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  1. Yo Dog, I hope you have an absolutely awesome trip. God is good and he will lead you and the team to great things. Behave…we will hear all about you and your crazy antics, I’m sure. Love ya, Dad

  2. Hi stinky! Hope that you have a great day traveling! Have a fun day! Can’t wait to hear all about it! Love you! ~Trish (trintje) 🙂

  3. Hi Ross,
    Your first trip to Guate and I;m sure you will have a wonderful time!! We will pray for safety and good health for you and the team. May you have many good stories to tell us so your mom and I can get excited for our trip. Have fun!
    Mrs. D.Door

  4. Ross — you will LOVE Guatemala. That is a promise. Have fun playing with all the little children & make sure you do at least a little work building the house! Don’t get all sicky!

  5. Hi Ross!
    Hope traveling went good today! Have a great time, I know you will love it and will make a huge impact on many lives. I am praying for you!

  6. Hi stinky?? Only a sister that loves you can get away with that. Have a great trip and take everything in that you can and enjoy what God can do through you. Be open to His Spirit.

    In His Grip, Herm & Shirlee Medema

    P.S. Teach some of the kids Hail To The Victors, Go Blue!!

  7. Hey Ross,
    Gotta love that smile! Have a great night and please no sleepwalking. Hope you love Guatemala and I especially hope and pray that you love serving your Lord in this way. Who knows what God is allowing you to experience for His kingdom work. We love you! Love, ME

  8. Ross i hope you have a great time in guatemala and an awesome experience…dude i finally got my drivers liscence…very nice

  9. Hey bud, I hope you remembered to take your pills with you… 🙂 J/K…. kinda. No but seriously I hope that you have a blast. Let God work through you, and be a disciple!! This is a HUGE opportunity that i definitely think that you are ready to handle!! Let God bless you, but also bless those around you! Love you bud! Good Night

  10. hey everyone! thanks for your prayers so far. we’ve been here for a while. there are extra guitars here so i can play with kevin too. no one’s really sick so far, just some people have had stomach aches but that might have been from flying or something. we have to get up pretty early tomorrow for breakfast. like 6:30 or something. so i’m thinking i’ll go to bed. but i’ll probably eat candy and watch eucher or something.

    love ross

  11. Hey Dog,
    Enjoy the day – it will be awesome. Work hard, play safe, and let the little kids win. Praying for good weather, healthy body, and a wonderful experience. God is good, let him do the work (take that figuratively speaking okay, he is not going to come and put 2×4’s together or nail drywall). Love Dad

  12. Hi Ross,
    So happy that you could go on the adventure! Pretty cool-huh? Have a wonderful day and keep them singing with your music talents.
    Work hard, play harder! Take care,
    Greg and Kathy /Door

  13. enjoy it ross!! Let those kids steal your heart! Make new friendships and most of all let God work through YOU!! love you bud, stay safe and have so much fun!!!

  14. Dear Ross,
    We were so glad to hear that your trip went well and that you all arrived safely in Guatemala. Wow! God is already answering our prayers. Please be assured of our continued thoughts and prayers as you build, play, teach, and share God’s love and His gift of salvation through Jesus Christ, His Son. Open your heart and God will do amazing things through you.
    Love, Keith, Beth Vanden Bosch and boys

  15. Hey Bud!
    Hope you have a great day working in the villages! Isn’t it awesome what you can give to those people?! Let God work in and through you, i’ve thought of you all so many times! I hope you have a great time, don’t work too hard, love on those kids! I love you can’t wait to talk to you! Stay safe bud!

  16. Hi Ross,
    How was your first day at building? I think Jason said you were in the same group so I hope you kept each other in line. Does the family you’re building for have lots of kids? What a blessing you will be to them. God will make a special place in your heart for them and even though you can’t speak the same language may the love of God show through in the work and play you do. Have fun and stay healthy.
    Mike and Deb Door

  17. hey ross have a great trip im sure your having tons of fun and youll be in my prayers!

  18. Hi Ross!
    Hope your first day of building went good! Cant wait to hear about it. Were praying for you!

  19. Hey Ross! Hope you are having a great time! I’ll be prayin’ for you guys!

  20. Ross,

    It sounds like everything is going well there. Isn’t Guat. great? I am glad you have the chance to experience it. Take care and have a great time. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

    Mr M. Door

  21. Hi Ross!
    Your mom finally got this box to show us all that’s happening so far away in your life. It’s wonderful and we’re thrilled to read about it. Handsome and healthy and happy!! A wonderful experience you’ll never forget. Be an example of God’s love, and we’ll be eager to hear your story. LOVE YOU LOTS AND ALWAYS PRAY FOR YOU. Gr and Gr DeHaan

  22. Ross,
    Hope you’re loving Guate, praying for you guys, I can just guess how much all the kids lov ya for your endless energy!!!
    Keep at it

  23. I love you bud, and i’m praying for you. I hope that you are SO challenged and that you are having soo much fun! I can’t wait to hear stories and see some pictures of YOU!! Hope you had a great day working and playing! Sleep well tonight and We can’t wait to hear from you! love you!

