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  1. Hey Joni,
    Sounds like you have been busy. I will see you tomorrow at the airport, but I wanted to take a moment to encourage you in these final moments of packing. Anticipate the best, because that is what God wants for you. Sleep well.

    Your Prayer partner,
    Lynn McInnis

  2. thanks mom for commenting on mine…

  3. Hey babe!
    I just wanted to let you know that I am praying for you while you are in Guatemala and hope that your time spent there will be a blessing not only for those you are helping but also for you! Have fun and make some awesome memories!!

    Love ya!
    Kalie Jo

  4. Joni,
    Hope you have a great time this week you will love it! God has some very special thing in store for you and the group this week!


  5. Hey dearie, Just thought you should know….Clancy was released into the paddock for a short time today. The vet says that you should be able to ride him in time for fair. God provides for all of our needs! Praying for all of you daily. Love, Mrs. H

  6. Hey Joni!
    i miss you already! what have you done so far?
    Clancy is doing really well! what day do you get back?
    i’m praying for you! i love you so much
    -Your sister, Jenny

  7. Hey joni,
    hope that you’re having a great time so far!
    i hope one day that i can go there too and have the same experience that you are having, please tell me how it goes when you come back! Have Fun!
    ~Mackenzie Fredricks~

  8. Hi Joni!
    So glad to hear that everyone got there safely. I hope you’re settling in well and got a good nights sleep. I know that you’ll be blessed and amazed at all the things you’ll see and do. God has a wonderful plan for you this week! The family that you’re going to be building a home for will never forget you… build them a good one! 🙂 I know that they’ll see Christ in your smiling face and actions. Stay healthy, drink lots of water and don’t be afraid to stick close to Lara (I found out she’s on your team) You have an awesome team! Praying for you guys daily. Can’t wait to hear how day one went!
    God Bless you in your work.
    Mr. Rosema

  9. Hey Jones! I hear you’re in my sister’s group! That’s awesome, you guys will have so much fun. I hope it’s been amazing for you already and pray that God has so much more in store for you! Have fun in the villages today! (maybe you can dance with the little kids 🙂 )

  10. hey Joni!!

    I hope your having a great trip. I’ve been praying for you! I can’t wait until you get back. I love you


  11. Hey Joni!
    hope you are having an awsome time. Praying for you, see you when you you get back.

    ~Taylor Fredricks

  12. Hi Joni, I hope you are having a good day. We miss you! Your Mom and Jaci stopped in to show me how to write you a note. I hope I can find this page back so I can write you again. I will have to ask your Mom how long you will be there. We are going to go to Iowa and Minnesota next week. Grandpa and I will be praying for you every day.
    Grandma Sikma

  13. Hi Joni,
    I’ll be praying for you this week that you will have good weather for building a home and playing with the kids. What a great experience you can be a part of! I hope you can come visit and share your experiences after you return 🙂 Stay healthy!
    Jan TenKate

  14. Hey Joni
    Hope you are having a great time
    I know that you are and will be a blessing to all those people down there
    When you caome back we need to hang out
    Well have a great time!
    love, Jenna

  15. Dear Joni, Things just aren’t the same here without you. Jaci dropped her cell phone in the toilet and we spent the morning at HABS trying to get her a replacement phone. This afternoon we plan to get a load of hay without you – you will be so missed! Dad is out of town and Jolissa is still at camp, without you here we seem to be operating on a skeleton crew. Our inspiration for the day is from I Timothy 3:13 “Those who have served well gain an excellent standing and great assurance in their faith in Christ Jesus.” Serve with joy my dear child! Wish I could be there working beside you. In prayer, Love MOM

  16. joni! i hope you trip is going awesome so far! vegas was a blast with all of you! have fun and i will be praying for you!

  17. Hey buddy… hope you’re having fun so far. I’m picking you up from the airport just to let ya know now…i’m at your house right now with your family lol. I’m about to go outside and do your horse chores too! But yeah i guess i’ll just leave you another blog thingy later. Miss ya a ton and cant wait till you come back… ttyl bud

  18. Hi Joni, At this point you are there and somewhat settled. Who is in your group? Who are you building a house for? Looking forward to some pictures. I’m praying for good weather as we had rain today. Also praying for a healthy group. God is good…all the time! Lynn

  19. Hey Joni. I thought I better tuck you in. Clancy is all cozy in his clean stall – compliments of Josh. I hope your first day went well and you shared many hugs with the adorable children of Guatemala. Enjoy the other members of your team and the mission that is before you. We are praying for energy and health and an awareness of God! Love, MOM

