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  1. Hey Nate,
    We are praying for you as you get ready to travel to Guatemala again. We know God will use you in a special way. Your kind heart will be felt by all who come in contact with you. Remember to rely on Him for all your needs. We love you and are so proud of the wonderful young man you have become. God’s richest blessing to you in the next week.

    Dad, Mom
    Dan and Jenelle

  2. Hi Nate
    By the time you see this you will be back in Guatemala! We will be praying for you and the team for all the work you will accomplish and hearts that you will touch. Have a great time and keep my baby Jason in line.
    Uncle Mike and Aunt Deb

  3. Hi Nate! It was great to see you this morning. More than anything I would have loved to climb in your backpack to go with you! We had such a great time before 🙂 Enjoy your time again, and remember…you are one of the veterans (the old guys) now! He, He! Don’t worry, you can still laugh and play with the kids! I pray that God uses you in powerful ways this week. Love ya! Dawn

  4. Nate — You must eat RIDICULOUS amounts of Margarita’s food for me on the first day. It would be even nicer if you would cook like that for me & Megan when you get back. Okay? Okay, good.

  5. Hi Nate!
    Glad to read that you made it to Guatemala safe and sound. Hope all goes well. Good luck with your pancakes and french toast. I’m sure it will be delicious. It was hot and humid here today, it had to be about 94. (at least it felt like it.) Hope it’s cooler there. Love ya lots,

  6. HOLA im here and hungry!

    love me

  7. nathan, i miss your breakfasts! i am so excited for everyone else that in about ten hours, they will be eating one of your delicacies! hope everything is going awesome…wait i know it is!

  8. Nate, It’s so great that you keep going back to serve the Lord in Guatemala. I’m sure He has some awesome plans for you again this week. I hope you had a good buddy while travelling today. Enjoy the week, and we’ll watch for the photos.
    Mary Molegraaf

  9. Hey Nate!
    We are so glad that you are able to experience Guatemala once again. Are you going to be the head chef this week? 🙂 We pray God will use in mighty and amazing ways this week. And I am sure your Mom would not care if you took one of the children home with you! You can even get one for me!!!! Have an awesome week Nate!
    With our love and prayers, Uncle Brian, Aunt Rhonda, Emily and Jay

  10. Nate,
    Have a great time this week! NICE WORK on getting the site up so quick! This is an very cool way to feel connected to all of you in Guate!

  11. Nate,
    Still waiting for the music post on the website. That would be awesome! Enjoy the trip – serve with all the gusto you can muster. Our prayers are with you and the team. Mr V

  12. Hey Nate – Hope you got something to eat! Have a great week – keeping you in our prayers

  13. Good Morning Nate!
    Sounds like things are going well. I’m so thankful! Hope your breakfast is going good too. Thats a lot of people to cook for. Whose your partner in crime in the kitchen? We hope you have a great day with your building. Don’t overdue it to much, remember your bp. We love you and miss your smiling face around here. Write when you can.
    Love your one and only mom

  14. Hey Nate,
    Glad you made it safe and sound. Praying for an awesome day for you and the team today.
    Marv and Ellen

  15. Dear Nate,
    We are so proud of you and your choice to serve and use your gifts in Guatemala! Found out by reading your notes that you are chief cook and bottle washer – very cool! Make sure you balance out your tan by working on the left side – 🙂 Have a great day and we love you much!
    Love, Dick & Aunt Sue:)

  16. nate, kev said you are at the village of two years ago? so are you guys in the village of the “pied piper”? remember when eric z ran all over with the kids chasing him…up and down those hills? this would also be the infamous “feliz navidad” village by one who shall remain nameless 🙂 he, he! hope you are able to get a great day’s work accomplished. enjoy your team — keep them in line. oh, wait. they may need to keep you in line! ha, ha! anyways, have fun, work hard, and cherish those memories of mel! love ya, dawn

  17. Hola Nate!!
    lol, I was just reading what Dawn wrote about Feliz navidad . . .I wasnt there, but it is sooo funny to me – I can so picture that!!! (sorry dawn if you read this) How do you make those smiley faces by the way?
    Anyway Nate, I am so happy for you that you get to be there again. Youre such a great person and will be such an important and fun part of this team!!! Have a great day!!! Praying for you!

