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  1. Hey girlfriend!!!! I am praying for a safe trip!! Huge hugs!! Love ya!

  2. sandra. BAHAHA

  3. God Bless you Sandy as you travel to Guatemala for the first time. Have a wonderful time as you work for the Lord. I know you will love all the little kids! You are in my prayers! Dawn

  4. SANDALS — I hope the flight went well and I am so excited for you that you will be landing soon. I hope you enjoyed my note 🙂 and you haven’t eaten ALL your candy yet! I love you and I’m praying for you!!

  5. oh cute, the smiley face turned even cuter!

  6. hey everyone!! we are here.. and im so tired.. i already miss everyone but im having a good time.. you should see the room that we are staying with.. im with amber amber and lara.. and we have enough medicine forever… amber might od.. jk.. i love you matt and i miss you! and mommy and daddy i love you too.. have a good day and i will write more later!
    love you all

  7. you just farted

  8. Dear precious Sandy! I miss you already. Dad and I have been pretty sleepy all day. Hey Marijke it’s TOOTED! (Tell her why I said that, hee, hee) Love you, Mommy

  9. Yay!! You are there!!!! I can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back!!!

  10. miss you too mommy! i slept really good last night which is good because iw as so tired.. i have been soo careful about not touching stuff because i dont want to get sick! ok i love you=) bye bye

  11. Hello sandra! i am leaving you lots of voice mails!! haha it will probably take you 4 whole days to listen to them all….and you’ve only been gone for 1 😉 i love you sandra can’t wait for you to come back! internet still doesnt’ work on my computer but i did get Traffic 2005 on!! i dont’ know if i told you it didn’t work but now it does! haha so excited to see you love you bye

  12. Matthew love!! i miss you so much baby!!! im glad your game works and i hope that you are keeping yourself busy! today we built a house.. and i used a screw driver inner thing!! yay.. haha i worked so hard you would be proud! i love you and i really wanna take a shower but the power went out.. i love you hun and ill see you soon!!!

    mommy i love you and daddy too!!!

  13. Good with a screw driver? Dad will remember that! Homes kind of dull without you. Rained like crazy

  14. Hey Nanners,
    Do they have the Waaahrner Chaaannel?

    Praying for you,

  15. In response to what your mom said, I bet its just a lot more quiet around the house…haha 🙂 Love you my dearest & I’m praying for you. I hope your first building day went well! Dont get sicky!

  16. Hi Sandra.

    Glad all is well….sounds like you’re doing just fine. I laughed out loud when you said: screw driver inner thingy. Made my day. I pray that the family you build for and the tons of people you come in contact with, see Christ through your smiles and laughs. I know they will. Take care of Lara… it’s a tough job! Thinking of you and praying all continues to go well.
    Mr. Rosema

  17. Hello GUESS what? something else good has happened. My internet works again! i can watch the Tigers!! haha and it is 9:43 on a thursday morning! Class you say?? TEACHER IS SICK!!! LOVE IT! took a test got a B and came back here! you probably have 16 messages on your phone and they are all very similar! i just dont’ talk to anyone when you aren’t around. Tigs are on today though so thats good! 1 o’ clock though so i will only be able to catch the end! SEE YOU IN A WEEK!!! 😀 I love you and i’m very proud that you can play with screws! haha miss you sandy!

  18. Sandals, dude i miss you. I hope your having a fun time. I’ll be praying for you and everyone else. Love you!

  19. I accidentally called your house yesterday at work (I bumped my cell and for some reason I called your mom) So I thought I better e-mail you and let you know we’re all praying for you (Don’t ask me how I got there)

    I saw your Boyfriend Sunday…I bet he’s missing you A LOT right now!!!

  20. Blake is right! Ya know how much i call you normally sandy? well i’m calling you the same amount now! and i leave you a message EVERY time and guess what! They told me i couldn’t leave anymore! your mailbox is full! I didn’t know mailboxes could be full!!! Now what am i going to do for another 4 days…i should’ve paced myself….TEXTING!!! I love you sandy Tigers won tonight 5-2!

  21. aww matthew.. i miss you baby!!! i cant wait to see you=) anyway kimmy i miss you too! mr rosema i am taking care of lara.. bear it is quiet because im so loud..
    guys i am sleeping on the floor!! YUCKY!!!!!!! anyway im gunna go shower.. i love you
    and i met a cute little boy named LOUIS!!! He’s a doll!! i love you all and miss you!!!!
    MAtthew see you in a week and a day!

  22. Daddy says you can sleep on the floor when you get home because we sold your bed!……but that’s a lie. 🙂 I think I better call Matt tonight. Poor thing! Brent went to his first high school youth group tonight and he starts drivers ed Monday.

    Daddy loves you and misses you, ditto for me. Hug those little Guatamalies!
    Love Mommabear

  23. Yes poor me! haha no i’m doing just fine! just can’t call anymore…hmmm….went to pizza hut! they have the worst service every! almost as bad as the 1000 flights Northwest has cancelled over the last 5 days! crazy i know! i’m glad to hear that you have met some little peeps! i miss you lots excited to see you next friday morning! assuming i get one a plane! ugh! i love you praying for you! go play with your drill screw driver thingys!! 😀

  24. I saw you sporting those gorgeous bandannas that I got for you, I love it! Hope you haven’t been candy-deprived. That was kind of a joke, I know the amount they bring for the kids. I just hope you’re not sick of tootsie rolls yet, haha 🙂 I’ll be thinking of you and praying for the people in your group and house today as you dedicate the houses. I love you Sandals!