  20. Hi Joni
    Just wanted to write a note to say Hi! We were so excited to hear that you arrived in Guatemala without problems and that your first day of work was successful and productive. I hope you and Rae are keeping an eye on eachother and that you are having a blast seeing how the Lord will use you. We are praying for all of you and thinking about what you are doing and how things are going constantly. We serve an awesome God and I know that he will accomplish great things through all of you this week. Hang in there, I hope that you are healthy and well. Hugs and Kisses from the Van Dykens

  21. Hey Bobs!

    How is it going? It looks like a great team of people that you are with. How was your trip down? How are the team’s projects going? We are praying for you and I hope that God has given you the strength and energy that you need to carry out His purpose in Guatemala. We look forward to hearing from you.

    We love you,


  22. Hi Joni, It is a new day, a gift from God. I have been reading though the devotional booklet that you guys are using down there. Romans 12: 10&11 says “Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honor one another above yourselves. Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor in serving the Lord”. What a pattern for living! And that is exactly what you are doing down there. Keep up the good work. You are in my prayers.
    Your prayer partner

  23. Hey Joni
    hope ur having a good time and that u r not one of the ones that is sick. i hope ur having a lot of fun and doing a lot for the guatemalans. if u r sick then i hope u get better and the rest of the people that r sick i hope get better too.

  24. Dear Joni.
    Kevin let us know that you are on his “smaller” team. He is totally thrilled with the awesome team that you guys have. Please know that I will be praying for each person on your team two times a day. I will be praying for you specifically at 8 AM and 8 PM. Kevin also gave us a little background on the Grandpa and Grandma that you are building your house for. We will be praying that they open their hearts to you guys to build a relationship and then that they open their hearts to God’s gift of salvation – we so want them to have their eternal “house” in heaven! Stucco away today – stay safe, healthy, cool, and strong!
    Our God Reigns!
    Beth Vanden Bosch

  25. Hey Joni! I miss you a ton! I hope you are having a great time in Guatemala. Clancy is finally able to go outside and i saw him cantering on his leg the other day. I will keep praying for you. Can’t wait till you get back. I love you!

  26. hey again bud. hope you’re still doing well! you better get tons of pictures so we can look at them all when you get back. I had fun playing cards with your family til pretty late last nite. It’s not the same without you there though… have fun and i cant wait to pick ya up! c ya bud


  27. Joni

    Hey!! It is so beautiful here. I love it!! So far I am healthy and well! Thanks for all your prayers, they mean a lot!! The Guatemalan children are by far my favorite! They are so adorable and full of love. The weather here is okay, it rains on and off all day! I miss you guys!! ttyl

    love ya,


  28. Jack & Jody,
    I just wanted to let you know that your daughter is amazing and is doing so well!!! She is doing an incredible job building the house but even more important she is building relationships with the children! God is using her in powerful ways and you would be so proud of her! I love having her on my team. I am very grateful for that. Love you and have a blessed day!

  29. Dear Joni-bear, It was nice to see something from you on your blog. We were beginning to think you were completely exhausted…..or perhaps forgot that you had a family of 6 in Michigan wondering how in the world you were doing. I hope you are writing in your journal so you don’t forget to tell us about the details of your adventure when you return. Jaci is away at a horse work meeting tonight – she trailered Classie there with the Hoatlins in a their tiny horse trailer. (Classie was almost hanging out of the back end.) Clancy is outside keeping all of the neighbors awake because his girlfriend took off without him. According to your teamo supremo partners, it sounds like the project is going well. We think that having a Holsem daughter know how to hang drywall and apply stucco could be good for Dad and HABS. Perhaps a new work slogan, “If Joni Holsem can do it, anyone can. Do it yourself with supplies from Home Acres!” I have a hunch that the muscle boys from your team are doing most of the heavy lifting for you. Did you work with a hammer or did you paint that bright pink mail polish on the Guatemalan children instead?? Jaci remembered that even the Romanian boys wanted to have their nails painted when she was on her mission trip. We do hope that you are keeping pace with the hard workers on your team. Jeff is hopeful that you will take over home repairs when you return. (He broke the mower yesterday.) I enjoyed seeing you on a few pictures from the first day of work. Of course, it made me miss you more. We are excited for you and we are praying for you each and every day. You are in our thoughts constantly…wish I could be there too. Love you so much, honey! Mom

  30. Joni:
    Know that you are in our prayers. We hope that tomorrow is a day you will always remember. Giving a home and hope of salvation to a family who will always remember you and your love. What can compare to that?! We can’t wait check the web-site tomorrow to hear the stories and to see the pictures!
    The Dooleys
    Philippians 2:14-16a
    Do everything without complaining or arguing (we know you don’t), so that you may become blameless and pure, children of God without fault in a crooked and depraved generation, in which you SHINE LIKE STARS IN THE UNIVERSE (we know you do) as you hold out the word of life….
    Continue to SHINE!

