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  1. Hi Rachel — Just wanted you to know that we found you. You are in our thoughts and prayers as you travel and begin your work in Guatemala. David and Ellen

  2. Hi Rae! I’m just checking to make sure that i can do this correctly. I love you

  3. Hey I saw the posted link on Facebook, and I do similar things, so I just wanted to say hey, I’m here back home praying for a great time and that God will bless everyone on the trip.

  4. hey babe! i love you and i am already bored without you..im praying for you so dont worry about getting sick! say hi to everyone for me!

  5. Rachel:
    I know that the Lord is great, that our Lord is greater than all gods. The Lord does whatever pleases Him, in the heavens and on the earth, in the seas and all their depths. Psalm 135
    I know your being in Guatemala and bringing love and joy to His children there pleases God. You have been faithful, and He will honor that with your work there!
    We’ll be praying for you!
    The Dooleys

  6. Hey Everyone!!! We made it safely…there were a few times when i wondered if we would ever get here, but we made it!! I am not feeling sick and i even took a nap when we got here! Stepping off the plane i could immediately tell that we were out of the USA. There were stray horses, dogs, etc on the streets. The driving here is CRAZY! I think that I have seen my life flash before my eyes more today than ever before! On the way home from the airport we got stopped by some police officers. They had BIG guns.. as in weapons…and i was pretty scared. However, we were able to procede to the base. Pray especially hard for sickness not to spread as Dan told us that everyone had the flu last week, so pray that we will not get it! I am having a good time and thank you all so much for praying for me so far!
    LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!



    Hope your having a great time and feel safe too!!!Miss you and I hope you to talk with you everyday or something like that just to see how you are doing!! I’ll keep the household under control while your gone as Lauren trie sto control the household too!!TTYL

  10. Hi Rae
    So glad to hear from you and that you arrived safely! What alot to take in and see in a new country, it all sounds so interesting and we love to hear about it. God was with you and we are so thankful for a safe trip for you and the whole team. We had trouble finding the web site as it is not under ivanrestcrc.com, we went under paradise bound gautemala 2007 and found it. I wonder if anyone else had trouble? Anyway our thoughts and prayers are with you constantly throughout the days and evenings but we know that Jesus is right there with you. I would like to share a verse with you that is found in Hebrews 12:2 “Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith” This is our prayer for you and for all of us as we live our lives for Christ. I LOVE YOU RAE!! Take care Love Mom

  11. Hey you! It’s Nate “Wash-a-thousand-cars-in-one-day” Kroeze. LOL. I’m so happy you made it safe, and you even took a nap! I hope you liked the note i gave you for the plane. Work today went well, i washed like a thousand cars, and i even got to drive the corvettes. I’ll be thinking of you and praying for you everyday. I already miss you soo much. Well I better go to bed…I’ll message you tomorrow…Love ya! -Nate

  12. Rachel,
    Glad to hear that you made it safely. We were at Chris and Mike this weekend and saw the pictures they took while they were in Guatemala. It looks like a beautiful country, however, they too talked about the driving. Not a pretty picture. We will continue to keep you in our prayers and especailly that you do not get sick. FYI A thunderstorm is passing over as I type. I hear it is rainy season down there too. God Bless — love you , David and Ellen

  13. hola chica! como estas?! hows your two whole years of spanish treating you? lol..is it super hot there? sorry if it is..glad that you aren’t sick..i told you you wouldnt be! im going to a tiger’s game today…nothing new to report really but ill keep you posted k? LOVE YOU! ~ Lindsey

  14. Hola Rachel,
    Hope you had a good night sleep so that you can be well rested for the work day ahead of you!!!YES, :Lauren was right I am almost toothless, but I am still survivng!! It’s not that bad!! The only thing I can’t do is eat things that would hurt, but oh well!! This morning I just got up and then went running and now I am typing this!!!We might go shopping this afternoon because it is suppose to be rainy and stormy throughout today! Hope you have a great day!!!:)

  15. Hi Rae
    Just wanted to say hi and let you know that we have been thinking of you today and lifting you up to Jesus in prayer. We hope that your work day was successful and that alot of good work was accomplished! What a welcome sight you would be if you were going to build me a house to live in! Can’t wait to hear and see more later on today. Love ya Mom

  16. P.S don’t forget to give me the # of 0~10! Love ya Mom

  17. Hey Rae Shizzle!

    I see your doing some good stuff in the 3rd world, yep not all is so nice like the good Ole USA. We hope you are a blessing to all those around and that they see how you have the love of Jesus in your heart. Let them know about Jesus, be bold and let your light shine. I pray that while in His service God will will enact Psalm 68:28 which reads “Summon your power, O God; show us your strength” I just read this while I drove this morning and thought of you. BTW don’t tell Grandma she does not need to worry about my driving habits. I am taking care of Nate for you so no worries. I will hopefully get him to be a Tiger fan soon, perhaps the next time they sweep them he will change his mind.

    God Bless,Prayers for you!

