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  1. Kelsey, I am so excited to see you are on your way to Guate. I’ve enjoyed serving with you in other areas of youth group, and I know that God is going to use you in big ways this week. I pray that your heart is open to Him, ready to be His servant. I know you will love all the little kids! Have a great time! Love, Dawn

  2. Hi Kels! I love your picture! =) It just shows what a fun part of this team you will be, The little ones will love you!
    I am so excited you are there and praying you will have a wonderful experience. Hope the trip over there was good. I heard about you and Marijke. I cant wait to see you guys when you get back!
    love ya

  3. Hey honey, I just wanted to touch base quick…Hope all went well and that you aren’t too exhausted. Was Tyre worth it? You are in my prayers and thoughts always. I am confident that God has a plan for you there. Be a blessing and be blessed. Love you, Mom

  4. Hello Kelsey. I hope you have a great time on your trip.It is a real opportunity to see what God continues to do through His people.Stay well,listen to what He has to say to you while doing His work.

    In His Grip Herm Medema

  5. whats up my friend!
    I hope and pray that you have fun. Be the blessing to the people in Guatalamalaa that you are to the people in GR.



  6. Kels!
    What up with you not posting anything on the blog i am disappointed that you dident even write any thing. That ok though i am sure tht you made it and dident get lost in customs! or they didnt let you and Marijke through the metal detectors with those new things. I an so excited for you this is going to be an amazing week for you! God has some special things planed for your group! and you personaly I am sure!
    PS BELLA says HI!

  7. Hey Everyone : )
    this is Kelsey reporting from the great country of Guatemala. Im sitting right next to my new friend KVVVBPH. this is so weird that you guys arent here with me : ( but at the same time, i am surrounded by fabulouso people. Here’s a couple of things:
    1. AP, our new NOSE RINGS didnt set the metal detectors
    2. parents i miss you guys and i hope everything is going ok with the house guests… hehe
    3. to my friends (that havent posted yet): i love you all and i would like to inform you that the star-squad is shinning ever soooooo brightly here in Guate : )

    to everyone thats supporting me:
    THANK-YOU so much… i need it

  8. oh yeah.. BELLA! i love you and i can’t wait till you are old enough to come here : )

  9. my dear kelsey,
    you WOULD do the kelsey face for your picture;) haha!
    well anwyays- i just wanted to let ya know that im thinking of you every single day you’re gone and praying that God will use you in many cool ways down in Guatamala. you are such a special girl and i know you’re going to make a huge difference, i love you and hope that you traveled safely…OH and of COURSE that your outfits looked AMAZING- duh;).

  10. Hola Kels!!
    Hope you had a great day today! Who is on your team? I am excited to hear how the day went! Praying for you!!
    love ya
    . . Bella is looking forward to going there with you someday =)

  11. Hey Kelsey,
    Please don’t do the “Kelsey face” for the kids in Guatemala, I don’t want you to scare them!!!! Be sure to give the kids a big hug and take a few home in the empty suitcases you will have. I’m sure we could find a few takers for the beautiful children of Guatemala. God bless you in all you do. I’ll be praying for you.
    Love Kimberly’s Mom

  12. Hey Kels, Everything went great with the house guests, althought Hannah would have liked to see you. Breanne helped out a ton. How are you doing? Did you catch up on your sleep? Who is in your group? Who are you rooming with? I am praying for you and looking forward to hearing about your experiences. I miss you and love you. “Let all that you do be done in love” 1 Cor 16:14


  13. Kels! I love your picture. Very nice. I hope you are having a great time. I miss you even though you did mosh me before you left. Your keeping track of marijke right?? I hope that you are putting up with her..haha lol oh man are you sleeping with her? If you are I’m sorry. haha just kidding. Are you have fun?? You better be. I miss you and I’ll be praying for you.

  14. Kelsey:
    Great picture! I think I got one of you & Marijke with the same face at the airport the morning you all left for Guatemala. I remember the two of you giving your testimonies at middle school….big stuff for an 8th grader (and an adult, for that matter)! Now you have followed God’s call to Guatemala–more huge stuff–and He will continue to show Himself faithful and use you! We are excited for you and will continue to pray for you and the team.
    The Dooleys
    Proverbs 11:25
    A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.
    As you give love and encouragement to those around you, may you, too, be refreshed and renewed!

  15. Kels! Its Jen! Hope that everything is going well… I have heard of a few stories so far but I am praying for you! Hope today was fun at the village. If you get Margaritas food… be EXCITED! Its amazing! God bless!!!

  16. Hey Kelse, I never got to say goodbye to you so i guess good bye. I hope the week goes well for you and that you don’t get sick. Make sure you look at the house that I built two years ago. It was the one where we ate. I need to hear some of hte stories when you get back, maybe we will go out for coffee. Love you and miss you

  17. Hi. It’s great that you are doing this.

  18. Hi Kelsey, I hope u r having a great time! Can’t wait to hear how your house is coming along. It has been hot. Running intervals with Carl B. was tuff. Tell Kevin VW that I ran 4 880’s at 3:15 pace. I’m grumpy because the yanks keep losing, but I’ll just have to deal with it. Hey, that won’t be hard knowing I have an awesome kid like u! I’m proud of u. Laugh and have fun serving the Lord & the people of Guate. Love,Dad.