  31. Dearest Joni, Jaci, Jenny and I went shopping for your birthday yesterday. I think you will be excited. We all have a hunch that you might sleep through your birthday though. You may sleep through the day but I’m afraid that nobody can rest during the beach fireworks at Joyce’s! We must have prayed away your homesickness — we haven’t heard much from you. Maybe we will have time to check your site once more before we leave for up north. We will be picking up Jolissa from camp and Jenny from a birthday party today and then hopefully heading up north this evening….if not, then first thing in the morning. I only had 2 children sleeping at home last night; it seems so strange. We are all looking forward to “holy week” at the cottage and we can’t wait for you to be able to join us. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to blog you from up there. It will be hard to not stay in touch. We are praying for you daily and we know that God is watching over you and your work there. Please call us when you get to Houston. We are planning on Josh picking you up from the airport but if you change your mind and would like me to drive in, I would be glad to meet you there. Just let us know. You have many people praying for you. Keep up the good work!! Love you so much! MOM

  32. Hey Joni, Today is the conclusion of the house building I think…the dedication. You have done great! I pray that this will be an impact day for you as you see what a difference a house can make to these families. But we know that the real impact is when we make our hearts a home for the Lord. I pray that your family will accept Him into their hearts as well. “Everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock” Matt 7:24 You guys are rock builders! Smile,

    Lynn (your prayer partner)

    Hey Judy, I’ll continue to encourage Joni…have a great time up north!

  33. Hyea Joni!
    I hope Guatemala is great and i hope it is not too hot and muggy down there, when i was there it was sooo muggy in certain cities that we went to. anyway, i hear Clancy is doing great and you can take him to fair – that is great news! well, take as many pics as possible so we can compare:) hope you are having the time of your life love, julie

  34. Hey Joni!!!!
    it is jo!!!!! i had a great time at camp!!!!!! it was sweet!! i hope u r having a great time!!! i miss u alot!!!!
    ~Jojo love u!!!!!!
    can’t wait to see u!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. hey joni
    josh is over again… he helped jenny and i wax the seadoo… we didn’t really get how to do it, but it was still kind of fun
    hope ur having fun, and the pics look sweet

    famous in all 50 states plus mexico,
    Jefé Supremo

  36. Hey Joni!

    It’s great to hear that your projects are progressing and to see you interacting with all the children. God is amazing and he can use you in amazing ways. We continue to pray for you and we look forward to seeing you soon!!



  37. Hi Joni – What fun it is to follow the progress of all of you. Our family checks out the site every day and it is so interesting to see how God is using you this week. You look like you are enjoying the people in this country, there are some good pics of you. Ran into your sisters tonight at the mall, they said they were shopping for your birthday but they weren’t carrying anything (I’m sure they had just begun!). Grandma Groenenboom was golfing with Grandma Sikma today and Alex and Jenny were both tubing down the Muskegon River. Sounds like you are working much harder than those you left behind, doesn’t it? We are praying for you guys each day.
    the Van Woerkom family

  38. Hi Joni, How did your house dedication go? It sounds like it was an amazing experience. I believe now you begin the village visits with the medications. Another opportunity to make a huge difference, and to be able to play with the children there. Hope you are using up the nail polish.
    “Let your light shine before men that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven” Matt 5:16
    That is what you are doing. THANKS and keep up the good work.
    Your prayer partner

  39. Hey!

    The dedication yesterday was an amazing experience!! I have never felt God’s presence the way I felt it yesterday! The grandma and grandpa for whom are house was for just kept saying to us ” God pour down blessings upon them,” i have never seen people more thankful than these grandparents. This project was not about building a house but about these grandparents accepting Jesus into their hearts and being born again and to see that happen made me speechless! WOW!! I am also excited for the village today! I hope it goes well and thank you for all your prayers and support!! They have been a blessing to me and thank God that I am healthy!!


  40. ahhh!

    Everyone is getting sick! Kevin, Lauren, Brandon, Larry, Calle, Kristy, and a few more. Please pray that I stay healthy and well!! Thanks so much!!