  18. hey nate!! Just wanted to let you know that you, and the whole team, are mine and drew’s thoughts and prayers!! It is so great that year after year after year you are able and willing to do this! God has worked AMAZING things through you. You have had a huge impact on a TON of people there in guatemala! Be patient and let him work throuhg you again! Praying for you daily!!

  19. Hi Nate the Chef,
    How did breakfast go? Good I’m sure. I pray that your first day of building also went well. You are experienced so I’ll bet that you’re the team leader and just whippin’ those walls up in no time. I hope it didn’t rain for you today and that much could be accomplished. How are all the little kids? Don’t forget to ask how they debone a chicken from the inside out. Uncle Mike thought that was pretty neat. Well take care and stay healthy
    Love Uncle Mike and Aunt Deb

  20. NATE! It’s weird not seeing you every day. My mom and dad say hi. I hope that you are having a fun time and you are working hard building all kinds of stuff. Say hi to everyone for you. I’ll be praying!

  21. Hey sexy two-shoes!
    I miss you!
    I hope the sun burn is startign to go away, I’m prayed for quick healing at work today. I miss being able to hang out at night with you all. I bet you’re hot and sweaty while you’re reading this from working all day, but what awesome work., the work of Jesus Christ. Keep at my good friend and may His will be done. Love youtons

    P.S. Give Mirajkejijekjeei a hug and hi for me

  22. Hola!!! Como estas? yo soy muy bien.
    all out building today went really well. thanks for all the prayers and keep them comming! tommrow we stucco and the the Fiesta! so tons of fun to come!
    and breakfast i am cooking with Naomi one of dans staff workers and it’s really fun trying to over come the language berrier

    look for pics soon!

  23. dear nate
    we wish you the lord’s blessings on your mission journey to that far away land. you are our missionary to do the lord’s work, we love you for that and keep you in our prayers.
    opa and oma k.

  24. Good Morning Nate,
    Just home from my walk so thought I’d update you on what’s going on over here in Hot and Humid Grandville. Actually this morning feels a lot better than the last two days. I turned off the air and opened the windows and put the attic fan on. Feels sooooo cool. Yesterday I cleaned your room. Walls, drawers, bedding,carpet etc. I left the closet for when you get home. Don’t worry, I didn’t throw anything away. Jenells has been working 12 hour days. She’s getting tired, on her feet all day. Dan leaves for Canada tonight. Dad is trying to get the woodchuck and the chipmunks. Thats the news here. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. We can’t wait to see you and hear your stories. The pictures are wonderful. Take care and be careful. By the way-how is your eye? Don’t forget the drops. Love ya tons!

  25. HI Nate,
    So I used youre key card to park downtown last night, why you may ask??? I HAD A DATE!!! yahoo for me! it was with the chick i met at the bar a couple of weeks ago. how is the weather, its hot here, how is the food? well have fun! love ya, Dan

  26. Hi Natey!
    I miss you! I know that you are having a great time though. How is everything going? Glad to hear that the first building day went well. Have you had much rain yet? We finally got a little here yesterday. Hope you have a wonderful day today. I love you lots! Love, Jenelle 🙂

  27. Hey Nate,

    What’s for breakfast today, scrambled eggs or french toast? Glad to see they are putting your talents and gifts to good use. Have a great trip and get out of the kitchen some so that you can enjoy the outside and the villages! You are in our thoughts and prayers.

