The Sexy Seven7- AJ, BJ, Amber, Nate, Sandy, Kelly and Rachel

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Buenos Dias,

The day started off well; got up at 6:30, got ready and ate breakfast. After breakfast some people sorted medicine, while others bagged rice and beans. Other guys were outside organizing the tool boxes which were a mess with tons of odds and ends laying around. For the rest of the morning, various people were making sandwiches for the village, some made lunch, and others labeled pills and what not. We ate lunch at around 11:30 and made our way out to a coastal village at around 12.

Unfortunately we had to leave behind 4 members of the brethren: Brandon, Kristy, Lauren, and our fearless leader Kev Dog. The ride to the village was incredibly hot, unless you were in Dan’s van which had air conditioning. It was honestly like 1000 degrees, says Ba Jota.

We arrived around 3 hours later, most of us with already sweat ridden shirts. Dan and Heidi immediately began setting up the medical clinic while others began to play with the children. A group of us got a huge game of soccer together, where we got our butts kicked by the Guatemalans. We were out there for around 4 hours of straight soccer. In the mean time, other team members were helping with the medical clinic, which provided help for over 100 people. It truly is amazing to see how giving people a dollar parasite pill can cure them of their misery of over 3 years. Over all, the medical clinic was a huge success.

As the day winded down, Hermano Jesus set up a screen and began to show the Jesus video. The place where we showed it was packed, but we still didn’t know how the people would receive our invitation to Jesus Christ. After the movie was finished we sang a song for the people there. After that Dan opened up the microphone for three people’s testimonies. The people who went up were Al, Nate and Chad. They spoke in English and Dan translated it into Spanish for the Guatemalans. It was a powerful experience and everyone could definitely see God working there. We sang another song and then Hermano Jesus spoke to the people for about a half-hour. To end his talk Hermano Jesus invited anyone who felt moved in their hearts to come forward and accept Christ. At first only a few people came forward, but slowly more and more people made their way to the front until there were at least twenty of them kneeling on the floor. The team members spread out amongst them and laid hands on them as Hermano Jesus lead them through the prayer of Salvation. Hermano Jesus’ words were so powerful and even though most of us couldn’t understand them, we could see the fire and passion he had for God and his people. After the prayer was said we passed out bibles to those who had accepted Christ. Many of them were moved to tears and kept thanking us over and over again.

To end we passed out bags of beans and rice to each family. The people were all so thankful for the things we brought, but were most thankful for the gift of salvation that we presented to them that night. Praise God that so many people opened their hears and accepted Christ last night.

We got going back home and many people feel asleep. Pretty soon someone noticed that one of the mountains had a red peak. As we got closer we realized that it was one of Guatemala’s active volcanoes. It was something that many of us had never seen before, and after a while the vans pulled over just to watch it. A Jota says its fricken sweet.

We got back around one AM and went to bed.

Overall it was a great day where once again we could see God working in amazing ways!!

With love from the sexy seven

AJ, BJ, Nate, Kelly, Amber, Rachel and Sandy


Sunday Morning

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Buenas Dias -I am back to life [after being sick for the past day] and feeling much better! Yesterday was a long day with most of the time spent in bed for me. I was sad that I had to miss going to the village but I would not have been much of an addition to the team. The village sounded like it was an amazing trip. Tons of people came forward to accept Christ. Chad, Nate and Al gave their testimony. I’m sure they will never forget doing that. The team rolled back into the base around 12:30 AM and everyone looked exhausted. This morning they got to sleep in til 8:00 AM. Hopefully the stomach flu has seen it’s end. Keep praying for the health of all the team.

Today we will head off to yet another village near the coast. The village we are going to is a bit smaller than yesterday but has a great many needs. We will bringing life saving medicine and a soul saving story of a Savior who died for them. We will be leaving at around 12:30 and will have about a 3 hour drive. Pray for our safety on the road and in the village. Pray too that the message of Christ finds it’s mark with the people there.

Our team time today will be focusing on the areas in our life that we want to keep hidden from God and from others. We will be challenged to give these areas over to God and allow him to have the controls. Pray for the lives of the team members as God is working in amazing ways with them. There are some here that are struggling with giving God everything. Pray that in the next day and a half that God will completely take hold of their lives.

Thanks for your prayers for my wife, Brandon, Lauren and I as we are today feeling much better. May God bless you today as well.