    Jeremy & Carol, Will and GG

  18. Hey Rae, how are you? I hope you slept good last night. We had a couple really bad t-storms last night and this morning. hope you didn’t!! i miss you tons and tons. I hope you had a good first day of work and i hope it wasn’t too hard of work! ttyl.
    Love ,

  19. so..tigers game got rained out..it was ridiculous..we stood around for two hours before the finally cancelled it..and the makeup game is september 11 at 1 oclock…right during the middle of school! ugh..anywho..hope youre having an amazing time!

  20. Rachel you are just too cute!! I miss you and I hope that you are having the best time ever. I can’t wait until you come home and we can swim in your pool! Haha and hang out of course. I hope that you are being safe and working your hardest. I’ll be praying for you and I miss you!

  21. Hi Rachel,
    we are glad that you arrived there safely and that you are feeling good! WE have been praying for you and know that God is blessing all of you and will be with you every step this week. I am sorry that big dog wrote to you before your prayer partners!! but i guess we are not surprised. he is working hard–we are proud of him. have a good night’s rest tonight and an exciting day tomorrow. hanna says hi. take care, the kroezes

  22. Thanks so much for all the messages guys!! Nate, I”m glad work went well and Brandon was also wondering how you liked it. I loved the note!! 🙂 Linds that sucks that your game got rained out! I”m still not sick and i’m so thankful.. everytime i feel a little change in my stomach i freak out, but i’m getting better.
    Livi i’m glad that you’re doing well even if you are toothless 🙂 Lauren i’m glad that you’re holding down the fort with me gone.. livi needs some special care 🙂 ..LOL
    Mom I am an 8/9. the sleeping pills are great and i feel right to sleep. Building the houses today was a challenge. I drilled so many screws that i think i could do it in my sleep.. i also wouldn’t mind if i never saw a sheet of drywall again.. but it was so worth it when we would talk with the kids and when they laughed at our poor spanish. Thanks for all your prayers everyone… it means alot.. i can’t wait until I get back and tell you all about it. LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!

  23. That was my family, not the “big dog”…Anyway i just got done with basketball and now i’m getting ready for work tomorrow. i hope your having a good time down there and you feel well(i know you do) well i better go, i’m always thinking and praying for you, LOVE YA -Nate

  24. whoa, you were just on….well hi there

  25. Hi Rachel, Hope things are going good for you. Gg & Will missed you yesterday. Keep up the good work. We love you and are praying for you. Aunt Carol

  26. HI Rachel,

    It sounds like you are having a great time so far. You are in our prayers. Laurens says he is going to hire you for some drywall work when you return! Ha-Ha 🙂 Anyway, enjoy the kids and share the love of Christ with whomever you meet. I know you will be blessing to many. Stay healthy!

    Laurens & Jan TenKate

  27. Rachel:
    Drilling screws…. Did you ever think that something so ordinary could be used by God in such an extraordinary way?! He uses our hearts and motives to work through us and then makes our service worthy of His name and plan. That is so exciting, I almost cry when I think about it…. No, wait, I am!
    Have a great night, and don’t work too hard in your sleep!
    The Dooleys
    Col 3:23
    Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.

  28. Hi Rach…We finally got back from the cottage with friends and couldn’t wait to get this message out to you!! It sounds like you’ve been working hard putting up walls & drywall. Our prayers are answered that you got there safe, and that you’re feeling well. The scenery on the pictures is beautiful and God certainly made a beautiful world all over. We are praying for you daily and hope this experience is everything you wanted it to be. May God bless all the efforts of your team that something wonderful will come out of this week for the people that you come in contact with!! Make sure you stay healthy!!

    Love Gram & PAPA

  29. HI Rachel, So good to hear from you and read that the mission is going well. It sounds like your worship time at night is powerful — wish I could be there to hear everyone sing. It sounds like everyone is working hard which is probably why we haven’t read any message from Joni yet. She is an early to bed person so I am sure she crashed last night. Please give her a hug for us, we miss her terribly. Keep up the great work and know that we are praying for you daily. “There are different kinds of working, but ths same God works all of them in all men.” I Cor 12:6 Love, The Holsems

  30. Hi Rachel – hope all is going well for you and your group. How is AJ as a coworker – as good as or better than Aurora Ponds! Keep him in line for us and show him how to really work hard!

    Rachel – our prayers are with you as you are down there – we pray for health, safety and God’s blessings to all the people you are working with and seeing each and every day. May you be a blessing to them and may God bless you for what you are doing there.

    Be safe and take care.

    The Bredeweg’s

  31. Rachey!! I hope that you had another amazing day! I hope that you worked really hard and that you are connecting with God and with the little children.
    I miss you and can’t wait until you get home!
    love you.

  32. Hi Rae
    How are you honey? I hope you had another very productive day and were able to get alot done for your family. Just think how happy they will be to see there new house!!! What a great time it will be. From everything we have read from you and the others everything seems to be going very, very well. We are so thankful and am continuing to lift you and all the others up in prayer. Is it hot down there? How is the Food? Who are camping out with at night? (I already found out your working group and it sounds like a great group) Any other details you can give me? You know us Moms we like all the info we can get! But anyway we can see by the pictures that you are very happy and may the Lord continue to bless you Rachel as you work for the Lord. We love you Babe! Love all of us P.S I cried when I saw the beautiful pictures of all you. They were really nice!