    Uncle Mike

  28. Nate, so what’s up with you doing all the cooking? You didn’t do that when I was there…I feel left out! J/K! Hope you are having a great time. Enjoy the cooking and interaction with Naomi. I found the staff at PBM so friendly. It was easier one on one. I think the big, loud, crazy Americans can be a bit overwhelming. I know our group is very quiet and mature (HA, HA!!!!). Anywhoo, have a great day! Looking at the pictures made me homesick for Guate. Soak it all in for me, k? Love, Dawn

  29. Hello Head Chef
    How is everything going right now? Is the camera crew everyhere…including el banio like a reality TV show? How was the first building day dude? I miss you. Pash was good minus everyone. Are you guys playing “Perro, Perro, Gato” at all? Praying for you every day…miss you, love you, wish I was there

  30. Natel. How are you doing?? Did you work hard today? Make sure that marijke doesn’t take a little kid home with her ok? I’m sure they are adorable but I don’t think that we need a baby/kid around here. Well, I hope that you had an amazing day!

  31. Hi Nate,
    How’s it going bud? Things here are quiet. Dan is gone to Canada. Pretty boring around here. We miss your smile and humor. How’s the film crew doing? I haven’t heard much about them. I went to grandma and grandpa today and cleaned their carpet. I don’t know what it is about carpets this week but I seem to be cleaning a lot of them. Trying to keep busy and not miss you I guess. ( this is where you gag.) 🙂 We’ll go to the cottage on Friday so I won’t write for a few days. Maybe we can check by Uncle Andy. We love you and hope all is going well. Jenelle says hola and she misses your smiling face too. Is it very warm down there? Today was 75 and beautiful. Can’t wait to see more pictures and hear about Thurs night. Wed sounded pretty neat. Lori can be so proud of her daughter. Guess I’ll go to bed now. Have a good night and I’ll write you on Friday.
    Love and miss you Nate,

  32. Hey Nate,

  33. Nate,
    Oops, I hit the wrong button. I am computer challenged—but, not as much as your Mom!!! 🙂 Anyway, I hope this finds you doing well and staying healthy. It has been so neat to be able to keep up on your daily progress through this web site. It sounds like God is doing amazing things already. How is breakfast making going for you? That is neat that you can use your talents this way. We will keep you in our prayers today as you dedicate the houses. Enjoy each minute and we look forward to hearing your stories and seeing your pictures.
    Love, Uncle Brian, Aunt Rhonda, Em and Jay

  34. Hi Nate,
    It’s Friday noon, just looked at the pictures. I saw one of you-you had your glasses on. Does that mean you still have an infected eye. You still have time to drop me a line before we go to the cottage. Would be nice to hear from you. The pictures are fantastic. Wish we were there with you. How did the dedication go? Hopefully good. What an experience with the van. I pray that opened up that family’s heart. We’ll keep praying. Another beautiful day here. Take care. We love and miss you. WRITE!


  35. Hey Nate – Just a note to say HI and let you know we are thinking of you and praying for you. Hopefully you are not one of the sick ones. Take care! Renee

  36. Hi Nate,
    Praying that the dedication went well today and that God was glorified. Praying that God will continue to bless you and and the team. Stay healthy, especially since you need to cook for that hungry team. Keep us posted on how things are going. Your prayer partners, Marv and Ellen

  37. Natel how goes it? I hope that your doing well. Take care of marijkkeekeee. I hope that your working hard.

  38. Oh wh-o wh-o
    Oh wh-o wh-o O wh-o wha who
    Oh Wh-o wh-o
    Oh Wh-o who-o O wh-o wha who

    Coheed and Cambria…it’s like our theme song…please sing it for me tomorrow!!! I know you’re having fun. Give everyone mucho amore for me, k? Can’t wait to see you Tuesday and hear about it all. My prayer are with you all…hope you aren’t sick

  39. Nate!
    How’s the cook doing? Can you keep up with this group? Looks like the trip is going well. But your getting to be a pro by now and know how things work. Say hi to Marijke for me. I’m running out of time and won’t be able to write to her. I know it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve been down there, God uses each group in a different way and each person. Enjoy your last couple days. Safe travels for home. Praying for you and the rest of the group. Sheri Jurgens

  40. natel I have to come here everyday and say something. thats what I do. I hope that you arent sick and that you are having a good time. I can’t wait until you come home. Its lonely around here without you and marijkeekekeke.

  41. brother from another mother!

    i can’t wait to hear your stories. maybe we can eat sushi and talk when you get back.

    hope your having fun. nice flower.