Hasta Luego!

Kevin Van Wyhe

Day Four–Teamo Supremo Unite!!

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Today was an indescribable day. We began the day with a wonderful breakfast and then headed to the village. We started off by sanding the “goop” as Lara calls it, and painting the “walls” as Spencer calls them, a beautiful pink color. Kevin worked hard getting the roofs finished. He persevered through the wind, rain, and snow…well, not really the snow. Spencer spent all day with Gloria, his novia, or GIRLFRIEND in espanol. Kristy and Lori showed their maturity by taking a walk to avoid working. Joni was no where to be seen, while Alex-A was painting all over Kevin’s face. Spencer made all the girls cry by building stairs out of the hill leading to the house. (Sue, you should be VERY proud.) After Psalm 121, flowers, and handprints were painted on the walls, it was lunch time. Tostadas were amazing as usual, and the rice was excellent. Afterwards, we presented our house to our elderly couple, who were the cutest people Lara has ever seen. They were so grateful, and you could feel God working in their hearts. After dedications were finished, we made our way down to the boy whose leg was run over by the million pound van, and he was doing just fine. His face lit up when he saw the soccer (or futbol) ball and dulces (or candy) that we had brought for him. Before saying goodbye to the kids, we had a fiesta complete with a piñata and games. The chicos partied like a rock star. (Spencer made me write that…) Now, after eating a delicious dinner, singing, and small group bonding time, we are ready for bed. Thanks for all of the love and prayers, try not to miss us too much!

Love you all,

TEAMO SUPREMO (Lara, Spencer, Bosch, Kristy, Lori, Alex-A, and Joni bologna rice-a-roni)

Day 3, Friday morning

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Buenas Dias Otra Ves, It is again 5:30 am and I felt God the moment I stepped out of the door to my room as the sky as clear as can be reveled the volcano that sits about a half hour away. It is a beautiful start to the day.

Yesterday was amazing as I’m sure you have read in the team journals. The team did an awesome job with all the work that needed to be done on the homes and then it was time to do our work on building the relationships with the families. The love that was shown to the kids was once again awesome. The kids are really responding to the team. All afternoon the team played and sat with the kids and had their hearts broken for numerous children 3000 miles from home. Some of the team had a chance to walk around and visit some of the families that we worked with 2 years ago. It is always incredible to see the difference that is made in the families years after we have been here.

When it was time to go we had a scary moment where it seemed that something had gone very wrong. [When things seem to go wrong here it is because they are actually going right and we just haven’t seen yet how God is working -we have this faith because we know how many of you are holding us in your prayers] As Dan was pulling up the van to pick us up a 12 year old boy ran in front of the van and got is leg pinned under the tire. As he backed off his leg He quickly realized that this is bad situation. Immediately the team began praying for the boy and for Dan. What we thought was sure to be a broken leg –after we took the boy to the hospital there wasn’t a single broken bone. This boys family is one that has really been struggling and has also resisted the help of Dan and the mission. Now there is an amazing new opportunity for God to make a difference in this family.

Last night our team time was focused on having a relationship with God through Christ. Having that relationship takes us spending time with Him each day. Each morning here we have a specific time for personal devotions. Please pray that this time allows us to each grow with God.

Today we will finish our homes and prepare them for the dedication this afternoon. Please pray especially hard to day for us and for the people that will hear the message of Christ. We truly believe that is what will make the difference.

A couple of people are starting to feel some stomach stuff this morning –please pray that they will be healthy quickly and that others won’t get sick.

We are grateful for your love and prayers.

Hasta Luego!

Kevin Van Wyhe

Day Two

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Today was a beautiful day for stucco. No rain until after the stucco was done. We had great team bonding because everyone was able to work together. After stucco we had lunch and the village gave up one weeks worth of wages to cook us all chicken. Then, after lunch we were given the opportunity to play games with the kids and build relationships with them.


We played soccer, football Americano, basketball, jump rope, and swinging the kids around. The kids even taught us a game where we all got in a circle and they sang while we played. The kids LOVED dolce (candy). They asked for it nonstop.

We had a scary moment today when a little kid was behind the van and was run over. We all gathered together to pray Guatemala style while the boy was brought to the hospital. It was a God sighting because we just received a message that the boy was fine with nothing broken.

