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  1. kimberly i’m so excited. love you see you tuesday morning

  2. kimberly I’m still packing…see you bright and early tomorrow morning…love you!

  3. Kimberly,
    Have a wonderful week. Hold a baby for me, but remember that you cannot take them home with you.
    The Lord is going to use you this week, just watch and see!

  4. Kimberly,
    Your still in Houston and I already miss you!!! Have a great time in Guatemala. Your in our prayers!!

  5. Hey Kimberly! I hope you have so much fun down there! I know you will have a great time! I can’t wait to hear all about it! I love you and I will be praying for you!

  6. Hi Kimberly, Have a great trip! Love you and praying for you!

  7. Kimberely….I hope you have fun in Guatemala! Be safe…and look out for Christina..make sure she gets on the right plane 🙂

  8. hey kimberly!! i miss you already 🙂 have a great time…cant wait to hear all about it when u get back

  9. hey everyone!
    Yay!! we made it! We are all here and all tired and hungry! have a good night! thanks for keeping our team in your prayers! love you all!

  10. i love you. glad to be your bunk mate

  11. Kimberly-your in our prayers. Have fun and be safe in Guatamala. See you when you get back. Aunt Lisa

  12. i love you, now you have 12

  13. hey,
    Glad to hear that you all made it safely!!! Have a great night! Why can’t Alexa just tell you in person?!?! Love you
    Have an awesome time. Mom

  14. KIMBERLY!!!…i hope your having fun..i am praying for you tons and i cant wait to see you..we got our countdown all ready!!..and the day after you get back we have this whole firework show for you!!!..oh and i am “hanging out” with your mom tommorow LOVE YOU TONS KATE meg and laris

  15. Kimberly,
    Love you, miss you!! I hope all is going well.

  16. Kimberly,
    Hope you slept well last night and are ready to work today! I have a special prayer reguest for you!! Ricardo is having his surgery today at 11:00, please keep him is your prayers. Wait until you hear what his problem is, you will flip out!! If you want to know now let me know. Have a great day working for the people in Guatemala. God is so good! We are so blessed here! Love you lots, Mom

  17. Hi Kimberly,
    Hope you are having a great time in Guatemala. We are keeping you all in our prayers and hope all is well. Try and keep Kelly out of trouble and make sure she doesn’t eat too much candy!! Looking forward to your return with all your stories and pictures. Take care and know we all love you lots!
    Mrs. Berens

  18. HEY Kimberely!!! Glad you made it down there safly! How are ya?? have you passed out the gallons of tootie rolls yet?? lol WE miss you at volleyball camp!!! i rolled me ankle ( julie) hahah lol well have fun we misss you a lot!!!!
    love ya!! ** julie amy and alli!!!

  19. hey kimberly! i just wanted to let you know that i hope you’re having an awesome trip! hopefully everything is going really well, and i’m sure you are great with all the kids there! have fun!

  20. Hi Kimberly, Hope all is going well. We are praying for you often. What a awesome time and oppurtunity, make the most of it. Mr. Berens

  21. Hey Kimberly, Keeping you in our prayers here…Hope you are healthy and able to eat the food. You have at least been exposed to differents foods in El Salvador and the DR, but each culture is different. Enjoy the kids, they are always so adorable. Maybe you girls can play some soccer with them. Lynn

  22. Hi Kimberly,
    It is me (dad) again. I hope you had a great day! If you get some free time could you rent a car or hitch a ride in the back of a truck and go check things out in El Salvador for me…just kidding. I am so happy you and the team are there…your work in Guatemala is so needed! Love, Dad

  23. Kimberly! We all hope you are having an amazing time in Guatemala! Watch out for Christina for us, cause we kinda want her back…well sorta 🙂 You are in our prayers!
    Love the Wellers

  24. hey kimberly!! i miss you!!! i hope your having a great time, i’m praying for you :). Cant wait until you get home. Love You!!!