  25. I dont’ think there is one picture of you actually working on something! haha…just posing for pictures or eating!! slacker…..hahah…i really miss you! i hope you are having a good time though? talk to you soon

  26. ……….

  27. yes ok i’m bored

  28. Hola everyone.. i miss you all! but im having a good time..
    matthew i cant wait to see you.. i think the ppl i hang out with are so sick of me saying that i miss you;-) i cant wait for friday morning! im not sick yet.. and i do actully work hard!! i was screwing in screws forever! i was so good. haha.. i really miss you a lot and i cant wait to listen to all the messages you left me!! i love you baby!
    mommy and daddy i love you too:-) see you soon!!

  29. and matt! i also want you to know this. whenever i start to feel sick i say it is all in my head and i knew you would be so proud of me! i do it for you i love you

  30. Dear Sandy baby, Hope came home last night so now the house is a little noisier, but just a little. She sends her love. Dad and I just went to Dillenbeck’s for coffee. I was praying for you at 4 am when I woke up the first time this morning. I’m trusting the Lord Jesus to take care of you sweetheart. I called Matt. I think it scares him when I call. No Matt, nothing bad…Love you, Mommabear

  31. i miss you matthew.. soo much and i cant wait to see you

  32. Haha me? Scared? no way it was nice! my phone never rings anymore…i’m forgetting how to speak english..haha sandy i miss you tons as well..but according to my calendar…basically no days! see you soo sandy! i love you lots! 😀

  33. basically no days!!!!! miss you babe

    mommy i miss you too
    and daddy

    and kimmy and bear
    and everyone
    im coming home soon!

  34. hm…..what to do? just wait for you! to come home! so i can talk to you again! i love you sandy!

  35. sandraa dee!! how are you doing?? hows guatemala going for you? i hope your having an amazing time down there. and i want you to know that you are in my prayers and have aa super duper fun time. and you stay safe got it?? use hand sanitizer and all. bye sandra

  36. Goodnight sandy i will see you soon! or at least talk to you soon! i miss you!! more than usual

  37. Sandy Write Sandy write sandy write!!! haha you haven’t writtin for 1 whole day!!!

  38. hey everyone!
    i get to see you soon matthew! and i am so excited! i love you.. and i saw a volcanoe errupt.. !! sorta.. it was lavaing.. it was soooo cool!!!!! i love you
    see you soon!!!!
    ps thanks for the comment andrea! haha love you

  39. our time zones aren’t the same! haha its only 9 for you! its 11 for me! guess i didn’t realize that 2 more days till i at least get to talk to you!!! man i miss you! and only a couple more until i get to see you! yes! finally! love you sandy

  40. love you too babe!!
    i had a dream about you
    i cant wait to see you

  41. Good you haven’t forgotten about me over all this time! 😉

  42. Hey girlie. You look so happy. I’m looking forward to hearing your stories. How close to the volcano were you? I’ve never seen that! It was only 60 at the lake shore today but beautiful. You look very tall in the pictures. Guatemalans must think you guys are the giants the Bible talks about :). One more full day dear, give Jesus your all!

    Love, Mommy

  43. man i miss you…its amazing how it is so much worse just because i can’t hear your voice! i thought i missed you before…that was nothing compared to the tourture i’ve endured over the last 5 days…I MISS YOU!!!! COME HOME PLEASE!! i need you badly!! or at least i wanna hear your voice! sigh…talk to you soon

  44. Life is a lot harder without you….

  45. i don’t mean to make you sad, but i figure its best to tell you right before you come home! so that you dont’ think that you should stay! haha see you soon…

  46. Matt! Immerse yourself in the Tigers or I’ll have to call a therapist!!! Teee Heee

    Mom VE

  47. You probably didn’t know but the Tigers have been slumping and they finally got one tonight! and it was a good win 1-0 Thames hit a solo HR in the 8th inning! Jones got the save! so now we are going to turn it around i miss you

  48. Sandra, it looks like you’re having the time of your life. I cannot wait to hear all about it from you. I love that you are there experiencing the amazing country of Guatemala. I love you!!
    PS. I’m watching Titanic, remember our swim team party?? haha

  49. Night sandy


  51. i love you matt

  52. You’re almost through the week. Have fun in Antigua today and seeing all the little kids that I got to meet when I went to Guatemala. I’m so proud of you! I hope you continue to feel better and better. If you need anything, Dan will help you. Ask him to give you some “grape dulce” to make you feel better 😉 I can’t wait to see you tomorrow!!

  53. Angel, hope you’re still feeling better. Just prayed for you all and your devotions you are having right now. Amazing about the tree! Grandma says she’ll feel better when you are back home. John and Juli got home safely today…

    I love you,


  54. see you all tomorow!!! i cant wait!

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