  33. Hey Everyone! I AM A 12!!!
    I love it here and things just keep getting better and better. I played with the kids for hours today and painted about a thousand finger nails! It is such a blessing to see their faces, and how much they want to be by you. My spanish is definately improving and i love being able to communicate simple things to them. Gram’s rainsuit came in VERY handy, and kept me from getting soaked. THanks for all the prayers and messages, they mean alot. I am writing down highlights in my journal so that i can remember all the GREAT stories i will be able to tell you. It is so awesome to play socce with these kids because they are SO good.
    Please continue to pray for good weather, health and general strength as everyone is getting pretty worn out. I hope that things are going well at home and i love you all SO much.
    P.S. Mom- when i get home i would love to have mashed potatoes and meat.. i am hungry here 🙂
    I love you all and miss you tons

  34. Hi Rachel, I’m so glad there are photos on this website so we can somewhat visualize what its like there. It’s still hard for me to believe you are so far away! Computers are a great thing. We are glad to hear things are going well, and are still praying for you to have a great trip and perfect health. Love you, Aunt Carol (and Jeremy, Georgia, William)

  35. Dear rachel,
    My name is Sharon Nienhuis and I just wanted to let you know how much I have been thinking and praying for you and those in your group! I work with your Mom at Lake Drive. I was ssssoooo excited to hear that you were going to Guatemala! We have a child that we have taken care of on 3 different occassions from Guatemala while doing Healing the Children. ( He is coming back here on July 5!!!!) Our family all traveled to Guatemala several years ago. I hope that you continue to have a wonderful time. What you are doing for those people is such a blessing beyond what you will ever be able to comprehend! It is amazing how little they have but what happiness and contentment they have isn’t it? Enjoy loving on those kids and showing them the love of Jesus! I will continue to pray that you stay safe and healthy. Enjoy the rest of your time there and the beautiful people and country. I would love to have your mom bring your pictures to work when you return so that I can see them. Blessings Sharon

  36. Hi Rae, Dad here, WOW!! It sounds like you are truly enjoying your time there. Who could ever think that drilling and playing and just talking and being there could mean so much to the people you are with.You truly are the hands and feet of Jesus this week.I’m so proud of you Rae and keep it up. Your order for mashed potatoes and meat is in and already being worked on.Lots of love to you Rae,Dad.

  37. Hey you…It’s Nate. I’m so glad your having a good time down there, i knew you would. I’m also glad that you got a chance to be with the kids there. Work went good today…after just two days i kinda feel like a regular detail man, lol. I even got a call from your mom while i was at work, it was a nice break…well i’ll message you again…I’m always thinking and praying for you, LOVE YA, -NATE

  38. Hey Rae, We are loving the pictures and all the daily postings. WE are praying for you and your whole team. We can’t wait to talk to you when you get home. Thanks for being the hands and feet of Christ. Love, The Zoodsmas

  39. Good Morning Rachael,

    This is fun!! It is another fantastic day here in Michigan. It was actually a bit cool last night. We are so glad to hear that you are feeling good and having a great time. The pictures are awesome. Know that we continue to pray for you and your whole team. Love, David and Ellen

  40. hey babe, how you doing? i miss you 😦 but im sure you are having an AMAZING time..still praying for you. yesterday i went tubing wit heather and phil and i am definitely paying for it right now 🙂 anyway..I LOVE YOU and have an awesome day!

  41. Hi Bill & Lisa,
    Thank you for your prayers! I just wanted to let you know that Rachel is feeling sick this morning. She fainted during the night but that was a good thing. We were able to catch this flu bug right away I knew that you would want to know, so you could pray specifically for her. She is ok and is sleeping right now. This is the flu that both Dan & Heidi had a couple of weeks ago. She should be fine by tonight. The meds are already working and your prayers will take her through! She has been doing an amazing job this week and it has been such a joy watching her work and play with the kids. You would be so proud of her!
    I love you tons!

  42. Rae: Just wanted you to know that we are blanketing you today before our great God that your bug will be a little guy and you’ll get well soon. Lean back in God’a arms and trust Him, honey. I wrote yesterday but musta done something wrong with the computer. What a surprise, huh? So hopefully today is better or I’ll have a new friend in cyberspace.:) Mr. T and I are praying for you. Can’t wait to hear all your stories. Love ya, Mrs. T

  43. Dear Rach: I just learned through a phone call from your mom that you got the flu! Gram & I are praying that the meds will work quickly and that you soon will be feeling much better! Hopefully it wouldn’t keep you from your participaton with the kids and other family members later today, tomorrow or whenever that’s going to take place. Please let us know ASAP your situation and what is happening when you can. On the good side it sounds like you have made a wonderful difference in your inter-actions with the children you’ve come in contact with. May God continue to bless and make you well soon!!!
    Love, PaPa,

  44. Hi everyone.
    Thank you for all the prayers during my rough time here. I am very weak but feeling a bit better. I miss you all and i wish i was home floating in the pool instead of here, but i’m hoping that things will get better. It was a God thing that i didn’t hit my head on the bunk bed when i fainted. My fall was coushioned by the bun i had in my hair. Don’t worry too much about me because i’m staying at the base today taking it easy. I’m pretty bummed about it, so pray for me, which i know you all will. I’ll try to write back later.