  25. hey kimberly i hope you had a great day..and are staying healthy..i cant wait to see all your pictures and hear all the stories! i miss ya..youll be able to tell in all your voicemails(lol) love kate

  26. Kimberly, How did the first building day go? Did you get the drywall up, and the roof on? Stucco day tomorrow is tiring, too, lots of running. Sleep well tonight, but first listen as God speaks to you during group singing and devotions. That’s an amazing part of the whole experience there. I’m praying for you.
    Mary Molegraaf

  27. wow its been along but very good and productive day! We got a lot of work done, we left around 8 and didn’t get home until 6:30! The kids here are adorable…mom i hope you don’t mind if i come home with a few of them!:) Mom, what is wrong with Ricardo?? I will keep him in my prayers this week! Dad, i’ll see what i can do about El Salvador…but i dont know how safe that sounds! I cant wait to get back and see the firework show you guys prepared for me!:) Its nice to know that you guys are thinking of us! I miss you all and love you very much! Kimberly

  28. hey… your behind me… but i’m shy, so i’d like you to know i love being your bunkie
    mrs. mom of kimberly, idk wby i leave these to her, i just can’t resist

    loves and hugs

  29. Kimberly! I miss you soooooo much! I can’t wait until you come home(fireworks show = sweet). Things seem so weird when you’re not there! I’m praying for you every night! I left you voicemails, between me and kate your inbox is going to be full! I’m glad your having fun! I love you!

  30. Kimberly,
    Sounds like you had an awesome day!! We are so happy that all is going so well! What an answer to our prayers!! I would love for you to bring home a couple of kids! That would be great! O.K. now about Ricardo first of all, the surgery went well, it took about 7 hours and they didn’t have to take his leg. He was bite by a mosquito 9 years ago and his tumor was full of worms! The worms then grows up to be adult worms and LARGE. Amazing! Huh!! All that being said, he will be able to go home alot quicker. He is terribly home sick!!! Dad and I are going to see him this saturday. I’ll keep you posted. I’m still laughing at your “Mc jokes” Love you lots and keep up the great work.

  31. Hey Kimberly, I hope your having an amazing time in Guatemala, (i Don’t know if I spelled that right) o well, I know the experience will change your life. GOD is going to use you for such amazing things on this trip. Remember that in everything you go and everything you do it’s all for CHRIST!!!! What a great opprunity(?) to go and serve God’s people around the world. I’ll be praying for you and your whole team throughout your trip…

    Courtney S

  32. Hi Kimberly,
    Have another great day! I am glad you had a productive day yesterday. It is such an awesome thing you are doing. How is your spanish? Love you. Dad

  33. Hey Kimberly,
    I hope you had a great day working on the houses and playing with the kids!! Are you glad you brought 8 pounds of tooties rolls? I pray that the weather stays good, in order to complete all the work that has been planned. God is amazing!! I can’t believe that you have been gone for only 60 or so hours, it feels like 60 days!!(but whose counting?) I miss you lots. Love you Mom

  34. Hi Kimberly,
    Just so you know…we scheduled your car for when you are in Utah…because they couldn’t say for sure that they would have it done when you get back next week. We are continuing to pray for you and the team.
    I hope you are doing well and that you are enjoying the culture and the food ( I am certain Taco Bell has noticed a drop in sales since you have been gone) Love you. Dad

  35. hey everyone!
    thanks for the continued prayers and support we can sure feel it even all the way down here!! My spanish is helping me along a little bit, but it is so hard to understand them…they speak so fast! I’ve already gone through one bag of tootsie rolls and im sure the second one will be gone soon! Time down here is flying….all we have left to do on the house is paint the inside! Right now it is storming pretty hard, but once again we can see God’s hand as we came back from the village early to do work around the base! God is so good! thanks again for the prayers! I miss all of you and can’t wait to see you guys! Love you!

  36. Hi Kimberly
    Got this website from your mom and have caught up on all the info of your trip by reading all the messages. It appears that you and all of the rest of your group are doing a great job working with these people. We miss you and look forward to your safe return and you can tell us about all your experiences. We pray for you and for your safety. Reading about your experiences makes us wish we were there to help. You are in our prayers constantly. God surely loves you and so do we.

  37. Good Morning Kimberly
    I am so glad that the boy didn’t have a broken leg! What an answer to prayer. What a scary thing to have happen. Today sounds like it will be an amazing day. Enjoy!! Thank-you for keeping us posted. Love you lots Mom

  38. hey mom just a quick thought…..
    would that be alright if i leave my work shoes down here? I can take them home but they are dirty and has who knows what else on them. just kinda wondering if you would mind. Alright have a good day! love you and miss you very much! Kimberly

  39. Hi Kimberly,
    Have a great day! That is is really something about the kid that got hit by the van. That must have been a scary time. Love you, miss you, praying for you. Dad

  40. Kimberly,
    Sure, that’s OK to leave my shoes there!! Make sure they have a good home! Love you!! Mom

  41. Hi Kimberly! Just wanted to let you know you are in my prayers! I hope you have a great experience in Guatemala, and may God’s blessing be on you! Love, Coach.

