Go and do likewise.”
    Have a wonderful day showing mercy to your neighbors in Guatemala. A quote from Mr. Rogers seems appropriate here: “Have a lovely day in the neighborhood.”
    Love and prayers,
    The Dooleys

  64. everyone is sick..they are dropping like flies. 6 out of the 8 ppl in my room are sick.

  65. Christina! How did you house turn out? Did you get all the walls up? I’m sure it looked good…and the orange color sounds cool! cya soon

  66. christina im just leaving to go to matt’s condo cause its all been painted…can’t wait… sorry to hear that a lot of people are sick..but you aren’t, right?!?! at least i hope not…we’ll keep praying that the others start to feel better…i know you are going to have a fun day today with all the little kids at the village…and tomorrow will be the same set-up but just a different village..and that’s so exciting cause each village is totally different. I’m so glad that you’re having fun with the little kids…i miss them just thinking about it! love you

  67. p.s. do the little kids think you are really tall? you’re prolly much taller than the men there too-hehe…find a boyfriend yet? you can bring someone home, but preferably a baby or a few kids!

  68. p.p.s. i still miss you! come home soon! 3 DAYS…3 DAYS…3 DAYS! your bag better be filled with babies for me 🙂

  69. miss you abba tina…we are going to grama weller’s for lunch tomorrow and we will all miss you 🙂 we’ll just have to eat extra for you

  70. tina…best wishes in guatemala. be safe.come home soon. rachel wants you to bring a little kid back with you. elizabeth wants you to bring a colony of kids back with you. matt

  71. christina.miss you a lots. God bless you in Guatemala. grama

  72. Christina – glad to hear you are having an awesome time in Guat! and that you haven’t gotten sick yet! We will pray that you don’t for the remainder of your time there 🙂 Your family had 12 kids – Holy COW!! that is a houseful! I don’t even know how Tim and I are going to handle the one we have on the way 🙂 well I am so glad to hear that everything is going well and I hope that you are really feeling the power of the Holy Spirit working through you as you witness to all of these people.
    God Bless you
    Sara and Tim Muilenburg

  73. how do the little kids like the clothes you brought? im sure they are so excited! remember to take lots of pictures! i can’t wait to see them

  74. abba tina abba you miss you. D

  75. Me and elizabeth want to know about dad and heidi’s baby…Haven! how is she? isn’t she adorable. how are the boys? we loved to play with them. say hi to dan and heidi for us. love you

  76. Tina! I miss you so much- I hope your having a great time in Guatamala- I cant wait to hear about it- Im praying for you guys and stay safe 🙂 Love ya

  77. i cant wait for u to get home and drive me around…this garage is boring

  78. tina how ya doin. hope your having a good time. thanks for letting me borrow your true religions last night. they looked great on me. i miss u.

  79. christina..jared and i just got back from seeing the condo so we thought we’d see if there were any new updates..but no! and why aren’t any pictures posted…except like 2…come on im so better be taking a lot of them…can’t wait to see them. Tex was wonderful today…took him for a swim swim…but he definently misses you…

  80. christina im sleeping in your bed tonight-hope you don’t mind.

  81. Christina i’m sick of sleeping alone! i want you back…you can bring as many little ones as you want…we’ve got room…jared wanted to write something about hilary but i wouldn’t let him…hehe…only sunday and monday and then tuesday you’re home…tomorrow should be a fun day at the new village…how did you like the village today? were there a lot of kids?..did you get peed on by any of them? did you hand out meds? will you ever answer these questions…you never respond to me! but i still love you! have fun on your day off too, i think that’s monday..knowing me ill for sure be writing more before then but i just thought id let you know! love you bunches and loads

  82. christina…sorry im writing again but i just saw more pictures that we posted from day 3! the little kids are so beautiful..there is the most darling picture of you and a little cute…in another one you are holding hands in a circle and playing with them..good job! looks like you are having a great time…i sure they love you…and in another picture you were sitting on a hill with some people from the group and you had the biggest smile on your face..way 2 go…im so glad you’re having fun…i definently want to go again next year. love you

  83. Dear Christina, Mom and I are just sitting here looking at your updates before church this morning. Mom just finished her walk and said lots of prayers for you and the whole group. Hope everyone is healthy and having fun. We’re going to GG Weller’s for lunch today…and having red cake for Matt’s birthday. Maybe we can save you a piece. You’re coming home in three days! We will be at the airport waiting for you!! Love and kisses 🙂

    Ray, M, and D.

  84. Cistern, Matt’s condo is finished and you should see it! It looks so nice but we need your decorating touch soon 🙂 Maybe bring some colorful blankets home from Guatemala…haha.
    Love you!

  85. Dad wants to tell you that he got a new “memory pillow” that he slept on last night. Dad misses you and says that your car is sitting too quiet in the garage…so I took it for a nice 50 mile spin…(j/k!) Tex is sitting by the back door too this morning looking for you to take him for a walk walk. Love D.