  45. That last post was from me (rachel) not Spencer.

  46. Rachel Praying for you to start feeling better. We have been praying for the whole group but will definitly be thinking about you. Love in Christ Sue V.H.


  48. Dear Rachel,
    Hope you are doing ok and hope are feeling a little bit better!!!I am glad to hear you at least feeling better!!!Everyone will continue to pray for you!!! Is there anyone else that is sick with you at the base???TTYL!!!

  49. Dear Rachel,
    Hope you doing better and can get better quickly!!!
    Everyone is praying for you that you will get well!!!TTYL

  50. Hi Rachel
    Wow! What a night you had! That flu must of hit you hard and fast in the middle of the night, b/c as of your last posting things couldn’t of been better. We are so disappointed for you, but what my prayer really was today is that you were able in some way to be apart of the house dedications. I know this is one of the highlights and I am so hoping and praying that you were in some way able to be apart of it. Of course of all days I was a work today so all I could hear was only what someone could read to me over the phone. I have been praying for you constantly especially that as fast as this flu has come on that it will leave. I know that the Lord is right there by you and that he will give you the grace and healing that you need. I Love you Rae and only wish there was something more that I could do. Do write us again tonite if you are able or someone else to let us know how you are doing. We all love you so much!!! Love,Mom

  51. Dear rachael
    Sure hope that you are starting to feel better. I was praying for you all throughout the day as your mom told me at work that you were sick. We prayed that you would be able to at least participate in the dedication but I am so sorry that you were too sick to go. Hope that you start feeling more strength so that you can enjoy the rest of the time there. Have a great time going into the villages. I can’t wait to see your pictures some day when you get home. Sounds like you have done a great job interacting with the children! Keep up the good work and be blessed

  52. Rachel,
    This is Kelly’s mom. I’m so sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well, hopefully it will be a quick bug and you’ll be able to get back to “normal”. Please know we are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers and hope you’ll be feeling better soon. I’m sure you don’t want to miss a thing. Take care, get plenty of rest and try to keep Kelly in line – she can be a handful!!
    Love you all lots and are so proud of what you are doing!
    Jodi Berens

  53. Dear Rach:
    PaPa called me at work with a hot-line that Rachael had the flu!!
    I’ve been praying all day that you would improve quickly! I’m so happy to have received your e-mail as shown above. Please keep us posted because our thoughts and love are always with you.
    I hope you will continue to improve so that tomorrow will be a wonderful day for you.
    Love, GRAM

  54. Hey Rachel!
    I hope you are feeling better! I know what it’s like to be sick on a missions trip- it’s NO fun. Even though it’s tough to be sick, I know God can still use you, even as an encourager. I hope you feel better soon. I’m praying for you!
    love, Jessica

  55. hi honey..are you ok?! i didnt find out til like an hour ago! i ran to your house to get info from your family 🙂 im praying extra hard for you and i hope you are ok now…hopefully its a 24 hour bug? i love you and ill see you tuesday ok? hang in there babe

  56. So sorry to hear of your bad night and long day of being sick – hopefully you have gotten that out of the way now and are back on track. We are praying for your healing and for the health of the rest of your team too. Thanks for your email updates. Love, Aunt Carol and the rest of the gang.

  57. Hi everyone. I am doing better now. I was able to be at the dedication of the houses, and i even made it home without throwing up. Thank you all so much for your prayers and messages, they realy mean a lot. it seemed like things were going great and then all of a sudden it hit me. I’m just drinking fluids right now and i really haven’t eaten all day. Pray that i will be better by morning and that i can have a good rest of the time here. I love you all and I miss you tons.

  58. Hey Rachel,

    This is Uncle Jeremy, Don’t come home until you whip that flu bug I am supposed to see you on Tuesday night and you had better be over it by then. Actually, I just got a big ” Jerm ” from your aunt Carol becuase she did not want me to write that. Anyways you know I am always funning with you girls so I hope your taking it good and it brings a smile to your face. And soon you will be feeling better. Gosh your just like your old man Bill fainting over anything. I hope that after tonight you can feel well enough to join in with the group. Be ggod to your self and you know what they say “no pain no gain”.=)

    (I hope to make you smile with this but if your like me I am the biggest baby ever when I get sick so don’t kill me too much when you read this.)=)

    God bless Jeremy

    Carol wants to add her strong opposition to me writing this. Will and GG also think I should not be writing this, but I told them that only you would understand it as we are often the only two people laughing at anything when everyone else thinks it’s stupid, so I know your getting my humor.

