Please pray for healing for Dan & safe travels for Kevin!

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Dear Intercessors,

I am writing this from the hospital in Antigua as Heidi brought me the laptop. We do not have internet here at the hospital, but it sure feels good to write you this note directly which Heidi will send once she is back in Chimaltenango.

I continue feeling about the same, which is very different for me. I have about 1-2 hours a day when I am out of bed, or able to at least sit, rather than just lie here. The doctors have assured me that if I do not rest, even after I leave here, that this will take a year to recover from. It has been awesome though to have more time in God’s word, prayer and deep thoughts of the mission and God’s plan for the future. God and Heidi had warned me to slow down for awhile, guess God got tired of waiting! I do know that I am exactly where God wants me to be, even if to some that does not seem possible. My God has proven His immense power and protection in my life more times than I could ever tell. This is no different! This is time between me and God to reflect, ponder everything, and also pray over the future. Time I would have not just taken on my own, sure the time everyday in devos, but this is much different, much deeper in Him! If He has toallow me to be sick to spend this intimate time, perfect! I know that
I will be strengthened as will my family and the mission!

The yellow is starting to leave my eyes, and we trust then will begin leaving the rest of me. More testing is scheduled for Tuesday and after these tests, the doc will make a decision on how much longer I may need to stay. Kevin Van Wyhe from Ivanrest has once again come alongside us and he will be arriving with Tuesday’s team around midday, his third trip here in as many months. Between him and Chad (who has worked a ton with us here and was already a part of this next team) Heidi’s cargo will lessen. Spiritually, Kevin will lead the team from devotions to all field related evangelism and back again. Chad will handle much of the construction and organizational stuff. Please pray for Kevin, Chad, and all our staff as they have their hands full. Pray for Team Hamilton/Harlem as they arrive Tuesday. They will build Wed, Thu, and dedicate Friday with Sat and Sunday completing the clinic outreaches and Monday night as their final devo.

Our plans were to stay in Guatemala until mid August, but we are beginning to talk with Delta Airlines to change our tickets to leave on the 31st as our last team leaves. Being that the doc says that even after I leave here, I am on bed rest for 15 days, it would be more restful in Michigan than here as our door here is always a busy place. After the initial call, Delta was unwilling to help, or at least unwilling unless we pay some high ticket change fees. Pray for softened hearts and the right connections within Delta which will also allow more rapid and better exams in Michigan than are possible here in Guate.

As always, continue to pray for recovery, but pray even more that I remain in the center of God’s perfect and holy will. That is more important than all the health money can or cannot buy. Thank you for all the prayers and emails of encouragement and love.

HIS servant,


Kevin has just left to go back to Guatemala. He is eager to do whatever he can to help Dan & Heidi. Please pray for him as he steps into a role that is unfamiliar. He doesn’t know this team and he wants to lead in a positive way. Please pray for wisdom as he tries to discern what God is calling him to do this week.Please pray for healing for Dan! This is going to be a long and slow recovery! Please pray for Heidi as she is feeling the stress and is also not feeling well.Kevin is going to be updating his page here from the summer trip. I know it would mean a great deal to him if you could post your thoughts to him. Thank you for all the people who stepped up and offered to watch our kids, since I am leaving tomorrow morning for a conference in Minnesota. Thank you Al & Sheri for opening up your home to our kids. They can’t wait for me to go so they can come over and play!! 🙂

We trust that God has this perfectly in His plans and that He will bless this trip once again!

In His Grip,

Kristy Van Wyhe


Lori and BJ are home! :-)

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5:30 PM Thursday

Lori arrived home at 4:30 PM and is looking a lot better. Pray for her as she recovers at home. BJ is also came home today and is feeling a lot better. Pray that the infection disapears completely! Thanks for your prayers!

Kevin Van Wyhe

Pray for BJ

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THURSDAY, 6:00 AM -Yesterday BJ was admitted to the hospital with an infection in his leg that he got in Guatemala. It was very serious but because of the medicines that we have here and the prayers to the Great Physician he was doing much better already last night. Pray that he is well enough to come home today. Just think of the life saving soap and meds and prayer that we provide to the people in Guatemala who have no hope with out them. There is so much more to be done in Guatemala. Now it is our turn to pray for the next groups going down and for Dan and his family and all the missionaries that are working with him as they continue to be on the front line.


Hope you all had a great 4th of July!