  42. Hi Kimberly

  43. Hi Kimberly
    Thinking of you and hopeing everything is going well. I would also send my shoes down there but I understand they have smaller feet so my size 12 wouldn`t much good. You are in our prayers. Love you !! Grpa & Grma

  44. KImberly,
    Just a quick note….we are leaving to go see Ricardo today. Sounds like he is doing well but doesn’t yet dare to stand on his “Skinny” leg. I’ll let you know how it goes.
    WOW! yesterday sounds like it was an amazing day for all!! I am so happy and pround of you. Love and kisses Mom
    Dad say hi

  45. Kimberly, So happy to hear from all of you. Hope that Jillian is keeping you out of trouble. I was worried when I heard you would be together, I can just see the two of you plotting to take back a whole village of kids for your families to care for….How fun…I know you both have that passion built into you. Helen would be so proud ! And we are really proud of all of you and what you are doing. Did you bring blankets down there too? Anyway , have fun hugging some kids and playing today, we are here in boring Grandville, just praying and praying for all of you. Love from the Pettijohn gang.

  46. Kimberly,
    I Have been praying for you all week, and catching up on your notes. I agree with you that the kids there are so beautiful. And they are so happy, even though they own nothing. You are bringing the love and joy of the Lord to them, what could be more precious?
    I left a pair of shoes there, too, and Larry’s stayed in the garage since the last time he was there.
    Mary Molegraaf

  47. Hey Kimberly! I can’t wait until you come home, but it sounds like you’re having an awesome time! That’s so cool you guys are getting all that work done, I’m sure it’s really appreciated down there! Well, I miss you tons and I’m still praying for you! Love you!

  48. Kimberly:
    I know how much you love little children and how much they love you. You and your family have such a heart and passion for them. This trip is a perfect time to put your special gifts to use for God and His purposes.
    Mother Teresa said: It’s not how much you give, but how much love you put into the giving.
    Let God love through you in great ways today!
    Love and prayers,
    The Dooleys

  49. Hey Kimberly, Hear your team did awesome work on the house, but that’s not surprising with a Smits on The team. I’m Sure Al looked to you for advice and help. God Bless! Have fun, Bill McInnis

  50. hey everyone i found a little time to write a quick note…yesterday was an amazing day…words cannot describe it! This morning, we are sorting pills and getting ready to head to the village. It is going to be a late night but it should be a great one! Please continue to keep our team in your prayers, we have people getting sick and as we have learned down here….Prayer is powerful!! Miss you all very much! Kimberly

  51. Hey Kimberly, its your favorite brother. sounds like you are having quite the experience down there which is expected. Anyway I just wanted to say hi and I hope you are all staying healthy and safe. Can’t wait to see the pictures!!

  52. hey kimberly I’m writing this is the car as we are leaving the hospital in columbus city. so give me a break on typo’s I’m so glad that all is going so well. I hope and pray that you are not getting sick! I will pray for thosr that are!!! Ricardo is doing well, He seems to be amazed by his “skinny” leg. It is hard to believe that he is 17 year ago!!! I don’t think that that he weighs more than 70lbs. He’s is soooo tiny, BUT very happy. He hates our food and wants just fish and rice. I’m hoping that we can take him to our house for a weekend in a few weeks. Can’t wait to see you and all the pictures! Love Mom (and Dad too!!!)

  53. Kimberly! I miss you so much… I cant wait until you come home. Im glad you are having a great time and I am praying for you! I just got home and it is really boring with out you- Those are really cute pictures and it looks like your having a good time- Love you

  54. Hi Kimberly, Just about bedtime here but had to look at all the new pictures on the web. You look really great with those pigtails. Appears you have prayer sessions with the people there and all of you appear very busy and accomplishing a lot of projects. Cute little girl you are holding on one of the pictures. Keep up the good work. We miss you and look forward to seeing you soon ! Love you !

  55. Dear Kimberly,
    The house/dedication/family pics are awesome! It has been so much fun watching slabs of cement turn into actual houses! Five houses are now no longer just houses – each has now become a HOME!! Please be assured of our continued thoughts and prayers as you serve God and show His love in so many different ways. Stay safe, healthy, cool, and strong. No volcanoes here, but there was a beautiful full moon in the Michigan sky last night – what an awesome reminder of our great God! Our love to all, Beth Vanden Bosch (and the rest of the V.B.’s)

  56. Hi Kimberly,
    We hope you enjoyed going to the village. It is so awesome to bring much needed supplies to those areas. We are praying that you and the team can continue to be a blessing to the wonderful people of Guatemala. Looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday. Love you..Dad & Mom

  57. Hi Kimberly,
    Just one more thing…Mom said she has been thinking about you so much lately that she can’t wait for you to get back so she can take a break from thinking about you..she was just kidding but we have been thinking about you alot..Love you…Dad

  58. feel better bunkie! i’ll be praying for you today while your here. i’ll miss you. get better alright?!? i love you


  59. Kimberly! I miss you still and i am counting down until tuesday when i can see you-lol. Looks like you are having an amazing time- Stay healthy because I heard the flu was going around- have fun helping out others as you worship God! I love you!