  41. dont worry bud… you’ll stay healthy. I cant wait to see ya. Jaci and I are coming to pick ya up together after i get outta work. Sounds like it’s pretty exciting over there… hope you’re have an awesome time… i saw the picture of you and that little girl from day 2. …it was cute. Anyway… cant wait to have ya back! ttyl bud

  42. Dear Joni –
    Your house/dedication/family pics are awesome! It has been fun watching slabs of cement turn into actual houses. And now five houses are no longer just houses – each is now a HOME!!!
    I continue to pray for you at 8AM and 8PM each day. Love, Beth Vanden Bosch

  43. Hi Jack & Judy,
    Last night (actually this morning) when they returned from the village, Joni was simply beaming!! Her smile said it all and she said that it was one of the most amazing things she has experienced. I can’t wait to hear more of stories! kevin and I are both feeling great this morning. Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for raising such a kind-hearted and compassionate daughter. It has been one of my highlights on this trip getting to know your daughter better. She is an absolute joy and I love her soo much!
    Have a blessed day!

  44. Hey Joni, Glad to hear that you are healthy, but so sad to hear that some are not. It sounds like you guys have been really busy- have you had much down time? It has been amazing to partner with you here by reading/looking/writing on the blog and praying continually. I know our God has been faithful aand the blessings have been great. Have a great day!
    Love, Lynn

  45. Hey Joni,
    I just got back from Nicaragua a couple of days ago and thought I’d say hi. Nobody spoke english in Nicaragua and it was really hard to communicate with people because when I tried to speak spanish to them, they had no idea what I was saying (this is a big problem when you get lost downtown in Nicaragua’s capital city and I was appointed interpreter to figure out where we were). Hopefully you won’t have this problem. You’ll probably get sick of brushing your teeth with bottled water but it’s worth it if it keeps you from getting sick (don’t drink pop with ice in it either). Well, I hope you’re having a great time and I’m praying for you.
    (P.S. I’m sure you’ll be happy to hear that my family and I left some scorpions down in Central America just to give you a thrill, we found three in our room, and one in someone’s bag!)
    Luv ya, ~Karly

  46. Dear Joni,
    It has been driving me nuts to be away from the Guate updates. We have everyone at the lake praying for you until you return safely. We are so relieved to hear that you are healthy. And we will pray for those you listed who aren’t feeling the best. We miss you like crazy (Jolissa misses her big sister sooooooo bad). She wanted to call you today in the worst way. It is exciting to read about the grandparents whom you built the house for – so many were praying for them this week! It is hard to believe that you only have one day left in the village. We pray it will be a good one for you and for the entire team. Can’t wait to see your smiling face, we miss you and we love you so much. Love, Mom.

  47. Hey Joni,
    Sounds like an amazing week and life changing for many of the people you and the team have reached. Thank you for sharing your activities and your thoughts. Our world is so different here and its great to see what can be done by those willing to reach out. Stay well.

    Curt Fredricks

  48. Good morning Joni, Not much news today from the team, but I am still praying for health, safety, and God’s spirit to do amazing things. Have a great day- I think it is more of a down day. We are anxious to see you guys and hear all about it. Lynn

  49. Hey!

    Most of the people who were sick are felling much better thanks to all of your prayers! Yesterday was another amazing day! Although a huge storm hit the village while we were there last night and when we were on our way back we were forced to stop because the biggest tree i have ever seen was in the middle of the road! It took us two hours to get out of that mess but God definitely helped out!! We left the village last night at 10 pm and got back to the base at 3 am! Thank God we made it back safely!!



  50. hey joni..just thought i would say hi and i hope you are having an awesome time down there! see you tomorrow at the airport!
    LOVE Lindsey

  51. hey joni, hope you having fun, i miss you! call me when you get to your cottage!

    love you tons, have a safe trip home

  52. Hey Joni,

    Hi Sweetie! This is your Aunt Jacque. Alex, Rica and I are in Belize at the moment. You have been on our minds and in our prayers. We pray that you are safe and well and that you and the team there have been able to do some wonderful things for the people in Guatemala. It’s amazing to think that you are next door to us (Guatemala is our neighbour to the south) and yet so far. Uncle Jim is arriving tomorrow from Grand Rapids and will be here in Belize for a week. We hope that you have a very safe and uneventful trip back to Michigan. Have a happy birthday!
    I love you.! Aunt Jacque, Alex and Rica

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