  24. Just wanted to say Hi! love you, Hope you’re having fun!

  25. Hey Dude – I hope you had a great day building. How much stucco did you get on yourself? others? You weren’t annoying, were you? We are going away for the weekend so if we don’t write, don’t think we forgot about you. We just won’t have internet.
    We’re praying for ya. Keep smiling! Dad

  26. Praying for you Ross. Stay out of trouble with my Spencer. We wouldn’t want Kevin mad at you all week. Hope you had a good day and relaxing evening.

  27. me and spencer aren’t getting into trouble. i think i have about 5 new novias in the village were in. playing with the kids is a ton of fun. we got all our houses stuccoed and me and spencer decided to use our hands and it got all over us. it was a lot harder to get off than we thought. i’ll write more after while.

    love ross

  28. I just looked up in my trusty spanish dictionary what a novia is. How old are they?:) Thanks for writing – I love to hear how you’re doing. Hope you sleep well and we look forward to seeing more pics. Isn’t technology great? Love ya, ME

  29. you would have some novia’s 🙂

  30. …and that’s what i like about you…novias….hmmm….guess you’ll have that:) love ya bud!

  31. Hey Ross!
    So glad to hear that thinga are going so good! I can totally see you and Spencer trying to Stucco with your hands – what a mess! Arent the children wonderful, Im sure they have so much fun with you! Keep up the good work. Praying for you!

  32. Ross:
    Know that our prayers are with you and your team as you prepare to dedicate your home tomorrow. We know that you can serve God right here in GR, but also know that you are right where He wants you right now, doing what He wants you to Guatemala being His hands, feet, and heart. We pray that you are blessed to the brim!
    The Dooleys
    I John 3:18
    Dear Children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.

  33. dear renee, this is ross and lara. we walked over to your house you made two years ago when you were here. we saw your boyfriend and he remembered you. lara took a picture with him so that you would be jealous. lara says i can come to coffee sometime with you. hope you don’t mind if i tag along.

    love ross and lara

  34. Glad you are enjoying being in Guad. You will never forget the experience,It is so awesome how the people react to what your group is doing for them,Thanks be to God that you may have this experience.We hope all is well and we will be eager to hear about it. We are praying for a safe return home.Love you lots.

  35. Hi Randy & Twyla,
    I just wanted to take a moment and tell you how much I love your son!! He is doing amazing things this week, and it is always with a mischevious grin on his face. The kids are all in love with him. You would be so proud of him to see how God is using his gifts and talents to serve Him. He has such a tender heart and a joyful spirit! Thank you for raising such a great guy. He has truly been a blessing to our team!
    In His Grip,

  36. Ross jon you are the bomb. that’s all i can say…just the bomb. It sounds like you are having a fantastic time and I can’t wait to hear more about it!! I would love it if you came to coffee sometime, that would be fun! I like you…I guess. I hope you have an amazing day let God work through you, this is the most powerful day!! Soak it in!! Love you bud

  37. HEY–I just wrote Chad to make sure you guys are working out for football in your spare time!! Just I said to him…when you are there and playing with those kids,etc..a lot of the things we do over here really do not mean as much as we think they do… GOD is Great… thinking and praying for all of you guys….

  38. hi june. hope youre having fun. good job.

  39. Hey Ross, We found internet in the hills of buckeye land – saw the horseshoe coming in – not that big of a deal compared to the big house. But the house you are building for your family is even bigger – God will bless your work and someday, we can all see the fruit of the Ivanrest teams labor. I hope today was awesome. i remember the day we dedicated the house six years ago. I get chills thinking about it. I’m sure you did too. We love you and hope you are staying healthy. Have fun and keep smiling – everyone loves your smile! Love mom and dad

  40. Hey bud! Just had to check and see one more time tonight for an update….got nothing! Andrew thinks i’m pretty addicted to this but i kinda like it….Hope you’re having a great time, and staying healthy! I’m sure today was a very powerful day that you’ll remember always! We are praying for you always! Sleep good! Love you!

  41. Hi Ross, Hope you are having an awesome time.We continue to pray for you and the team. Have a great day and take of Spence for me.