  19. Hi Kelsey, I hope u r having a great time! Can’t wait to hear how your house is coming along. It has been hot. Running intervals with Carl B. was tuff. Tell Kevin VW that I ran 4 880’s at 3:15 pace. I’m grumpy because the yanks keep losing, but I’ll just have to deal with it. Hey, that won’t be hard knowing I have an awesome kid like u! I’m proud of u. Laugh and have fun serving the Lord & the people of Guatemaula. Love,Dad.

  20. Good morning Kels. Hope you have slept well. Today is a beautiful day here, too- cooler. It sounds like so far your experience has been incredible,as I knew it would be. Melissa is certainly there in spirit with you all. In John, Jesus says “You are my friends if you do what I command. I chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit- fruit that will last”. I pray that today and the whole trip you will bear fruit- fruit that will last. Thank you for being willing to serve- I am proud of you and love you. Mom

  21. Hey Kels – How’s the “nose piercing”? Your favorite neighbor wishes you God’s blessing. Have a great day!

  22. Hi Kelsey,

    I just wanted to say hello…I hope you are doing well. We are praying for you, Kimberly and the entire team. Have a great week.

  23. Hola!
    I feel like that’s the only spanish i know sometimes! Communicating can be hard sometimes, but somehow we all still do. I LOVE my family. Honestly i think everyone on the team thinks im physco because i love them soo much. We are builing for a family that consists of a mom, a dad, three girls and two boys. the girls are soo sweet but the boys are younger and a little shy. Our team is doing AWESOME : ) and dad, i love to build!!! ask Al, i rock.
    today we played with the kids a lot, but i’ll write about it more in our team’s update. i love the kids soo much and i have soo much joy when with them. mom & dad, i miht take one home.
    ell it sounds like everything is good at home, yaaaaay : )

  24. Kelsey,
    ur annoying brother (drew) is sitting right next to me and I think that he should be a good brother and write you, so im doing it for him, have a good time down there and work hard.

  25. Kels, Glad to hear that you are having a great time and that you love being with the kids. Go ahead and take one home ( or 2), just make sure they are Yankee fans, and that they like to run. I don’t need Al to tell me that you rock, I know that you rock.How was soccer this noon? Were the kids better than our kids? Did you school Al? Everyone here is praying for you and the team. Love you lots. Dad

  26. HI Kels, You wacky girl you! I wasn’t the least bit surprised to see your photo slightly off “kilter”. I hope you are using that tremendous energy and creative spirit to touch the lives of those in Guatamala. It sounds like everything is going well – I am sure that your perfectly plunbed house will be a model for everyone to follow! We are praying for all of you – health, rest, energy, laughter, and love for everyone! Keep up the great work! In Christ, Mrs. H

  27. Good morning my darling girl, I would love to see your beautiful smile once in the pictures instead of the “wacky” faces…just kidding, looks like you are having fun. Today is a big day, the dedication. “You too are being built together to become a dwelling in which God lives by his Spirit” Eph 2:22. May you not only dedicate your home built with human hands, but re-dedicate your heart transformed by the Spirit. Have a great day! Love and miss you, Mom
    Oh, Breanne is looking at a car today that she is somewhat excited about. Let’s pray that this is the one!

  28. kelsey! just wanted to let you know that you are in my prayers! Go and be a blessing to everyone in Guatemala! I pray that God will work through you in so many ways to change others like I’m sure he’s doing. God Bless.. (cya at the airport) 🙂

  29. hey everyone!!
    we just got back from a long day of painting, dedicating, and playing (of course!). We had to pray often to ward off the rain becuase it was a constant threat. The dedications were awesome! All of the families accepted Jesus Christ into their lives and it was SOO beaitiful. My house was the last one and it was amazing. It was sad to say goodbye to mi familia but i know they will be able to bless their neighbors. So all in all, it was a fabulous day.
    Hey family!! i hope you guys are doing well at home. I miss you all and i hope that the house isnt tooo uneventful (hehe) !! BREANNE– BUY THE CAR!!!!!! haha only if you like it i guess. Andrew, thanks for the note?
    Dad: this is your feedback note. I saw God in the joy of the childrern (as expected) but also in the joy that spread through me as i walked with the girls in my family back to our house to put their hands on the wall. Thats just one of the many : )
    Conchita (my name in the village- i’ll explain latet!)