Lori Is Coming Home Tomorrow at 4:30 PM

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2:30 pm. Wednesday -I just talked with Dan and Lori got back to the base about 10 minutes ago. It turns out she had Giardia and definately needed attention. She will rest for the remainder of the day. Please continue to pray for her. She is scheduled to return home at around 4:30 PM tomorrow on Continental. I’m sure she would love to have some familiar faces greet her as she comes home.

Thanks for your prayers:

Kevin Van Wyhe


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We have arrived safely home. Many of you are wondering how Lori is doing. I just talked with Dan and she did go to the Hospital this morning and was given an iv with fluids. This afternoon she is begining to do better and the doctor says that she should be back on her feet tommorrow. She will be spending the night there and with your prayers she will be ready to return to the mission base tomorrow. Please continue to pray for Lori. We will keep this site posted as to her progress. At this time we have a ticket home for her on Thursday afternoon.

As far as our flight home -it went just fine and I know that the team members are excited to share their stories with you. I encourage you to take some time and connect with them to hear more stories in person. It is very clear that God has made a huge impact once again on those who went to represent our Lord. I pray that God has had an impact on you as you shared this journey with us.

Prayer for Lori

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Prayer Request for Lori Decator

It is 3:30 AM.

We are asking for prayers for Lori Decator today as she will not be traveling home with the rest of the group. She is just too sick to be able to travel. It will most likely be a couple of days that she will need to be here. Please pray for health today for the whole team as we travel. There are still those who are feeling sick. Pray especially for Lori!

Thanks for your prayers.

Our team time last night was amazing. Thanks for your prayers. Many changed hearts will return back home tonight to reunite with family and friends.

Monday Morning, July 1

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Buenna Dias! It is 7:00 AM and it feels earlier than any other day here I Guatemala. It was a miracle that we arrived home by 3:00 AM last night. It was a miracle that we arrived home at all last night. On our way back from one of the more remote villages we have been to with Team Ivanrest we were confronted with a MASSIVE tree that had fallen across the only road in and out of the village. The tree was so massive that it would probably take a day to be able to cut it up with a chain saw to make room for the Vans to pass. As we began praying and assessing our options we decided to dig with sticks and rocks and several screw drivers to try to make a hole big enough for the van to pass under the tree. This tree probably weighed well over 10 tons. At the trunk it was over 4 feet wide. A large branch had fallen straight into the road and was holding up the massive tree a couple inches higher than our vehicles. After carving about 2 feet out of the side of the mountain we tried to drive the vans and with your prayers they each one by one literally squeezed with only a couple inches to spare. This was truly a sign for the team of God protecting us and watching out for us. Had this tree fallen prior to our visit to the village, Satan would have triumphed and we surely would have had to turn around. There is no doubt that God had this village in our plans.

This tree is very much like things in our life that seem so big that we often don’t even Give God a chance to show us the way around it. We often arrive at the giant tree and just turn away. As we go home I pray that with will serve to us all here and to you back home that God always has a way through when we are in the path of His will. We just need to pray and allow him to show us and then be faithful and start digging with what ever we have and trust that he will carry us.

Because we were able to go to the village and listened to God’s call to minister there, God welcomed many new souls into the gates of Heaven. The village was clearly in great need of medicines and care. Team Ivanrest did a great job loving the people there and showing them the love of God. Several more of our team have fallen ill to this stomach flu that has been effecting so many here. It was a long hard night for those who became sick last night. But the sacrifice is so worth the impact of eternity that we are making.

Please pray for those who are now sick and for those who may yet come down with it. This is our last day and we still have some work to do. This morning we will be visiting the mission and then visiting a couple of other villages that team Ivanrest has worked at and bringing them some shoes, candy, toys and love. Then for the after noon the team will spend some time in Antigua. After that we will fill our bags with over 1000 pounds of raw coffee beans that we are taking home with us to be sold. By each of us taking 30-40 pound of coffee home we will be raising nearly $5,000 for the work that is being done here through paradise bound.

Tonight we will have one of the most important times here as a team. It is our final devotion time together as a team. Tonight God will be challenging us to each give the title of our home over completely to Him. I know that God has a great work yeat to be done in the hearts of our team and I believe that tonight we will see an amazing thing take place in the hearts of our team. Please pray for this time which will begin around 9:30 PM your time in Michigan.

Pray again for the weather for one more day. Yes it has rained here, but it has been perfectly timed once again to allow us to be used completely by God. Pray also that the team will be health for the trip back. It is a long voyage when you are sick.

We are excited to embrace many of you tomorrow at the airport. We are even more excited to share with you the many stories and experiences that have touched our lives here in Guatemala.

We are grateful again for you prayers and support.

In His Grip,

Kevin Van Wyhe