    Love Jeremy

  59. Hi Rae, I’m so glad you are feeling a even a little better and that you could make it to the dedication.How did that go? well sleep good and let us know how things are going tommorrow. love u lots, dad

  60. Hey you, This is Nate…I’m soo sorry to hear/read that you got sick, but happy that you are feeling a little better. My family and i are praying for you a lot…even Hanna said a prayer for you. I’m about reaching my 4-5 day max, but I think i can hang in there…(i just might have to call your mom tho) Well i hope your feeling stronger tomorrow. LOVE YA -NATE

  61. Rachel:
    We were so pleased to hear that you were able to be present at the dedication of the houses–to feel the joy of giving something that YOU made, and to make a connection with someone who may not even understand (at this point) why you even care about them–much less LOVE them.
    1 John 4:19
    We love because He first loved us.
    Hopefully, your work and love will make Jesus real to the family who will be living in your house!
    The Dooleys
    We’ll continue to pray that you will soon be back to feeling 100%.

  62. Hi Rachel,
    Just wanted to check in with you this morning in hopes that you are feeling alot better than yesterday. I have read that Amber and Kelly are feeling much better(praise the Lord) but that you are still sick.:( I am so disappointed and feel so bad about it. But on the other hand I know that our God can and does miracles everyday, and I am praying that he will perform a miracle in your life today. It is hard to go about daily chores and the little things in life knowing that you aren’t well, but we will do our best. I have cared for many patients in my life and know that we can do many things for them but it is up to God to do the healing. This is something that comes only from God. In Psalm 103:3 it says “He forgives all my sins and heals all my diseases” and I know he will do that for you too. I Love you Rachel and will be praying for that miracle to happen in your life today!!!
    Love, Mom

  63. Racheal,

    We are glad that you could make it to the dedication of the house. It sounds like that was an awesome experience. It has to be so wonderful to see first hand God working in the lives of the people in Guatemala – and a real blessing to experience God working through you. We will continue to pray that you are feeling better and stronger each day. David and Ellen

  64. Hey Rachel, I hope the prayers and love being sent your way are felt. We are all so proud of you guys and what you are doing. Consider yourself hugged. I hope you feel better soon. Kelsey’s mom

  65. Rae: You have no idea how many prayers have been wrapped around you these past several days. And we pray that the God of all healing will touch you in a special way today with renewed health and a grateful spirit. Keep smiling for all the other kids who need encouragement on the team. Your smile lights up a life, you know, and you have the most gorgeous smile that people HAVE TO smile back!! We will continue to blanket you with God’s protection today and all week-end. We are so proud of you. Mr. and Mrs. T

  66. Hi everyone! I’m feeling a lot better this morning. I think that i’m at about 95% right now. Please pray for strength today as we will be returning from the villages at like 1 or 2 in the morning.
    The house dedications were amazing. I have never seen anything like that. These people are SO into their faith and so passionate for God. As we dedicated each house everyone would surround the house, put their hands on it and pray. It was sweet when i was in my house and heard everyone outside praying aloud. I have never experienced anythings like that in my entire life.
    On a different note, my stomach has shrank and i’m not able to eat nearly as much as i am used to. 🙂 But i’m sure that i will be back to normal in no time.
    I don’t think i can thank you enough for all the prayers and support. Even everyone on the team was so concerned for me. As they were leaving yesterday they all gathered in a circle and prayed for Amber and I. Then, at the house dedications AJ asked if he and a few others could pray for me right then. It was so powerful and I was so glad that i didn’t feel to lonely or sad when i was sick. Thank you all so much for everything, and know that I am feeling a LOT better and that I am almost back to normal.
    I miss you all and i love you.


  68. Dear Rachel,
    Hope you are feeling better and can enjoy the rest of your time in Guatemala!!!!Everyone is praying for you and will continue praying for you too!!!TTYL!!!

  69. That was Olivia not Lisa or MOM!!(SORRY)

  70. Hi everyone! Please pray hard because a ton of people are getting sick. Kevin, Lauren, Brandon, Larry, Cale, Kristy and a few more with stomach aches. Thanks again for the support.
    Nate- I’m getting to my 4-5 day limit too 🙂 can’t wait to see you.
    Friends- thanks for all the messages and support love you all!
    Mom dad laur liv- Can’t wait to be back home again with a warm shower and a good mattress. Hope alls going well!
    Love you all tons and tons

  71. Rachel,

    So thankful that you are feeling better. I didn’t know that you were sick until last night when your mom called. I was praying all evening that you would feel better soon and could carry on with your work there. Can’t wait to hear all the stories and see all the pictures. GOd is doing amazing things through you to the people there as well as with the members of your team. WE con tine to lift you and the entire team up in prayer. Love, Karen and Tom

  72. hey rae, glad you are feeling better. we’ll keep praying for you

  73. hi rachel , we are glad you are feeling better. we have been praying and hope that you can keep drinking and start eating more too. we are glad you could go to the house dedications too. now that you are on the mend we are praying for a great last few days there for you. we know that God is in control of your week and all that is happening. nathan is working hard this week and even got up at 8:30 am this morning (sat) to go to work!! we think he even likes this job–he likes driving the corvettes around the parking lot! our whole family went to see evan almighty yesterday and the big dog didn’t even complain because since you are gone –there is nothing better to do! enjoy your last few days there-we are sure that God is using you in mighty ways there!! have a good day! the kroezes