We are looking forward to an awesome time during group devotions and singing. Please pray for us tomorrow as we dedicate the houses and bring the Gospel to the families who are getting the house. We know this is one of the main reasons we are here. Thanks for all of your support!

In Christ,

Team SSS- The six soul savors

Kelsey, Al, Jordan G., Chad, Kimberly, and Jillian J

Team 1 MEARTH (marijke,ross,christina,amberdg,larry, jason)

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Hey Everybody!!


Yesterday, our day one of building was beautiful. We woke up early at 6:30, ate a delicious breakfast of eggs with the classic toast and got ready to drive up to our village. The van ride was unusually short so we had plenty of time to get started on building our houses and meeting the villagers. Day one is the biggest day because we need to make all the frames (walls) for our house and that requires measure and drilling and making sure everything is straight and even and exact. We also had to put up all our drywalls, all the outside slate and mudding the cracks and marks on the inside. All the houses were a little behind but we all ended up finishing what we needed to get done and had a wonderful time doing it. The Guatemalans are absolutely beautiful.


What started out as a slab of cement, is now taking the form of a house. More importantly, we prayed over the slab, that it would be a home where God rules. Today was a big day in many ways, the majority of the house is completed, relationships started and our team is growing closer. We feel your prayers and we see God’s awesome power all around us.


The children here are so joyful and loving! They love to ask us for “dulces”(candy). I think they are going to be sick after we leave. It was hard to leave the kids because they were to attached to us, but we look forward to seeing them tomorrow!!


After we got back to the base we all showered and ate dinner. After dinner, we got together for praise and worship together. We sang and talked about our “God sightings” for the day. After that time we met in our small groups and talked about making our heart’s Christ’s home. We prayed together and talked about the topic.


After small groups we had a time of remembrance for Melissa Decator. Everyone shared their special memories and stories. We brought a picture of Melissa of her in Guatemala last year. We hung the picture on the wall right by the dining table.


Today was so awesome and we are looking forward to tomorrow and the rest of the week to see what God has in store for all of us!!

Thursday Morning

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Start of the second day!

Buenas Dias again! It is 5:30 AM on Thursday Morning and it looks like a beautiful day ahead. Not a cloud in the sky and the volcano is as beautiful as ever. Yesterday was a long but very good day. We got home about 7:00 PM. The village that we are working at is one that we worked at two years ago and the same one that the 2007 winter team worked at as well. The teams worked hard building the homes and also building relationships with the people –especially the kids. The candy, games, rides on backs, broken Spanish, and love certainly hit their mark as our team showed the love of Christ bright and clear. Not long after we began building the clouds broke into rain. It looked like it was going to be a long day of fighting the weather. Teams began to pray and within 20 minutes the rain cleared and the sun broke through and never left us the rest of the day. Normally when it rains that early it rains the whole day.

Last night after we arrived back to the base we had dinner, showers and then right into team time. We were challenged with where our passions are and what is it that we pursue most in life. The world is always pushing us in a direction to pursue self and the pursuit of others and of things that are eternal are the direction that we are called to in Christ. Melissa Decator was a great example of a person who caught the passion of Christ and clearly wanted to share that with others. Last night through her life we were challenged. After the small group time we had a time of memory and prayer for her. This has been tough for Lauren [her cousin] her friends and especially her mom, Lori. We took a large matted picture taken of Melissa last year here with the Guatemala kids. That picture is now the first thing that you see as you enter the mission. Now and in the future it will serve as a reminder of her life and her passion for Christ and the people she came in contact with. There were a lot of tears and a lot of powerful memories that were shared. Please pray for Lori this week.

Today we are off to do the stucco and finish preparing the inside of the home to be painted on Friday. Today will be filled with more fun and smiles and work as the entire team works together on covering the outside of the homes with stucco. Please pray for the weather again that we can get the stucco on and have time to dry. Pray that we can further build a connection with the people and prepare them more for the message they will receive on Friday. Pray for safety and good health. It is your prayers that get us through and truly make a difference.

Tonight when we get home we will be challenged with our personal time with God and how important it is to have a relationship with our maker and savior. Please pray for the life change that will continue to take place in the lives of the team.

We are very sorry that we couldn’t get more pictures up on the web. The pictures were at too high a setting to download very many. We will have that corrected today and hopefully have more up tonight.

Again -thanks for your love and prayers. May God bless you today as well!

In His Grip,

Kevin Van Wyhe