  30. kelsey.
    what’s up sound like you are having a ball. can’t wait to here all about your trip and until you can take me their someday

  31. Hey Kels, I knew the house building would be great. What a blessing. Dad and I went with the Smits to visit the Kelders at the cottage they are vacationing at last night. We had a great time. It’s kind of nice to see other cottages and other lakes. The car was OK, except when I was driving it it stalled!! Don’t think so. Today off to the cottage. Grandma hadf surgery yesteday on her knee, so I want to see her and how she is doing, of course. Pray for healing, as Alaska isn’t too far off. I continue to pray for you guys, and miss you.
    I hope these next few days will be just as amazing, and you will have more to report to Dad (how do people put those smiley faces in cuz I would put one here). Love you. Mom

  32. Holan mi hermanita favorita, ?Comó estás? Soy muuy bien pero no tenggo un carro…triste. yo espero que tú seas tener muchos divertidos en Guetemala. Te perdo muchos.
    Traduciones: hello my favorit little sister. how are you? I am very good but i have no car…sad. I hope that you are having much fun in Guetemala. I miss you
    Hopefully that helps improves your spanish. haha. Te queiro. (I love you)

    Tus Hermana

  33. Hi Kels, So glad to hear that everything went well with building the home and dedication. I’m also happy to hear that you saw the love of God in the faces of the children. Hey, Kels – I’ve had lots of God Sightings with u as my daughter. As the song goes -” The smile on your face let’s me know that u love me”. I’m Proud of u. Tell Kevin that I ran the Reeds Lake 10K in 46:40 , about 7:30 per mile pace- it was ok time. I love u! Dad

  34. hi kelsey, i hope you are having a great time down there and that God is blessing you and i hope u help others find a way to christ
    From drew

  35. Kelsey,
    Praying for you and your entire group as you are touched by God as well as having a huge impact on the people of Guatemala. Stay healthy. The Zoodsmas

  36. Kels!! How are you doing? I hope that you aren’t sick. I’m so glad that you are having fun. I hope that you stay safe these last couple of days.
    Miss you and love you.

  37. Hey Kels!

    I hope all is well for you down in Guat! I wish I could be there again enjoying it all with you. Open your heart and mind to what God has in store for you. Your in my thoughts and prayers,

    Eric Zoodsma

  38. Whats up Kels
    Didn’t know you were going on this Trip! How awesome!!!
    The pic at the top is great you are sooo goofy! Glad to hear you guys are having a good time. Sounds like the people in the villages aren’t the only ones being blessed by God. I am glad to hear that miracles are happening and that God is working thru you guys to touch their lives.
    The experience is amazing isn’t it! I had so much fun when I went too. I wanted to take all the little kids home with me!
    well hope the med days go well for you all too
    look forward to hearing all about it when you get back
    God Bless
    Sara and Tim Muilenburg

  39. Good morning Kels, Must have been a big day yesterday because there is not much news on the blog- maybe everyone is tired. I know many have been sick and it seems some worst than others- how about you? Have you been ill or are you doing OK? We went to the cottage yesterday and it was a beautiful day. Grandma is doing great. Saw the picture of your house dedication- what a family! You guys are truly doing great things down there and God is bleesing this trip, as always. I love you and look forward to hearing all about it when you get back. Let your light shine!
    Love, Mom

  40. Hi Conchita,
    It sounds like you are having an awesome time! I knew you would!!! Im sure the children love you, arent they beautiful! Hope you had another great day at the medical clinic and have fun in Antigua tomorrow! You can get me something, I wouldnt mind. . .j/k! Praying for you!
    love ya!

  41. Hey kelsey, hope you are having a splendid time down there. Have fun at the medical clinic and i cant wait to see u when u get home
    from drew McInnis


  43. We are Kels, we are!! LYL

  44. Hi Kelsey
    I thought that I had written you a note to say hi but as I scanned thru the names I realized the I never had. I’m sorry!But anyway, I am having so much fun seeing and reading all of the updates/pictures and can see and feel God working thru you. What a great feeling it is to know that this is were God wants you to be and that thru his spirit wonderful things are being done for him. We are glad that you are such a strong woman and have not gotten sick(knock on wood) and we will pray that it will continue that way. Well, have a great rest of your time there in Guatemala and we are very anxious to see you all very soon. Love Lisa Van Dyken

  45. Hi Kelsey Hope u r feeling well. It has been enjoyable to read about the team’s mission work. Sounds like u have had a huge impact! I’m proud of u. we had a good yesterday-nice weather. Drew & I hit Some golf balls with my new clubs- it was fun. Hope uhave another wonderful day. My prayers r with u. Love Dad.

  46. Hi Kels, Down to the last day! Buy me something wonderful at the market (see, it’s all about me). Actually, buy yourself something wonderful! How did last night go? I was praying for you. In the sermon yesterday, the minister quoted” The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest to send out workers.” I thought about you. You responded to the call to be a “worker”. God will bless your work because you have been faithful to his call. Have a great time Kelsey as you finish strong. I love you, I miss you, and I am so proud of you. Love, Mom

  47. Kelsey,

    I am glad to hear that you are not sick. It sucks being sick away from home. It appears that you are having a great time down there. It will see you tomorrow or Wednseday! Love you

  48. Hi Kels. I don’t even know if you will see this, but I wanted tell you I am praying for safe travels home. You will leave very early in the AM I think, so I hope you get some sleep. I am excited to see you and hear all about it. Love you, Mom

  49. hey kelsey i hope you had an amzing time and i hope that you return safely. cya soon From drew

  50. Your hot

  51. great job!! yes my last name is really McInnis but Iike in Windsor. I think what you’re doing is great!!

  52. Wow, you are the most beautiful girl in the world Kelsey!

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