  74. Rachel,
    I am so glad to hear that you feeling back to 95% normal. I will keep you and your group in my continued prayers as it sounds like others are getting sick as well. Just remember regardless of the “bumps in the road” that have occurred during this trip, that God is still doing mighty and powerful things in all of you for those beautiful people that you are serving. Satan would like all of you to be discouraged and use the illness as a negative but God through His amazing and incredible power will not allow that. Remember THE BATTLE HAS ALREADY BEEN WON!!!!!!!!! AND THE TOMB IS EMPTY! Blessing to all of you as you experience Jesus there and are Jesus to the oppressed in Guatemala. Blessings Sharon

  75. Glad you are feeling better!! Hope you are having a great day today to make up for lost time. Its a beautiful day here today, we are headed for the beach. Love Carol

  76. Hi Rachel, I hope you are having fun. I miss you. Love, William

  77. Hey Rae!!!

    I am praying for you. I heard that you werent feeling so well. Lay low if you have too, and take as many pills as Dan will give you – he has meds for everything. Satan is going to try and break down the team through sickness, but God is so much bigger then that!! I know you will get through it. I love ya!!! You are awesome. Remember how many people are praying for you right now!

    In Christ,

    P.S. If you have some “spare change” when you go to the market – buy an extra blanket for me. I’ll pay you back when you get home.

  78. Hey you,this is Nate…I am so happy that you are feeling better. I just got home from work again, i finally got the hang of things and i detailed like 5 cars by my own self. I hope you have fun the rest of your time down there. Well i better get these chemicals off me, I’ll message you again, LOVE YA – NATE

  79. Hi Bill & Lisa,
    I just wanted to thank you for your prayers! They are working! Rachel looked fantastic this morning with her normal energyand great big smile. She was more concerned for me and Kevin, but we are also on the mend. We stayed back with Lauren and Brandon. I simply had a fever and was very dizzy and only threw up once, Kevin got it much worse. He is up and around now which is good. Thank you for your prayers. You would be so proud of her! She is working so hard. I wish I could see what happens today but will trust that God had this planned. I love you and your family so much!
    In His Grip!

  80. o hey..its me again…can you tell i have no life? lol just kidding..i just went running..why do we run cross? seriously..why would anybody want to run in their spare time? its ridiculous..anway..im over it..hope you’re feeling better. i miss you a lot..im watching TROY again tonight 🙂 i cant help it, but i promise i wont be sick of it so that we can watch it when you get back 🙂 love you

  81. Hi Rachel! I am glad to hear you are feeling better. I hope you have a fun rest of the time! We are coming ove on Tuesday so I will see ya then!

  82. Morning, Rachel; Just wanted to let you know that today as you worship and we worship back home, it’s the same big, great big, wonderful, awesome God. And as you experience worship in a different way today, may it lift your heart up in praise to an almighty, prayer-answering God who loves not only you and also the people in Gautemala. Keep shining, honey! We love you. Mr. and Mrs. T.

  83. Hi Rachel
    How are you? I’m hoping this morning is another great morning for you, and that you are feeling better and better each day. How was yesterday? We can’t wait to hear. We will be leaving for church shortly(Liv and Laur are playing the triangle and rain stick in church today)as I am sure you will be going to some type of worship today. I also can’t wait to hear about that. Yesterday we went cherry picking for you and picked about 32 lbs. of cherries in about twenty minutes. They were so good and we will be sure and save some for you to have when you get home. We are praying really hard for the others who may not be feeling well and you can tell them that there is an army of people praying for them. We then went up to Papa and Grams cottage for the afternoon and evening. Papa and Dad went fishing and they had such fun. The fish were biting and Papa has moved into first place with a Bass of 4.4lbs. He was quite happy! Andrea was up north also and so us girls tooled around and ended up at the dairy bear:) Anyway, we again hope all is well and we Love You so much. May God be gorified today in all that you do and say, and may his light shine thru you for others to see Jesus! Love, Dad Mom Laur and Liv

  84. Hi everyone!
    Yesterday was a great day. The three hour van ride was long, but bearable. When we got there we set up long tables wiht all the different meds. I volunteered to help run the clinic. I loved it, Dan showed me what meds i was in charge of and i had to look at the papers and fill doses as needed. It was SO fun and rewarding because these people really needed the medicine. Toady we are going to another village the same amount of time away. This village is much poorer than any we have seen. Dan says these people are the worst off here in guatemala. I will be giving my dolls, purses and baby crocs away today to very needy kids. It should be awesome once again.
    On the way home yesterday we were riding along in the dark and all of a sudden Mario our driver started speaking in rapid spanish. FInally i understood what he was saying. VOLCANO!!! There are many active volcanos here in Guatemala and we say one. The top was all red with Lava and every once in a while there would be a spurt of lava go up in the air. We stopped and watched it for like 15/20 minutes. It was SO awesome, i have never seen anything like it in my life.
    Kevin, Kristy, Brandon and Lauren are feeling much better today, but Kimberly is not so hot. Please pray for the general health of everyone!
    Thanks again for all the messages and for all the prayers. I can’t wait to see you all on Tuesday when i get back!