  42. Hey Nate!!!!!! I hope you are having a great time in Guate! You are in my thoughts and prayers this week. I hope it is a great time. I can’t wait for the bike trip in a couple weeks (I decided to tag along if you hadn’t heard yet!)


  43. Nate:
    You were wearing the new-fangled computer backpack at the airport. Does that mean YOU are responsible for this awesome site for emails and pictures? If you are, THANKS 1,000,000,000! Seeing all the pictures and reading the teams’ stories is the highlight of my day (and p.m. as you can see from the time I am writing this)! Are you the chef, too? Angus Campbell would be proud! Hope you are healthy and that this is your best Guatemala trip yet! Be kind to the “newbies”! I say this as I hear fireworks going off in our neighborhood tonight and am reminded of last year’s trip on the fourth of July…. Poor commando Blake is probably still traumatized!
    Praying for you,
    The Dooleys
    From the devotional 31 Days of Praise
    Thank You that I can enjoy my strengths and gifts without pride or false modesty as I give You the credit for them, praising You rather than congratulating myself. What do I have, that I did not receive from You?…All that I am and all that I have comes from You; it is all sustained by You…and I want it all to glorify You! Not to me, O Lord, not to me, but to Your name be the glory.
    Nate, thanks for using your special gifts to help us back in GR be a part of your great ministry with your brothers and sisters in Christ in Guatemala!!!!

  44. ohh nate,
    How is it going? i miss guatemala im so jealous of you. SH is great but not the same lol. Um so how is the french toast? its my favorite meal in guate lol. I hope ur having a great time and ill see you when u get back! Im praying for you.

  45. HI! Everyone is going to bed so i have time to do a quick update. I am fine and well no sickness for me. There are too many stories to tell tonight but we did see a volcano spit up some lava on our way home from the coast! it was georgous. Guatemala is the most beautiful place in the world.
    Thanks for all the prayers!


  46. Hi Nate! We are at Uncle Andy and Aunt Pat’s using their computer. They say hi to you. Thank you for the update! We were starting to worry about you. 🙂 We are so glad you are having a wonderful time. We can’t wait to see you! How are your eyes? Are they still red and puffy? So happy to hear you are not sick. Great job on all the computer stuff and cooking. Take some recipes home for mom. She is losing her cooking abilities. (Uncle Andy told me to write that.) 🙂 We love you so very much. Be prepared, I will hug you when you come home. 🙂

    Love you Nate!
    Jenelle, Dad, and Mom

  47. natel! you come home soon. haha
    I hope that you dont get sick.

  48. hey nate
    whats up buddy, lookin forward to seein ya in a few days, hope everything goes well. 26 days till warped tour!!!! ill be praying for ya
    P.S. where do the dogs go?…to the pound!

  49. Nate,
    Wow, hard to believe you will be back on American soil tomorrow. It seems from reading the posts and seeing the pictures that God has blessed this week and worked thru your team to perform some awesome miracles. Enjoy your last day. Have fun shopping and find a cool purse for your Mom. She REALLY needs another one! 🙂 Hope this finds you staying healthy. Keeping you in our prayers. Love, Aunt Rhonda, Uncle Brian, Em and Jay

  50. Hi Nate,
    Thought we’d get you one more note before you came home. I hope you didn’t get sick. We had a wonderful time at the cottage. The weather was beautiful. Sounds like you have seen some beautiful scenes yourself. This trip has had some incredible moments. Can’t wait to hear your stories. Have a good trip home and know we’re still praying for you continually. We love you so much. Take care Nate!

    Dad, Mom, Jenelle, and Dan

  51. Natel! You guys come home tomorrow :] YAY!!! Haha as you can tell I am getting very bored here alone :[ I hope that you have a good last day! I’m praying for you.
    See you tomorrow!

  52. Hi Nate,
    What an awesome story about the tree in the road when you were coming back from the village. Can’t wait to hear more details. Glad that you haven’t gotten sick. Have an awesome day today and a safe trip hope tomorrow. Marv and Elen



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