  60. hey everyone
    thanks for all the prayers and support, we can sure feel it down here. Yesterday we went to the first village. It is the first time this village has ever had this kind of help. It was an amazing experience! But while we there, i started to get sick. So unfortunately today i have to stay home from the other village.(Mom, dont worry too much about me, ill be fine they are taking good care of me!) I’m gonna go try and get so more sleep but i cant wait to see everyone on Tuesday! Kimberly

  61. Hey Kimberly, Feel the prayers? They are being sent you way to get better. We really hope you feel better soon…remember tomorrow is a shopping day (kinda). Sounds like an awesome experience- God is using each of you in a special way!
    Love, Lynn

  62. Kimberly,
    I’m so sorry that you are not feeling well. I do worry! It’s my job!!! I will pray for you, please take care of yourself. Please keep me (and Dad) informed!!! I am glad that yesterday was an amazing day! GET BETTER!!!!! Love you tons!! Mom

  63. Kimberly,
    Hope you’re feeling better. I too worry, it’s something they give us when we get our children’s birth certificate!! Take care of yourself and hope you continue to feel all our prayers sent your way. Even though you’re not feeling the best, it’s seems that you are still getting the chance to enjoy this wonderful experience!
    Love ya!
    Jodi Berens

  64. Kimberly! It’s good to hear from you- I hope you are feeling better, I’m praying for you

  65. Kimberly,
    It’s been 2 hours since I last sent you an e-mail…still worried!!! Love and kisses, please give me more details!!! Is it like what I had in El Salvaodr?? Remember I can be there in 6 or so hours!!! Love you!! Mom

  66. No, its not that bad…last night when we were in the village watching the Jesus movie, i got very warm, so i went outside. After that i got light headed, so i laid down in the van and took some meds. This morning i woke up with a fever, stomachache and whenever i sat up i felt dizzy. This is kinda what has been going around here, but thankfully i have not thrown up….yet! 🙂 I think we caught it fast enough and with some sleep i will be back to normal! Mom, when i get home save me a big glass of milk and some cookies! That is something i have been craving all week!:) thanks again for praying for me and i will keep you updated! love you and miss you!

  67. Kimberly,
    I’m glad that you are feeling better. Now I can try to “get a life” and stop stalking your blog!!!! Done deal!! What kind of cookies? Your bedroom is VERY clean and waiting for you! THANK-YOU for the update. LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! Mom

  68. Chocolate chip cookies would be amazing! I cannot wait to come home and have a hot shower and a clean bed! I’ve only had one almost warm shower since ive been here! I have a ton of stories for you when i get home…i cant wait to tell you about them all! I dont know if you read this…but last night on our way home we saw a volcano erupting!! It was one of the coolest things i have ever seen! I miss you all very much and tell dad and Jim i love them and cant wait to see them! love you mom!

  69. Kimberly!!
    I hope you feel better!!
    Have a great rest of your trip!
    Love you!

  70. Hi Kimberly,
    We can not wait to see you and hear all your stories. We are so looking forward to seeing you Tuesday. Love you, miss you.Dad

  71. hey everyone
    i’m feeling much better today! We are heading off to see the new mission base and a village…then we are going to go shopping! I cant believe we are going home tomorrow, i cant wait to see everyone again! love you all!

  72. I’m so glad to hear your feeling better!! Enjoy your last day. Cant wait to hear stories and see your pictures!
    Alexa’s mom

  73. Kimberly,
    I am SO happy that you are felling better! I just 24 hours you’ll be home!!!!! I just checked you flights and as of right now, everything is on time! We’ll be at the airport waiting for you and your team. Anxious to hear all the stories. Love you Mom

  74. Kimberly,
    I hope that you had a great last day in Guatemala. I am so looking forward in seeing you tomorrow!!!! I hope and pray that the meeting tonight has touched your heart!! I love you so much! Counting the hours until I see you again. Love Mom

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