  85. Rae Rae!!
    What up dog! I miss u, but I’m glad you’re feeling better. Yesterday we picked 32 lbs. of cherries and spent 48 bucks on them! It was crazy! We got cherries up the wing wing as mom says. I’m soooo glad you’re feeling better and got to go to the village yesterday and see the volcano! I wish I Could’ve seen it. And I can’t believe those people had never seen a white person before! that is truly crazyness. well, love you lots and have more fun while you’re there.

  86. Hey Rae!
    How are ya? I am glad to hear you are feeling better. I hope you enjoy your last few days there. You will be back home before you know it. You are probably doing your last village day today, and then the market tomorrow. I can’t wait to talk to you more about your trip. You are in my thoughts and prayers!

    God Bless,

  87. Hey rae, I’m so bored that i’m leaving two messages in one day. Crazy huh? thing around here are so uneventful without u around anymore!LOL Guess what? I saw a regermorous squirrel on the side of the road with its feet sticking straight up! I laughed and thought of u when I saw it. and the pool is cold now. don’t ask me how that happened! well, Love you and miss you TONS!!! Lauren

  88. its me again 🙂 but this time i have news from work..1 random, 1 serious, and 1 exciting! random:: i saw Jeramy for the first time in forever..he got moved up to maintenance and was totally psycho today..he kept telling us his heart hurt..anyway..serious:: Sam is in the hopsital..i guess he isnt doing so well, Gary says its not his heart though, just some other health problems, but im worried, i love Sam…exciting:: WE GOT RAISES!!! YES!!! we now get $7.15 and i heard that its supposed to go up again at the end of july to $7.30! YAY! ive been working alot..but im gonna go run now..see you Tuesday!
    LOVE YOU ~Lindsey

  89. lol Lauren..rigor mortis..funny

  90. Dear Rachel,
    Lauren has gone a little over board with the rigor mortis thing don’t you think!!!?!!! Well anyway’s, I hope you are having a great time and are making a difference in the lives of the Guatemalain people!!!Hope you have a good rest of your day and time in Guatemala!!! SEE you on Tuesday!!!

  91. That was mmmmmmeeeeeee=Olivia not Lauren AGAIN!!LOL Ha Ha Ha LOL!!!

  92. Hi Rae
    I miss you today. The day just didn’t seem quite right around here without you. We have been thinking alot about you today in the poorest village and what it must be like to live there? We are anxious to here about it. I bet it was so meaningful to give your gifts to the little girls there. What a thrill to be able to put a smile on their faces. Everthing is fine around here. Uncle Jerm and his family, Papa and Gram, Nate and Lindsey(and whoever else would like to come) are all planning on dinner here on Tuesday evening. I hope this still sounds good to you and if not we will make other arrangements. I will be at work tomorrow but am sure to be updated over the phone with any news from you. Otherwise you take care and enjoy your last day working for Jesus there in Guatemala. We Love you Rachel!
    Love Mom



  95. Rachel:
    Wow, after all the prayers for all of you (by all the different friends and families), I kind of feel like we are all one big family of God. (Just how He wants it to be.) It’s really awesome to be a part of it. It has been amazing lifting you guys up and then seeing God answer the prayers. I wonder why we aren’t so faithful and expectant and excited about prayer (and life) when everyone is safe and sound here in our little Grandville bubble?! Hope we can infuse some of your Guatemala joy back home! It’ll be so good to hear your stories and, yes, to have you all back home soon!
    Love and prayers,
    The Dooleys
    From 31 Days of Praise
    You are “the God of all mankind,” the great, personally present, personally involved God who loves, rescues, and takes care of all who trust You. You exercise Your gracious authority over all nations–and over each individual in all the world. There is none like You, the true God, the living God, the everlasting King.

  96. Hey you, this is Nathan. It sounds like today was a very good one, and i bet tommorw will be awesome as well. Today i went to Matt’s cottage but didn’t stay long. Now i’m home and just playing water guns with Hanna. I don’t have to work tomorrow so thats two days off in a row! Tuesday i have to work but Jay said that if i wash the cars extra fast i can leave to see you :)…Have fun your last couple of days down there, I’ll be thinking of you and praying for a safe trip home. LOVE YA -NATE

  97. Rachie!
    Man girl… you are popular! It took me awhile to catch up on all the news & messages! What a sweet experience for you all!! Anyways, great to hear all the updates from you and can’t wait to hear more about it when you get home. I’ll be happy to join you in the pool for an afternoon. Enjoy your last days! Later girl!!
    Love from MI,
    Kris (& nate too)

  98. Rae,
    Lifting you up in prayer as you spend your last day in Guatemala. We pray that the impact your team had in the lives of the people continues long after your team has left. We also pray for safe travel tomorrow and for your stomaches as you are re-acclimated to american food. I am taking Jared right now to get his drivers license. Can you believe it???? Love, Karen