  86. Dear Christina,
    The house/dedication/family pics were awesome! It has been so much fun watching slabs of cement turn into actual houses! Five houses are now no longer just houses – each has now become a HOME!! Please be assured of our continued thoughts and prayers as you serve God and show His love in so many different ways. Stay safe, healthy, cool, and strong. And keep smiling – those smiles are absolutely contagious!! No volcanoes here, but there was a beautiful full moon in the Michigan sky last night – what an awesome reminder of our great God! Our love to all, Beth Vanden Bosch (and the rest of the V.B.’s)

  87. hey-
    it is sunday morning here and we are just packing meds, toys and candy for the village today…the drive to this village is over 3 hrs. yesterday we went to a new village and played with the kids and showed them the jesus film-the was one little girl that would go everywhere i went….there will probably be a picture up soon of her. at night when we showed the jesus film and sang and many people gave thier life to Christ. ok, eliz. b/c i havent been answering you r questions here u go…yes, i love all of the villages but i liked yesterday the best, yes, there are a billion kids and yes…i did get peed on…it was very! and yes our team handed out med but i stayed outside and played with the kids…it was so hot…like 110 degrees. i can’t wait to see you guys again but i don’t want to leave. i am like the only one not sick so pray that i don’t. love you…and see you soon!

  88. christina right now im sitting at gma/gpa wellers house and we just got done eating a wonderful lunch…i think we are going to go sit outside cause it’s so nice! that’s funny that you go peed on…so cute! i can’t wait to see more glad that you are no sick cause that’s no fun especially when you’re in guatemala…we’ll keep praying that the others feel better…love you

  89. cistern…missed you for lunch today! im pretty sure you’re at another village now…hope that one is going well too…and tomorrow is your free day! that’s always fun too but not as fun as the villages…hehe…remember to check out the other market that i told you..its way in the back up a few stairs…bring me back something :)…love you lots! maybe a cool pot! or vase! something pretty~! see you tuesday

  90. Hi Christina,
    Hope you’re still staying healthy. We’ve been constantly praying that no more get sick. Love all the pictures of you with the kids – they look like they absolutely love you, but then who wouldn’t!!! Take care, keep healthy, get plenty of rest and keep giving those kids lots of hugs and kisses from us!
    Love ya!
    Jodi Berens

  91. Hey, Christina!

    I was just looking over this site and saw your name, so I thought I’d say Hola! (I learned that from Dora the Explorer). I’m sure your beautiful smile is brightening those wonderful kids’ days–just as you did for Sydney and Jackson. We are praying for you!

  92. TINA I MISS YOU!!!

    Hope you are having a great time!!
    When do you come home? I can’t wait to see you!!

    Have a great time! Love you!

  93. christina…one more day! can’t wait to see you at the airport! we miss you lots..last night after grama and grampa’s hose me mom and jared played scrabble…and dad was behind the whole game (hehe) but then suddenly he got ahead…he cheated he was proud all night long..then we watched family videos…we saw you when you were a baby…so cute…they were so funny…love you

  94. just got to work..wish you were here to answer phones with me..i have the funniest stories about when i worked at frontier…hehe

  95. sister-im going to be teh first one to get you

  96. No I Am-I promise! I hope you’re having a fun day off….its ok to eat at the mcdonalds in town…don’t worry…we would always fun to get mcflurries! cause ice cream was american and sounded so good! so you’re prolly doing that soon….hoping everyone feels better

  97. christina this is elizabeth but im writing for grampa…he says hi…he just stopped down at work..he can’t wait to see you at the lake…he said to bring tex

  98. I

  99. love

  100. you!!!!!!

  101. im the 100th comment! yes! come home soon!

  102. Love you Christina! Come home soooooon!!!

  103. christina i just read the post kevin left..about the tree in the road, that must have been scary..glad to hear you are all still safe. i miss you a lot…i can’t believe you come home tomorrow! im so excited…hopefully im out of babysitting in time..ill speed over there to see you! i will be the first to see you!

  104. D and I are having popcorn right now and helping mom get the motorhome all packed for camping! Can’t wait for you to come with us 🙂

  105. Christina! Are you going to be sad coming home? Do you like it in Guatemala? We can’t wait to hear your stories. Tex misses you a lot…he mopes around a lot waiting for you to come home. Anyways, I can’t come to the airport because I have to work until 8pm tomorrow 😦 Sooo…I’ll just have to see you camping I guess! Can’t wait! Be safe…see you soon Cistern:)
    Love you, Rachel

  106. hey
    today was our last day and we went to the new mission base, then went to 2 villages and then to the market(i bought aton of coffee). anyways, i can’t wait to see you guys tomorrow…i am ready to come home!! love you 🙂

  107. You come home today!!
    I can’t wait to see you!

  108. you’re probably flying right now and i get to see you in 5 1/2 hours! can’t wait…then we are packed up to go camping…im glad you had a great trip-can’t wait to hear all about it.

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