  42. are we still getting married? i sure hope so.

    hope your having fun and staying healthy. tell spencer i said hi. peace.

  43. hey dude. hows guatemala going?? is it really hot there? cause it was here.. howd the kids like your candy? or did you eat it all first? ohh brother. hope your having an awesome time 🙂 talk to you when you get home and you’ll have to tell me all about your trip okay? lol. well bye ross

  44. Ross!!! Sounds like you are having a good time- You must be having fun with those little kids-lol…I’m praying for you guys

  45. Hey Ross,

    I hope you are having a great time in Guate. It’s an amazing place. I wish I could be there with you guys. You are in my thoughts and prayers through out your time there. Look and see His glory all around. He is so good. I can’t wait to hear about your trip when you get back. Hopefully I can make it to Pash some night.

  46. Hi Ross, Sounds like things are going super well. Hope all things work out good fro the team and you. I will keep praying for you all. Can’t wait to hear all about it. Love Gram V.

  47. Dear Ross –
    The house/dedication/family pics are awesome! It has been fun to watch slabs of cement turn into actual houses! Five houses are now no longer just houses – each has become a HOME!! Please be assured of our continued thoughts and prayers as you serve God and show His love in so many different ways. No volcanoes here, but there is a beautiful full moon in the Michigan sky tonight – what an awesome reminder of our great God! Our love to all, Beth Vanden Bosch (and the rest of the V.B.’s)
    P.S. Stucco(ing) looks like way too much fun!!

  48. HI i’m so sorry I have been neglecting you. You HATE updating… I’m waiting… and waiting… and NOTHING! Oh well, I hope that your village daays are going really well, have fun with those kids! This is where God works the biggest!! I love you bud and I can’t wait to hear all your stories!! Have a great day, I’ll be thinking about you, and praying for you!

  49. i saw a volcanoe errupt last night. it practically shot lava on our car. it was pretty hot, if you know what i mean. hi turtle. i think the building days were more fun, but that’s just my personal preference.. i mean, i only think it was better because it was the same kids everyday and they could remember you and they wanted to play with you again. well, i don’t know anything else to say. thanks for all your prayers, they’ve been working great. i had the stinkiest farts yesterday. even ask lara andsandy. but don’t worry, i got medicine after my third one. i haven’t done it since…

    love ross

  50. haha you sicko…

  51. Hi Ross!
    How cool to see a volcano! It sounds like you guys are having a great time! I’m happy for you and the rest of the team that the medicine you got is working!!haha
    Praying for you!

  52. hey ross!!!
    whats up buddy? i just got back from cali last night and guess who i hung out with….Brian! he says he loves you and can’t wait to see you. when you get back and hes at kuyper were all gonna hang out!
    love you

  53. oh gee…you’re so gross… but to be honest glad they had to smell it and not us at home, because pretty likely you would of enjoyed making us all gag way too much! Ok…anyways…hope you are having a wonderful time! I love looking at the pictures, you look good, i can always find you just by looking for those shoes, love it!! I’ll see you soon! love you bud!

  54. Ross,
    Sounds like your having an amazing time…can’t wait to hear all about. Please don’t come over to our house until after the 5th of July. I want to make sure your “system” is cleaned out!! Please check in on Kimberly for me! Make sure she is feeling better. Prayers being sent your way!!!
    God Bless, Love Kimberly’s Mom

  55. Hi Ross,
    We are back home from our little time away and glad to be back. I’m sure that at times you are looking forward to being back home, too. But keep working and blessing the people you are with and there to minister to. I would have loved to see that volcano! Maybe it will go again in January. I hope you’re feeling better. When you think about all the prayers that your team is praying and all the prayers from us at home and from those who know all of you, isn’t it just amazing that God can hear and answer all of those prayers at one tme???!!!! He is amazing and loves to hear from his children. Your work there is increasing the size of God’s family and someday you will see them again! Isn’t that amazing, too? We love you, Ross, and even though I don’t expect you to talk for hours about your experiences when you get home, we do look forward to you being home and adding life to our house again. Have a good night!

  56. last night, we got stuck on the dirt road that we had to ride on for like 2 hours cause a tree fell on our van… it acually was only in the road but it was like the size of my house. i’m really sick now… not. i feel fine. some people are still getting sick. but we go to the village today and i get taco bell and find somewhere to buy a sword… i’ll talk to you guys when i get home.

    love ross

  57. Ross, It is so great hearing little bits from you about your trip. Glad to hear you have stinky farts, must be a true VanderLugt! Be careful when you eat that taco bell stuff, make sure what you ordered is what you are really eating. Just wanted to let you know that I am praying for you and thinking about you.
    Love–your cousin Dawn

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