  99. Hi everyone!
    Yesterday was the best day that i’ve had here in Guatemala. We got up and ate breakfast…packed for the village day and ate had worship and small groups. Then we left for the village. We took mountain roads that were BEAUTIFUL! We got to the village and it was like nothing i had ever seen before. They had never really seen white people before and especially white people wiht blonde hair. Joni was being mobbed by kids who wanted to touch her hair. Dan set up the clinic and began getting meds to people. Joni, Kelly, Brittany and I were in charge of giving out shoes to everyone. It was a big job, but i found i could communicate really well with them in spanish. I’m finding now that i’ll start speaking in spanish even when i’m talking to a team member … 🙂
    At night we showed the Jesus video and sang for the people. Then Dan asked for testimonies. I was SO moved by these people kneeling on the floor weeping, even little girls maybe 10 or 12 years old. Dan was right in front of me and so I grabbed the microphone from him. Then I don’t really know what happened other than that i was saying things that i never could have said alone. Dan translated it in spanish and many in the crowd would shout amen! I will never forget that experience as long as I live.
    SO we got going home and were about 25 minutes down the road when our front van stopped. Earlier there had been a big lightning storm and a HUGE tree was laying right in the road. It was propped up by a large branch, but it was still too narrow. SO.. first we tried getting a van through with all the strong men pushing the back, but it didn’t work. So then they started digging out the side of the hill where the tree feel on to make it wider. Also the spot where we had tried to fit the van through was pure mud. So the girls and other guys went to a stream and began hauling large rocks for traction. You must remember that this was at 1:30 AM and we still had 2+ hours to drive. So after about 1 and 1/2 hours we were able to finally get the vans through. Today is shopping day and i am so excited. Keep praying for the team members as many are getting sick.. Lori, Sandy, Amber, Kimberly and others with stomach aches. Thanks for all the messages and prayers!
    See you tomorrow

  100. Rachel: On your last day in Guatemala, I pray that you may find God’s love pouring out of you on those who need it around you. And may you leave a little piece of your heart behind you as well. I know that you will be changed because of what you were able to do for God’s children there and we will pray that you have a safe and uneventful trip back home. Continue going with a great God. He knows the way, isn’t that grand? Mr. and Mrs. T

  101. Hey rae! I’m sooo glad that you had a great day yesterday. i’m just home today, with Andrea, and livi is at bball camp. have fun shopping today, and get yourself something nice.:) lot u lots, Lauren

  102. Dear Rachel
    So glad to hear that you are feeling better and had a wonderful time the past 2 days in the villages. How wonderful that you were able to hand out medication and shoes and other necessities to the people. I would have loved to be down there doing that. My dream is to some day go down there and do short term missions doing just what you have done to help the poor. It sounds like you had an incredible experience after the Jesus movie last night. How cool that you felt the Holy spirit moving you to give your testimony. What an experience and beautiful thing for the villagers and also those that were with you group to hear. It sounds like you really felt the presence of God not only then but on the ride home with the tree falling and seeing how God worked things out there. Hope that you had a wonderful time shopping at the market today. Did you shop in Antigua? What a beautiful place isn’t it? We were told that it used to be the capital until a volcano blew and completely buried the city. The catholic churches there are beautiful. Did you tour any of them? Well, we will continue to pray for each of you as you prepare to leave for home. Hope the stomach flu stays at bay for your group as you travel home. Safe travels. Sharon

  103. Hi Rachel!!! I am glad you had such a good day today. I think the kids there are SOOO cute. I will see you Tuesday, BYE! Love,Georgia

  104. Hey you, it sounds like you had an awesome, exciting day yesterday. Today also sounds sweet, shopping days are always fun…I didn’t do much today, just read and sat around. I really want ice cream, so when you come home we need to hit up Housemans. I’m definatly wearin down without seeing you. When i wash cars at work(and we don’t have the music blastin) its a lot of silence and it gives me some time to think…i dont think i will be able to stop thinking of you coming home tommorw lol. Anyways, It sounds like your trip was awesome, i cant wait to hear about it. I’ll be thinkin of you and praying for you on your way home tomorrow. LOVE YA -NATE

  105. hey rae! I hope your last day went great again as usual! Have a great last night there. I can’t wait until you are back. I’m sick of being the oldest! Love you lots

  106. Hi Rachel
    What a day you had yesterday! WOW, you have had such great and unusual happenings that there is just no way you can not see God at work. I am so thankful for this opportunity in your life because I think that there is just no way you could go on a mission trip like this without being a changed person. God works everything out in our lives just perfectly and fits it altogether for his glory! We are all anxious to see you tomorrow and will be there just ready and waiting. We will be checking the airline to see the status of your flight as time gets closer to your arrival. Look for a large sign Livvy, Lauren, Georgia and Will are making for you!(actually for the whole team) Everything else here is fine as we just get things ready for your homecoming dinner. Enjoy your last few hours in Guatemala, soak up what it looks like, feels like etc.so you can remember it all when you get home. We all Love you so Much! Have a safe flight and we will see you soon.
    Love Mom Dad Laur and Liv

  107. Dear Rachel,
    I’m glad that your home and I am soo glad you got home safely without any problems!!

  108. That was from me not mom!!! I always do that!!!HA HA HA lol!!!


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